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BBPeopleMeet has been servicing big and beautiful people since 2002. BBPeopleMeet is owned and operated by one of the leading technological companies in online dating, People Media. owns People Media, and IAC operates along with over 150 brands and products. Underneath IAC’s umbrella of successful companies, People Media has stood out by operating 6 of the top 50 ranked dating websites including,,,, and People Media has been successful in designing and creating niche-specific dating sites, leading you to wonder what niche are they going to target next?

BBPeopleMeet was designed for big and beautiful singles, but anyone can join even if they are not considered big and beautiful. BBPeopleMeet claims to be one of the most active online dating sites for this specific niche, as they strive to make a comfortable and accepting environment for plus-sized singles. If you are interested in making a love connection or making new friendships with big and beautiful singles, then this site may be for you.

Membership Statistics

Members Worldwide 500,000
Members from the U.S. 410,550
Daily Logins 100

Gender Disparity

Men 53%
Women 47%

Age Ranges

18-24 6%
25-34 17%
35-44 25%
45-54 26%
55+ 26%


BBPeopleMeet caters to heterosexual and homosexual singles, looking to form relationships with big and beautiful people. The gender disparity amongst BBPeopleMeet is fairly even with women making up 47% of the members, and men 53%. With a small gap in gender disparity, members have higher chances of finding potential matches.

BBPeopleMeet currently operates in the U.S. and Canada. However, the vast majority of BBPeopleMeet’s members are from the U.S. (410,550 of U.S. members out of 500,000 worldwide members). Members of BBPeopleMeet are not as active as other dating sites, with only 100 daily log-ins a day.

The age ranges of BBPeopleMeet’s members are also pretty well disbursed. With 26% of members being age 55 and above, 26% of members being between the ages 45-54, 25% of members being between the ages 35-44, 17% of members being between the ages 25-34, and a small percentage of members, 6%, being between the ages 18-24. This allows for members interested in finding matches between the ages 35 and up to have more of a selection versus members interested in dating matches between the ages 18-34.

Creating a Profile

Creating a profile on BBPeopleMeet is easy but can take a little longer to complete when compared to other dating sites. BBPeopleMeet requires a little more demographical and personal information than other dating sites, hence taking a little longer to complete. Nonetheless, it is still very easy, as questions are asked one at a time.

To create an account on BBPeopleMeet you must first indicate your gender and sexual orientation. You will also be asked personal demographical questions such as, what color is your hair? What color are your eyes? How tall are you? What is your ethnicity? What is your body type? etc. You also have to indicate whether you are from the U.S. or Canada, and enter your zip code.

BBPeopleMeet also requires the user to indicate their date of birth and create a username and password. Once you create your credentials, you will be required to enter your email address. The email address does not require verification like other dating sites. The user is also required to briefly share information about themselves and what they are seeking in a partner by filling in three separate text boxes. 

The user is also asked to upload a photo of themselves through their Facebook account or their files. This step can be skipped; however, BBPeopleMeet really encourages its members to upload a photo, as profiles with photos get 10 times more attention. Members can upload up to 30 photos. Photos have to be approved by BBPeopleMeet. After you upload a photo or skip this step, you can view your profile and have access to matches instantly.

The user can also indicate additional information about themselves after the profile has been completed, by answering additional questions that BBPeopleMeet provides for its members. This allows the user to go as in-depth as they want about themselves at their own pace. The more that users fill out the better, as the more information they provide the better it is to determine whether or not they are compatible matches with other members.

Using the Site

BBPeopleMeet’s design and layout are easy to read and use. The tabs and options available are straight to the point, making it easy to navigate. Upon logging in, the user is able to see tabs on top of the profile page that include, home, inbox, search, matches, and settings. The left side of the page provides instant access to the inbox and connections. The right side of the page displays profiles that are online and are available to chat. If you decide that you do not want to chat, you can turn off this option.

