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CatholicMatch is a dating site created for Catholic singles looking to date and eventually receive the sacrament of marriage, with a person who also shares the same Catholic faith and religious values. CatholicMatch was formerly named, after Saint Raphael, the patron of happy meetings and matchmakers. was created in 1999, by Jason LaFosse and Brain Barcaro, who were devout Catholics themselves. Barcaro and LaFosse created this dating website in hopes of helping Catholic singles fulfill their vocation of Holy Matrimony. Years later, Mike Lloyd joined the duo and inspired the transformation of

CatholicMatch has grown much since then, in fact, they consider themselves the leading dating site for Catholic singles. In 2013, CatholicMatch’s user base reached 1 million and has only gone up from there. CatholicMatch is also centered on providing support and resources for all Catholics through their CatholicMatch Institute. CatholicMatch hopes to reverse the marriage decline by providing such support to all Catholics. CatholicMatch also offers a guarantee, where subscribing members will receive 6 months of free services if they do not find a match during the first six months of their paid subscription.

If you greatly value your Catholic faith, and you wish to find someone who also values their Catholic faith, then CatholicMatch may just be the dating site for you!

Membership Statistics

Members World Wide1.5 million
Members from the U.S.1,200,000
Daily Logins16,500

Gender Disparity


Age Ranges



Because CatholicMatch is centered on helping Catholic singles achieve the Sacrament of Marriage, they require that their members are solely Catholic or are in the process of converting into Catholicism. Catholic members who are divorced and not free to marry in the Catholic Church are allowed to use their dating platform but not for romantic purposes. If a divorcee wishes to use their dating site for romantic purposes, then their previous marriage must first be annulled by the Church tribunal or a Catholic Church court. CatholicMatch also makes it very clear that their dating site is not for hook-ups and is only intended to help Catholics pursue their vocation of marriage.

It is estimated that CatholicMatch has around 1.5 million members worldwide. The United States is a big participant of the site, with 1,200,000 members. Members of CatholicMatch are active participants, with 16,500 daily logins. Their gender disparity is even, increasing the chances of finding a potential match. You can also expect to find members across different age ranges, from 18 to 55 and over. This makes it possible for people interested in a specific age range to interact with members that meet their age criteria.

Creating a Profile

Signing up on CatholicMatch will require some of your time, as you will have to answer a lot of questions to initiate an account and create a profile. You can sign up on CatholicMatch by using your email or Facebook account. You will have to indicate your name, the location you wish to meet singles in, your gender, and agree to their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After this information is provided, you begin answering questions to create your profile. The questions pertain to personal demographical information such as date of birth, what Diocese you are in, and your marital status. You will then be required to upload a photo of yourself, otherwise, you will not be able to proceed. Your photo will have to be approved by CatholicMatch. Additional questions about appearance, lifestyle, background, and faith have to be answered to have a completed profile.

Once you complete all the required inquiries, you will be prompted to upgrade to a paid subscription, but this can be overlooked and you can begin checking out other members instantly. Completing all the inquiries before accessing your account and profile allows for all members to have detailed profiles. Completed profiles will help members determine whether or not they are compatible matches.

Using the Site

CatholicMatch’s design and layout are easy to maneuver. Upon logging in, you have access to tabs on the dashboard that includes, Messages, Matches, Search, Forums, and More. On the right side of the page, you have access to Catholic Institute’s Blogs. At the center of the page, you have access to other members’ profiles. You can see new members near you, search for members, your match portrait, see who has viewed you, birthdays, and photo Gallery.

If members wish to use the Match Portrait feature, they have to take a pretty lengthy survey that CatholicMatch uses to provide suggested matches based on responses given by the members. Questions pertain to interests and personal attributes. CatholicMatch takes the responses and compares them with other members to provide suggested matches.

Communicating with other members will be limited on a free membership. You can unlock your first message for free, but you will not be able to read it until 10 days later. If you wish to open the message now then you will have to upgrade to a paid membership. Viewing who liked you and sending messages also requires to upgrade. You can only like profiles, send emotigrams, and view other matches at no cost. When you like a member they will be notified and you can also view who you have liked in the Message tab. Typically other dating sites have a separate tab for Likes, but on CatholicMatch, this feature is found on the Message tab. This is intended to facilitate the process of communicating with people you have liked and being able to view their profile. Once you upgrade, you can also access who has liked you in the same tab.

Members also have access to Forums, where you can view what other members have posted. Members post on various topics, including prayer requests, questions they may have, topics on culture, current events, etc. Members appear to be very active in participating and answering questions posted on the forums.

