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Amor en Linea was founded by Dave Heysen and Daniel Haigh and launched in 2008. The site is part of the Oasis Dating Network, which also includes Oasis Dating, Tata Date, Oasis Active, Oasis UK, Deai Oasis, and Each of these websites is catered to a specific demographic, such as Australians (Oasis Active) or Japanese singles (Deai Oasis). The Dating Network suggests that users subscribe to only one dating site to avoid multiple accounts. Oasis Dating Network is owned by 3H Group. This private company was founded in 2003 and is located in Sydney, Australia. If you go to the 3H website, it will redirect you to

Amor en Linea specifically targets the Spanish-speaking market and is most popular in Central and South America. Although the site references love (amor), people can use the platform for casual relationships and even just friendships. The website is available all over the world, and members of other Oasis websites can appear on Amor en Linea.

Membership Statistics

Total members22,167,394
Members in the U.S.1,080,000
Monthly new members~150,000
Daily log-ins~360,00

Gender Disparity


Age Ranges



Within the entire Oasis Dating Network, there are over 22 million users. A large portion of the people on Amor en Linea come from Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina. Chile and Spain also supply a decent number of users. That said, there are over 1 million U.S.-based members on the site.

Even though Amor en Linea is catered to Latin American countries, it still has a large user base in predominantly English-speaking nations. For instance, many users hail from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia. Also, keep in mind that members of other Oasis sites can appear in your search results on Amor en Linea.

The platform is open to straight, gay, and lesbian singles, as well as transgender or transexual individuals. There are about 150,000 new members each month and over 360,000 daily log-ins.

Creating A Profile

To sign up for Amor en Linea, simply register via an email address or Facebook account. The site will never post to your Facebook timeline, so don’t worry about that. Registration is simple and takes less than five minutes. Enter a username, password, birth date, and who you’re looking for (man seeking woman, woman seeking man, etc).

Upon registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email. You’ll need to verify your email address to have a fully-approved profile. That said, you can still access the site and start interacting with other members. Even though registration is simple, you are welcome to flesh out your profile with all kinds of information.

The ”About Me” section is where you can describe yourself and what kind of person you’re looking for. There are also drop-down options for location, lifestyle habits, interests, nationality, first and second languages, physical attributes, education, occupation, religion, and more. Any photos that you upload will have to go through the administrative team’s approval process before it gets published to the site.

Many of the profiles on Amor en Linea are in-depth and include photos. Keep in mind that the pictures you upload will be visible to all users for free and people can like photos anonymously. You can modify your profile at any time, but it’s worth trying to fill it out as completely as possible for the best results in finding a match. Some people have lots of fun creatively expressing themselves on their profile pages through themes. These are background aesthetics that can give your page some extra flair. According to the Help page, there are also premium themes available for purchase.

Using the Site

A unique feature about Amor en Linea is that everything is free of charge. That means you can like profiles and send messages without a paid subscription. However, unless you complete your profile, you’ll only be able to like 10 profiles per day. This rule helps to differentiate the fake accounts from the real users.

Any messages that you receive show up on the right-hand side of the screen, similar to Facebook. This chat box is also where you’ll find your Contact list. The top of the page features the taskbar with options for Alerts, News, and Shout-Outs. The right-hand corner at the top of the page is where you can access your profile and account settings. Alerts occur when someone likes or views your profile. News includes safe dating tips and advice.

Below the upper-most taskbar is another row of tabs. These include Matches, Who Likes Me, Who I Like, My Maybes, and Search. These tabs are always accessible for ease of use. Something that confused us was the Shout-Out feature. This allows you to send a short message to 1,000 of your most active matches. It’s like a mass tweet that can grab people’s attention. Examples of a Shout-Out include “Contact Me! I am looking for new friends,” and “Check out my photo gallery!” You can send one Shout-Out every five days. However, the page didn’t appear to be working, so we couldn’t use this feature.

Finding A Match

Since you can like and message people for free, it’s quite easy to find a match and get to chatting. Within minutes of signing up, you’ll probably start receiving notifications that someone viewed your profile. What’s interesting about Amor en Linea is the sense of urgency it gives to messages. Once you make contact with another user, they have just three days to respond. So, if you like someone’s profile (or vice versa), they have just three days to respond by liking you back or sending you a message. They can also ignore you or reply with a “maybe,” in which case, they can continue browsing your profile without making contact.