The center of the page displays other members’ profiles. One of the ways that it shows other members’ profiles is by showing two different profiles and asking the user “Who do You Like?”, the user can select one of the two profiles or skip them altogether. Another way is by showing the user profiles of people who are new and near them. BBPeopleMeet also provides users with five daily matches, by showing profiles one at a time. The user can then indicate whether that match is a possible match for them or not. The user can also search members by using filters.

BBPeopleMeet also provides members with message ideas, which are tools in the form of questions that users can use to help them learn more about the people who contacted them. Users can choose up to four questions, and other members can answer them when they send the user a message. The questions are icebreakers, such as, do you like to travel? If you could go anywhere, where would you? These are great tools for anyone who is unsure of how to start a conversation.

BBPeopleMeet will instantly notify the user if their profile is being viewed or whether anyone is trying to communicate with them, while the user is active online through a pop-up notification. However, the user will not be able to view any messages, flirts, who has favorited them, who has liked their photo or profile without a paid subscription. The only thing that is available to see at no cost, are profiles that have viewed their profile. 

Finding a Match

BBPeopleMeet uses different features for members to find matches. These features include, “Who Do You Like?” and “I’m interested”. As described earlier, the “Who do you like?” feature demonstrates two different profiles and the user has the option of selecting the profile they like most or can skip them altogether. The “I’m interested” feature shows profiles one by one, and the user indicates whether they are interested in that member or not. BBPeopleMeet also has five daily match suggestions for its members, which is another way to find a match.

BBPeopleMeet also provides filters that members can use to search for matches based on specific things, such as, height, ethnicity, religion, smoking, etc. Users can also narrow down their search by distance, age, members online, recent activity, etc. However, these filters are only available to members paying a subscription.

At a glance, other members’ profiles display their username, age, location, and the option to save their profiles to your favorites. Once you click into their profile, you are able to see any information that the members decided to share about themselves. You can also view all of the members’ photos and when they were last active on their profile. Most members have little information about themselves in their profile. The members that did have a lot of information about themselves tended to seek serious relationships. You can also find members of different backgrounds, ages, and body types. Not just members that are big and beautiful. This diversity is a plus as it offers members more options in match preferences.


BBPeopleMeet is available through their online website and their mobile app. The mobile app is accessible for Android and iOS mobile devices. BBPeopleMeet has 2.5 stars out of 1,288 reviews on the Google Play Store, and 2.4 stars out of 37 reviews on the Apple App Store. It appears that most complaints were regarding creating an account through the app, as it would redirect them, not accept credentials, etc. This is a disadvantage for members who do not have access to a computer and solely rely on their phone and other mobile devices. Other complaints had to do with technicality issues. It is also important to note that when searching for the app through the Apple App Store, you have to spell out “Big and Beautiful People Meet” to find the app and not just type “BBPeopleMeet” as it will not find it. The Google Play Store, however, can find it by simply typing “BBPeopleMeet” and not having to spell out the entire name.

The design and layout of the mobile app is easy to read and use. Upon logging in to the mobile app you are immediately presented with the “Are You Interested?” feature, where the user is presented with a members’ profile and has to indicate whether they are interested in them or not. Towards the bottom of the display, there are four tabs, which include, messages, views, flirts, and saved. However, the tabs and search filters are not accessible on the app if you are not a paying member. The only tab that is accessible is View, where the user can view all the profiles that have viewed them. The mobile app also does not use your location to filter out profiles by distance like the website version. The simple design of the mobile app makes it very easy to maneuver, however, many things will not be available to use without a paying subscription.

When comparing the mobile app against its website counterpart, the website counterpart takes the lead. The reason for this is the mobile app does not offer features like their website counterpart, and it also doesn’t take into account your location to view members nearby like the website version. The website also does not have any technical issues like the app, as other members have complained about.


BBPeopleMeet does not have any verification system in place. They currently only verify members’ photos to ensure that they abide by their photo guidelines. BBPeopleMeet can improve in their security measures as implementing them will only provide a more secure environment for its members. It is uncertain if scammers are participants of the site, however, if scammers do decide to take advantage of members they will be required to pay a subscription. Otherwise, they will not be able to contact any members. This alone may be a discouragement to scammers and may avoid joining altogether.

