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Christian Cafe is a dating site designed to help Christian singles meet one another in hopes of finding love and form long-lasting relationships. Christian Cafe has been servicing its members for more than two decades, and proudly reports that they have been responsible for over 25,000 Christ-centered marriages. Over 3,000 of Christian Cafe members have left happy testimonials, thanking Christian Cafe for meeting their partner.

Christian Cafe not only provides a dating platform for Christian singles to meet one another, but it also provides resources that Christian Singles can refer to for guidance and fellowship, such as, ChrisitianCafe’s Blog and Forums. Members utilize Christian Cafe’s Forums as a means to seek support, advice, fellowship, and get to know one another. Christian Cafe’s Blog features articles that help singles in their dating journey, tips for divorced singles, and other topics based on biblical scriptures.

Christian Cafe is able to cater to Christian singles as it was designed and created by two Christian brothers who understand the values of their Christian faith, Sam and Philip Moorcroft. The Moorcroft brothers created Christian Cafe in 1998, as they saw a need for Christian singles to connect with one another. Both of the Moorcroft brothers received their MBA from Richard Ivey School of Business in Canada. Sam is an expert in the online dating industry and has been featured on many media outlets, such as, the Christian Broadcasting Network, Faith Today, NY Times, Focus on the Family, etc.

Christian Cafe invites Christian singles to give their dating platform an opportunity to help them find a partner to build a long-lasting relationship centered on God. They even provide new members with a 7-10 day free trial, where members can utilize all the features that their dating platform has to offer. This allows new members to really experience the dating platform and make a conscious decision on whether or not they would like to continue their service.

If you are on a quest to find a partner who strives to have a life centered on Christ, then Christian Cafe may be the dating site for you.

Membership Statistics

Members Worldwide 2 million+
Members from the U.S. 1,000,000
Daily Log-ins 5,000

Gender Disparity

Men 50%
Women 50%

Age Ranges

18-24 10%
25-34 30%
35-44 30%
45-54 20%
55+ 10%


Christian Cafe is specifically for Christian singles seeking to form relationships with other singles who really value their Christian faith. If you are legally married, Christian Cafe asks you not to join their site. Christian Cafe is quite popular among Christians as they have over 2 million members worldwide. However, Christian Cafe reports that the majority of their members are from the U.S. and Canada. The U.S. alone has 1,000,000 members. Members of Christian Cafe are also pretty active, with 5,000 log-ins a day.

The gender disparity on Christian Cafe is an even split, with both men and women each making up 50% of the members. This allows members to have a pretty good chance of finding a match. You will also find members of different age ranges on Christian Cafe, specifically the age ranges between 25-54. Other age ranges, such as, 18-24 and 55 and over maybe a little more difficult to find as fewer members are found in these age ranges.

Creating a Profile

To create an account on Christian Cafe you must create a username, provide your email address, indicate your City, Country, Zip Code, gender, and date of birth. You can also inform them if you were referred by a member.

You will also be required to agree to their terms if you want to proceed with creating an account. After that, you have to answer additional questions pertaining to appearance, schooling, employment, children, lifestyle, faith, and other personal information such as marital status and race. Once this is completed, you will have the option of continuing the completion of your profile or you can select to complete it later. If you decide to have a completed profile, you will have to upload a photo and answer fill-in questions pertaining to personal interests, what you are searching for in a partner, faith, personal traits, etc. Christian Cafe highly encourages its members to have completed profiles as doing so will help attract more matches. Christian Cafe will also grant three additional days of free services for profiles that include a photo of themselves. Christian Cafe also uses the username you created at the beginning and customizes it, providing you with a new username and password. It is important to make note of the username and password provided, as these are the credentials you will need each time you log in.

Using the Site

Christian Cafe’s design and layout are quite different and not as user-friendly when compared to other dating sites. Typically on other dating sites, when users log in they have instant access to other members’ profiles. On Christian Cafe, however, you do not have immediate access to other members’ profiles; instead, you will have to scroll down, passing advertisements and the featured blog story, to make your way to different ways you can contact other members such as, Quickmatch, Search, Who’s on, etc. It is only when you click on one of these that you will be able to see other members. You will also have access to tabs on top of the dashboard, which include Online, Search, Mailbox, Profile, Community, Membership and Help.

It is important to note that when you click on Who’s On, New Members, or Birthdays, you will be shown both men and women members. If you don’t want to view both genders, you do have an option for listing only one gender. Searching for members through the different tools that Christian Cafe offers, typically requires for you to use filtering tools just to view members with minimal preferred criteria. For example, to see members that are currently online, it will require you to narrow down members by at least, gender, age, and location. Otherwise, you will see all new members, from all over the world, with different ages, and both genders. Having to use filtering tools for almost each of their search or contacting tools, is what makes Christian Cafe not as user-friendly, when comparing it to other dating sites. This can be especially inconvenient for someone who is new to online dating.