You can also use the free search tools to find matches. Feel free to customize your search and use the advanced filters to specify details. These include things like age range, country, personality traits, physical characteristics, and even who’s currently online. You can also save a particular search for later use, which is very convenient.

Another thing you might notice is that anyone who automatically matches your search preferences will instantly join your Contact List. This can be a bit annoying because someone who meets your search criteria isn’ t necessarily someone you will vibe with. Another list that can come in handy is your Favorites List. This will help you remember which profiles you found particularly interesting so you can develop a conversation with those people. You can also make groups within your lists.


As you would expect, much of the site is in Spanish although you can translate it to English. The interface is neat and clean with smooth functionality and intuitive menus so it’s easy to get used to. You can customize your notifications depending on whether you want to receive an alert whenever someone likes your profile. Something a bit confusing about Amor en Linea is that it shows profiles from other sites within the Oasis Dating Network. This could confuse or frustrate users who are specifically looking for Spanish-speaking singles. There is a mobile app for Android and iPhone. However, it is under the name Oasis – Dating, implying that it’s a site that spans the entire Oasis Dating Network rather than Amor en Linea specifically. The app has a rating of 3.6 out of 5 stars on Google Play and 3.8 on the App Store. The main complaints are slow loading times, too many ads, and fake profiles. There’s no denying that the site is littered with ads, which explains why it’s free to use. The company makes its money by selling online ad space to other businesses. If you aren’t deterred by endless banner ads and pop-ups, then perhaps this site is worth a go.


The photo approval process and email verification steps suggest that the site takes steps to protect members’ privacy. Even so, we were still able to message people on the site without verifying our email address and while our profile was under review. Moreover, the account settings allow you to change your location or password, hide or deactivate your profile, or modify who is allowed to contact you. A questionable detail we noticed is that you can modify your settings so that you’re not matched to any transgender people.

There is a Safe Dating Tips page on the website that outlines how to stay safe online and avoid scams. Also, a contact form lets you send feedback or questions to the customer support team. You can also email There isn’t a support phone number available, but the site is on Facebook @AmorEnLineaGratis. The address for Oasis Dating Network is 3H Group Pty Ltd. Suite 310, 46-56 Kippax St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia.


Since the site is free to use, there aren’t any membership details to go over. It appears that the company gets its money from all of the ad space it sells to other businesses. What was confusing for us is that while Amor en Linea claims to be free to use, the Help page mentioned that it offers a few extra features that cost money.

One is a paid service that removes ads from the site for 30 consecutive days. This is tempting considering there are numerous pop-up ads scattered throughout the site. Besides ad-free service, the page said that users can pay for Shout-Outs and premium profile themes. We weren’t able to find any pricing information on Amor en Linea, but another review site said the services and features cost anywhere from $5 to $20.

Free ServicesProfile creation, search filters, liking/messaging
Paid FeaturesShout-Outs, Premium themes, ad-free service


What kinds of photos are allowed on Amor en Linea?

Pictures must be larger than 360 x 540 pixels, less than 3 MB, and need to include a clear image of your face.

How do I report and block another user?

While browsing a suspicious or inappropriate profile, click the whistle icon at the top of the page. From there, you can select the reason why you’re reporting them. To block someone, go to their profile and click the ”Block” option at the top of the page. This removes them from your Contacts list and prevents them from seeing your profile in their search results.

How do I delete my account?

Go to “My Profile” in the top right corner and click on “Settings.” Then, click on “Deactivate Account,” located under the Account tab. If you deactivate your account, you can reactivate it later, but your Contact list won’t be recovered.

You can also hide your profile. In the Account Settings menu, click “Change your profile privacy settings” and then choose “Hide my profile.”

Can I have a private photo gallery on Amor en Linea?

Yes. When uploading a photo, you can decide if you want to put it in a public or private album. To give someone access to your private gallery, go to their profile and click the key icon.

What is a Gold Membership?

This is something that Amor en Linea refers to on their Help page, but there doesn’t appear to be a pricing page on the site. Supposedly, a Gold membership grants you the ability to send Shout-Outs and access Premium profile themes.

How do I contact customer support?

You can go to the contact page by clicking the link at the bottom of the screen. There, you’ll find an online contact form as well as an email address for the administrative team.