Members of BBPeopleMeet are encouraged to report any fraudulent profiles. Members can report or block any member by clicking on the report or block icons located on every members’ page. The icons are located in the “I’d Just Like To Add” section of the profiles. This makes it difficult to see, as the icons are small and not separated from the section. Other dating sites usually have these icons in a separate section and the icons are bigger, making easier to identify.


BBPeopleMeet offers three different plans, Value 6 months for $1.75 a week or billed in one payment of $42.00, Standard 6 months for $1.49 a week or billed in one payment of $35.76, Full Price 1 month for $3.75 a week or billed in one payment of $14.99. The Value 6 months includes full mobile access and profile highlight. The other two plans only include full mobile access.

The prices on the mobile app differ slightly from their website counterparts. The mobile app also offers a 6-month plan with one payment of $42.00, but it is $7.00 a month instead of $1.75 a week like the website version. The mobile app also offers a 3-month plan at $8.99 a month or one payment of $26.97, the website version does not offer this plan at all. Both the mobile app and the website offer a 1-month plan at $14.99 a month.

The mobile app only accepts credit cards as a method of payment. The website accepts credit cards, PayPal, and mail-in orders. The acceptable credit cards are Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.

If you want to make the most of BBPeopleMeet then you will want to upgrade to a paid subscription. Otherwise, you will not be able to view who wants to contact you nor will you be able to contact any members.



To update your Credit or Debit Card:

  1. Click your Settings in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Click My Account from the drop-down menu.
  3. Under Account Status, click View Account Status.
  4. Next to What is My Payment Type? Click (change) to update your payment information.

All future renewals or Premium Feature purchases will be applied to your new card.

*Please note, updating your payment information will reactivate your automatic renewal.


To prevent interruption in communication with other members, all memberships paid by credit card automatically renew until canceled. This also protects you from future increased prices, and service fees on new purchases.

When you cancel, your account will remain active with full member benefits until your current subscription expires. Follow these steps to cancel your account at any time:

  1. Click your Settings in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click My Account from the drop-down menu.
  3. Locate Account Status, and then click the View Account Status link.
  4. Click the More Account Status Changes link.
  5. Click Remove Automatic Renewal.
    Upon downgrading your account, your credit card will no longer be charged for future membership.


To cancel your account, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your Settings located at the top right section of your screen.
  2. Click My Account from the drop-down menu.
  3. Locate Account Status and then click the View Account Status link.
  4. On the next screen, click the More Account Status Changes link.
  5. Click the Remove My Profile link.
  6. Respond to the short question and then confirm your cancellation.

Please note, all emails, photos, records relating to your profile, remaining time and account will be immediately removed from the site.


Tell potential matches what you’re looking for and what makes you unique to help you stand out! Just follow these steps:

  1. Click your Settings in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click My Profile from the drop-down menu.
  3. Hover over the fields in your greeting you want to update, and then click Edit.
  4. Make your changes, and then click Save.

Please make sure your updates are within BBPeopleMeet guidelines:

  • No contact information (email, phone number, etc.)
  • No inappropriate content (sexually suggestive, racial comments, etc.)
  • No advertisements (business names, website link


Making changes to your profile is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Click your Settings in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click My Profile from the drop-down.
  3. Hover over any fields you want to update, and then click Edit.
  4. Make your changes, and then click Save.


Follow these steps to hide your profile:

  1. Click your Settings in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click My Account from the drop-down menu.
  3. Under Account Status, click View Account Status.
  4. Click More Account Status Changes.
  5. Click Hide My Profile.

When your profile is hidden, you won’t be visible to anyone else or have access to features on the site. Ready to start using the site again? Just log into your account, and you’ll be prompted to unhide your profile. If you’re a paid member, automatic renewal will continue while your profile is hidden unless you turn it off.