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AsianDate is an international dating platform that connects men all over the world with women from Asia. AsianDate has been servicing its’ members for over 2 decades and is part of Anastasia’s online dating family. In addition to AsianDate, Anastasia also operates three additional international dating sites that include,, which is designed to meet and date women from Russia and CIS;, which connects members with women from South America and other Latin countries; and, which is a dating platform designed to meet women from Africa.

While doing our research of AsianDate, we found many accusations on the web of this dating site being a scam and there was skepticism regarding the authenticity of its woman members. Women members were accused of being fake due to a number of reasons including, all women members’ photos looking like models and there were no average or below average looking women, letters written to male members were duplicated messages from different women, and much more. For these reasons, we decided to test AsianDate ourselves and disclose whether these accusations hold truth. Keep reading, as we will disclose what we found and more!

Membership Statistics

Members from the U.S. 1,600,000
Daily Logins4,000

Gender Disparity


Age Ranges



AsianDate is specifically designed for heterosexual men looking to date women from Asia. Women reportedly make up the majority of AsianDate’s member base, at 75%, while men only make up 25%. Women members are referred to AsianDate by third party providers. AsianDate claims that they have collaborated with over 1000 third party providers across Asia, to help men of western countries find the Asian love they are searching for. With this being said, you will find that if you sign up on AsianDate as a woman seeking a man, you will be directed to another site called “Global Companions” and are requested to register through them instead. However, if you are a man seeking a woman, you are able to sign up on AsianDate with no problems. This is another reason why there is skepticism about AsianDate’s female members.

Male members of AsianDate are from different parts of the world. Whereas female members are from different parts of Asia. AsianDate reports that their female members are typically from China, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines. The U.S. is also an active participant of AsianDate, with 1,600,000 participants. Members also appear to be active on AsianDate with 4,000 logins a day. You will find that most members of AsianDate are between the ages of 25-34.

Creating a Profile

Creating an account on AsianDate is very simple and fast. You will only have to indicate if you are a man seeking a woman or woman seeking man, your name, email address, and create a password. After this information is provided, you will have to verify your email address. Upon verifying your email address, you will have immediate access to your profile and will be able to interact with other members instantly.

After the account is created, members can go back to their profile settings and complete their profile by answering all the inquires provided and uploading their photos. Members will have to answer demographical and personal questions about themselves, such as, date of birth, education level, height, marital status, weight, etc. Members can also indicate their reasons for joining AsianDate, such as, marriage, find a lady who is good with children, long term relationship, etc. You are also asked to indicate personal preferences of the partner you are seeking, such as, age, height, weight, children, and you can write up a description as well. Lastly, to have a completed profile, you will have to indicate whether you are interested in traveling to Asia, and whether you grant permission to receive calls from ladies you are corresponding with while using an interpreter to communicate with you.

Using the Site

AsianDate’s layout and design are straight forward, making it really easy to use and maneuver. Upon logging in, you will have access to tabs on top of the dashboard which include, account settings, searching members, and profile settings. On the right side of the page, you will have access to your emails, members online, contact list, making phone calls, virtual gifts, etc. At the center of the page, you will find other members, with the options of cam sharing or live chatting.

In terms of contacting other members, AsianDate provides different features, such as, Live Chatting, Cam Sharing, Emails, and Phone Calls. Members also have the option of sending other members virtual gifts. All correspondence through AsianDate requires credits to utilize. As a new member, you will be able to start a free Live Chat but after three minutes of chatting, you will be charged 1 credit per minute.

It is easy to see why AsianDate is accused of being fake and not having real female members. While using the platform we received invitations to chat with different women; the messages sent by different women were actually duplicated messages. The content of some of the messages were also enticing as if you are already in a romantic relationship with them. These messages were received despite our profile being very new and no information or photo had been provided yet. This is what made us question the validity of the women members on AsianDate.

Finding a Match

AsianDate provides its’ members with searching parameters and search tools that they can use to narrow down the match they are seeking. Your search parameters are confirmed once you complete the inquiries under what type of match you are looking for in the profile settings.  These search parameters will be used by AsianDate to help you find the match you are seeking. The search filters can help narrow down matches based on their appearance, location, age, interests, member id, English speaking skills, children, etc.

Members’ profiles will display their name, member ID, location, whether they have a confirmed profile, and any other information they decided to share about themselves and the partner they are seeking.  Photos can also be viewed but some are private. To view private photos you must first initiate contact by writing a letter and getting a reply or Live Chatting. Profiles do not display whether you and other members are a compatible match or have any commonalities like other dating sites.