In terms of using Christian Cafe’s features, you will be able to utilize all of them during your free trial as a new member. This means you can send other members mail, winks, favorites, and see who viewed your profile. You can also interact with other members through forums. The forums appear to be popular amongst the members and they use it to post questions, advice, current events, book reviews, etc. Members can also post prayers under the Prayers option found in the Community tab on the dashboard. Christian Cafe’s Blogs, Dating 101, and Testimonials can also be accessed through this tab.

Finding a Match

Christian Cafe does not have an algorithm to match members together. It does, however, provide different tools to find potential matches, such as, Quickmatch, a tool that matches members by their age, type of relationship, faith, and location. Members can also use their Search tool, where they can narrow down matches with filters such as location, appearance, background, lifestyle, faith, and other basic information. Christian Cafe also lets you browse for a specific profile, view members by birthday and members that are online.

The display and layout of members’ profiles are organized and easy to read. The profile’s demonstrate the answers to the questions that all members are required to answer to initiate an account. If members completed additional fill-in questions, their answers will also display on their profile. You will also be able to view all the photos that members have uploaded. Other information such as, username, age, location, when they were last on, etc., will also display on their profiles. The options to send the member mail, winks, favorites, adding them to mail block, reporting the member, and viewing similar profiles are also available right underneath the members’ photos.


Christian Cafe is available to use through its website and mobile app. The mobile app however, is only available for iOS mobile devices but not Android. Christian Cafe has 2.2 stars out of 5 in the Apple App store. Most of the complaints had to do with the functionalities of the app, technical issues, and complaints about the members.

The mobile app’s layout and display differs from its website counterpart. Upon logging into the app, you have access to other members’ profiles, which is not the case with the websites counterpart. You also have tabs at the bottom of the app, which include, Home, Messages, Search, and More. The More tab gives you access to all the features that the website counterpart offers, it only lacks access to the Prayers and Blog. Members’ profiles are also organized but the layout is displayed in a vertical manner, allowing you to view everything as you scroll down. The options to send a wink, add to favorites, and send mail are also available towards the top of the profile. However, the options to mail block, reporting a member, and viewing similar profiles are not available on the app version.


Christian Cafe claims that they have security measures in place that attempts to protect its’ members information from getting into the wrong hands. They also report that their employees have access to their members’ information but they have strict rules that requires their employees to maintain all members’ information under strict confidence to avoid third parties from obtaining such information. Christian Cafe also informs its users that although they cannot guarantee that their information will be misused in any way, they are making every effort to keep these situations from occurring. Christian Cafe also reports that they use encryption for credit card numbers during transactions, to keep this information safe.

Christian Cafe also advises its users to keep all communication with other members within their dating platform to protect their privacy. By keeping all communication within their dating platform, users are able to remain anonymous without having to compromise their personal information.

Christian Cafe also wants their users to be aware that personal information such as, name, username, email, etc. can be obtained by other parties when users participate in chat rooms, forums, web pages, or newsgroups, and they may send them unsolicited mail, that may or may not be useful to the user.


Christian Cafe offers four different subscription plans that members can choose from:

  • 1 Year for $8.33 a month, billed in one payment of $99.95.
  • 6 Months for $13.33 a month, billed in one payment of $79.95.
  • 3 Months for $16.65 a month, billed in one payment of $49.95
  • 1 Month for $34.97.

Christian Cafe accepts Credit Card as a method of payment. The acceptable Credit Cards are Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.


How do I mailblock a member?

To apply a mail block browse his/her profile and click on the “Apply Mail block” button beneath their photo slot. Blocking will prevent this member from viewing your profile and from sending you a message to your mailbox. If you receive any particularly offensive messages Christian Cafe can look into the situation for you. Using the report button in the opened message or when viewing their profile, you can report the issue to them. Include details of the offense to assist Christian Cafe’s staff in its investigation. Then email it to Christian Cafe.

Do I have to pay to send mail?

You can send 50-75 messages per day. You can browse as many profiles and pictures as you like and you have no limit to your access while you still have time in your account. You also can view as many profiles and photos as you wish, login as often as you wish and stay online for as long as you like, take part in forum discussions, have unlimited chat time (paid members only), post prayers, etc., so long as your account has time in it. We encourage you to take advantage of everything our site has to offer. Trial members are limited to 50 messages per day.