As mentioned earlier, CatholicMatch also has its Catholic Institute where members and anyone who is Catholic can refer to for tools and resources. These resources include books, blogs, videos, etc. The content of the resources pertains to dating, marriage, and the Catholic faith.

Finding a Match

CatholicMatch provides match suggestions based on the results of the Match Portrait questionnaire. Members can also search and narrow down matches by distance, age, recent activity, and newest. CatholicMatch also provides search filters that are based on personal demographical information such as, height, marital status, race, etc. This makes it possible to find matches based on specific traits that users prefer.

Members’ profiles are easy to read and maneuver. Upon clicking into a members’ profile you can see their age, name, location, and other personal demographical information. You also see the description they wrote about themselves and whether they agree with all the teachings of the Catholic Church. As mentioned before, you will find that every member will have a completed profile, due to CatholicMatch requiring users to complete the inquiries before accessing their account and profile.


CatholicMatch is available through its website and mobile app. The mobile app is accessible on both Android and iOS devices. CatholicMatch has 2.5 stars out of 5 on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Most of the user complaints had to do with technical issues and the functionalities of the app.

The mobile app has the same display and layout of its’ website counterpart. The only difference is that the tabs and options are on the bottom of the app, instead of being on top of the page like the website version. Members’ profiles are also displayed differently, but all the details of their profile are presented, just in a different layout. The functionalities are also the same, and you can expect to also upgrade in order to get the most out of the app.


CatholicMatch takes its members’ security and safety seriously. They use SSL-encryption to keep user information safe. During the entire transaction process, a small lock icon appears in the URL, signifying that it is a secure website. The website is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption, to ensure your data is not accessible by others. CatholicMatch also reports that they have a security system in place that runs 24/7, to ensure that scammers and fraudsters are off their site.

CatholicMatch also advises its members to keep all communication with other members within their dating platform for at least a week before exchanging contact information. This gives their security system the necessary time to scan for traits or behaviors that are typical of scammers. Accounts that do not pass their security system checkpoints will be held for review and are removed if found guilty of malicious intentions.


In order to be able to fully communicate with other members, you will have to upgrade to a paid subscription. CatholicMatch offers three different subscriptions:

  • 12 months for $9.99 a month, billed in one payment of $119.99.
  • 6 months for $14.99 a month, billed in one payment of $89.99.
  • 1 month for $29.99

CatholicMatch accepts credit cards as a method of payment. Subscriptions will automatically be charged each billing cycle so there are no disruptions while using their service. Renewal payments are stopped when members cancel their subscription.


How can I unlock a message? (Free Members)

As a free member, when you receive a message from another member, click on the message that you received from within your Message Inbox and choose the option to “Start Unlocking”. When you do this, it will begin a countdown until the contents of the message are revealed to you. At the end of the countdown, return to that same message in your Message Inbox to view its contents. To bypass the countdown and read your message immediately, purchase a subscription at

How does searching work?

CatholicMatch offers a variety of features to help you connect with other singles. They designed the search feature for those who have specific preferences in mind, like appearance or background.

What filters are available when searching?

CatholicMatch provides all users with the option to search by gender, age, distance, height, marital status, race/ethnicity, and body type. Those with a premium subscription can also filter their search results by smoking/drinking habits, children, education, political views, faith level, and liturgical preference. To sort your results to show those who are closest to you geographically, sort by age, most recent activity, or to show those who are newest first, use the sort options found in the sort menu.

What does it mean if a profile is unavailable?

When a profile is unavailable, it means that it is no longer on the site, either because the member has chosen to remove his or her account or because it did not pass CatholicMatch’s site’s security checkpoints. Members have the option to recover their profiles within 30 days if they remove it themselves so if this was someone who you were interested in getting to know, you might consider keeping an eye out for the next month to see if he or she decides to return.

How are matches suggested?

CatholicMatch suggests matches in accordance with the Catholic Sacrament of Marriage to those who are free to marry in the Catholic Church. Before matches are suggested, members are asked to complete a questionnaire called the Match Portrait, which addresses key areas where successful couples do well to agree on, such as personality traits, values, outlook on life, and other factors on one’s personality. Some of these questions can be a bit personal, but members’ responses are never seen by human eyes so it is important to be honest when answering these questions to ensure that the best possible matches are suggested. Each member’s responses to the match portrait are evaluated using a Likert scale and using these results, a comparison is made between other members. Those who are deemed to be compatible are then suggested to each other as matches.