As mentioned earlier, there were a few complaints on the web about the authenticity of female members. Part of the reason for this was that female members’ photos appeared to look like photo-shoots of models. In our experience, we did find that female members’ photos appeared to look like professional photo-shoots and most of the women did poses model like appearances. However, there were members that appeared to look normal, without a model-like appearance.


You can access AsianDate through their website and mobile app. The mobile app, however, is only available for android users. AsianDate has 3.4 stars out of 34,508 reviews on the Google Play Store. The major complaints of the app had to do with technical issues and the authenticity of its’ members.

You can expect to find the same features on the mobile app as its website counterpart. These same features will also require credits to use on the mobile app. The mobile app’s design and layout differs somewhat from its website counterpart, but it is still very easy to read and use.


In terms of safety, AsianDate does have a safety and security system in place for its members. AsianDate has a Comodo SSL Certificate and has also earned a McAfee SECURE certification. AsianDate also claims that all of its members are personally confirmed by their staff to prove that they are real people and not scammers. Members are also encouraged by AsianDate to report users that are fraudulent.

AsianDate also has an Anti-Scam Policy, where they outline safety tips for their members. They also outline the different scamming scenarios that members can run into that will lead to immediate reimbursement and scenarios that will not lead to reimbursement. Some of the examples of scenarios that will lead to immediate reimbursement are, a woman misidentifying herself, a woman requesting money or expensive gifts, a woman misrepresenting her details, etc. Examples of instances in which members will NOT be reimbursed are, an agency making a mistake in translating a letter, a woman not being interested in a customer, etc. AsianDate’s Anti-Scam Policy serves as a guide for its’ members to equip themselves from being scammed.

AsianDate’s Headquarters:

551 Fifth Ave. 28th Floor

New York, New York 10017, US


AsianDate sells credits that members can buy to utilize their features. If you are a new member, you can purchase credits at a discounted price of $2.99 or $0.15 per 20 credits. The next time you purchase 20 credits, it will cost $15.99. If you decide you want to purchase more credits you can buy 160 Credits for $0.60 per credit or $96.00, or 1000 Credits for $0.40 per credit or $399.

With Credits, you will be able to unlock features and communicate with other members. These features include, Live Chat costing at 1 credit per minute, Camshare costing at 6 credits per minute, and Letters which cost 10 credits. Virtual Gifts also cost 15 credits and will display on the match’s profile for seven days. The virtual gifts are icons such as faces and holiday images. You can also purchase actual gifts and get them delivered to a member that you are interested in. These gifts also cost credits and they vary in price. Some gifts are as low as 15 credits while others are as expensive as 869 credits.

If you wish to make phone calls utilizing an interpreter, it will require a deposit of 100 credits. The deposit will be deducted from your account deducting 10 credits per minute talked. When you purchase credits or purchase a membership, you will also get 10 free chats and receive unlimited love notes. AsianDate accepts Credit Card as a method of payment. The acceptable Credit Cards are VISA, Master Card, Discover, JCB, American Express, and Union Pay.


What is Love Note?

It is easy to catch the Lady’s attention by sending her a Love Note absolutely free for you. Just find the “Love Note” icon in her profile, choose one of the most beautiful cards and click “Send for Free”. Whether you want to know more or simply want to let her know you’re interested, Love Notes are a quick way to start communication. You can send 1 Love Note per Lady with whom you have never talked before.

Why was I charged a conversion or foreign transaction fee on my order?

AsianDate’s bank is outside the US and depending on your credit card agreement; your financial institution may charge a foreign transaction fee for this transaction. This charge is not included in their stated prices and usually is not more than 2% to 3% of your total order cost. This charge will not be refunded if you return your purchase. If you have, any further questions appear you must contact your bank first.

How Does Deal with Scam and Internet Dating Fraud? stands at the forefront in the industry’s battle against internet scams and fraudulent dating practices. is proactive in screening and identifying her Ladies while ferreting out those individuals and agencies who attempt to misuse the system.

What Payments Options Does Accept?

Credit Cards: Typically, Services and Credits are paid with Visa, American Express, Master Card, or Discover credit or debit cards either on-site or through’s Customer Service.

Credit Card Safety: Purchases are as protected as they can be at thanks to a multi-layered system of security. Billing information never leaves the AsianDate system as she employs HTTPS servers which are restricted from releasing any information entered on the site. Further, the security of your connection is verified by GoDaddy giving you peace of mind that your transaction is safe.