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Coffee Meets Bagel is a unique dating platform that uses a “slow dating” approach to helping singles find their special someone. Coffee Meets Bagel was launched by the Kang sisters in 2012. These three entrepreneurial women and their dating platform were featured on the famous Shark Tank TV series. The Kang sisters were seeking to sell 5 percent of Coffee Meets Bagel for $500,000 on Shark Tank. Instead, they were offered $30 million for their entire dating platform. The Kang sisters declined the offer, as they knew that their company was going to be a huge success. They were however, able to get different investors to invest in their dating platform, including’s co-founder, Peng T. Ong.

So, what is it that makes Coffee Meets Bagel so different from other dating apps? Why did investors want to take a chance on a dating platform created by three entrepreneurial sisters? What draws thousands of singles to participate in this dating platform, in hopes of finding love?

Well for starters, the Kang sisters developed Coffee Meets Bagel on the basis of providing quality services over quantity. This is tied to their slow dating approach. This type of approach caters to people who are tired of the so-called “swiping” dating apps, where they never really make any meaningful connections. Inspired by this notion, the Kang sisters wanted to provide singles the opportunity of truly finding compatible matches that they are able to make meaningful connections with. For this reason, they provide only a few “bagels” or matches a day. These compatible “bagels” are curated and selected by an algorithm that they have developed. Because there are only a few “bagels” suggested to the user a day, the user is forced to really take their time to decide whether they will like or swipe. Coffee Meets Bagel claims that this type of approach has attracted a community of singles who are serious about dating. In fact, 86% of Coffee Meets Bagel users report they are seeking a serious relationship. Coffee Meets Bagel also reports that they have matched over 50,000,000 members and thousands of long-lasting relationships around the globe.

If you are seeking someone special to form a serious relationship with, then Coffee Meets Bagel may be the next dating app you will want to try!

Membership Statistics

Members from the U.S.11,000,000
New members a month400,000

Gender Disparity



Coffee Meets Bagel primarily caters to singles looking to form serious relationships. This includes heterosexual singles and singles from the LGTBQ community. Coffee Meets Bagel invites all singles looking to make meaningful connections to their dating platform; however, they do inform their LGTBQ members that their matches may be lower in their area, as they are still growing their LGTBQ user-base.

Coffee Meets Bagel is available in major cities around the world such as, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Sydney, London, and Hong Kong. Around 400,000 new members sign up on this dating platform a month. Coffee Meets Bagel is a popular dating app in the United States as they make up 11,000,000 of their members.

There are slightly more women than man on Coffee Meets Bagel, as they make up 60% of the members, whereas the men make up 40%. With a small gap in the gender ratio, it is likely to find a potential match. Coffee Meets Bagel surveyed its members around the world to find out what users seek when they participate in online dating. Most of their members (70%) reported that they are seeking relationships. Only 12% reported they are seeking casual hookups, 11% reported they are looking to get married, and 7% reported they were looking to make new friends. These statistics reveal that their member base is primarily composed of members seeking to form serious relationships. If this is your end goal, then Coffee Meets Bagel may just help you find what you are looking for.

Creating a Profile

Creating an account on Coffee Meets Bagel is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can create an account on Coffee Meets Bagel with your phone number or your Facebook account. You will also have to indicate your gender, whether you are seeking a man or a woman, and give Coffee Meets Bagel access to your location, in order to provide you with bagels near you. Once this information is provided, you can access your account and be able to see bagels near you immediately.

You can also return to your profile settings and complete your profile by writing a description of who you are, what you like, and what you appreciate in a date. You also have the option of answering additional personal demographical questions such as, your height, occupation, employer, etc. These additional questions can be answered at your own pace.

Using the Site

Upon signing into the app, you are immediately presented with 10 suggested curated Bagels or matches of the day. The design and display of the app are easy to use and read. You have access to four icons at the bottom of the app, which are, Suggested, Likes You, Discover, and Chats. At the top of the app, you can access your profile settings by clicking on your profile picture.

On Coffee Meets Bagel, you can send messages, view profiles, like profiles, and use their search filters at no cost. If you wish to see who has liked you, see members’ activity reports, and receive read receipts (where you are notified if a Bagel has read your message), then you will be required to upgrade or use Beans. Coffee Meets Bagel also helps its members break the ice by allowing members to add three fun facts about themselves that they didn’t share in their public profile. These fun facts are later used when members try to interact with one another.

Coffee Meets Bagel uses beans as an in-app currency to use certain features on their app, such as being able to see extra Bagels in your suggested Bagel list of the day, reading Receipts and Activity reports. You can earn Beans by doing things such as logging in daily to your account. Each day you log in, you earn a certain amount of beans, for example, day 1 is 10 beans, day 2 is 50 beans, day 3 100 beans, and so forth. You can also get free beans by following their social media accounts and inviting friends. When you upgrade to a subscription you will also get 6000 Beans a month.

Finding a Match

Coffee Meets Bagel uses an algorithm to provide you with Bagels. Their algorithm uses the information you provide in preferences, along with your interests, social circles, education levels, and other information provided in your Facebook account to provide you with suggested bagels. Coffee Meets Bagel provides 10 Bagels a day that you can pass, like, or message them. If you pass on a Bagel you want to make sure you are absolutely not interested in them, because once you pass them, you will probably not be able to view them again. The reason for this is, Coffee Meets Bagel wants their members to really take their time exploring other Bagels’ profiles, in order to maintain an environment of creating meaningful relationships. The more you utilize their suggested Bagel feature, the more Coffee Meets Bagel learns about the type of Bagel you are seeking, being able to refine your Bagel suggestions each time. Your Bagel suggestions are refreshed every day at noon.

Coffee Meets Bagel also takes into account your location to provide you with matches near you. Another neat thing about Coffee Meets Bagel is that because they use the demographical information found on your Facebook account, such as age, they are able to provide you with bagels within your age range. For example, if you are in your 50’s then you will only see Bagels within this age range, the same goes for someone in their 20’s and so forth.

Coffee Meets Bagel also has a Discover feature, where members can use advanced filters to search for members. The search filters include age, distance, height, degree, and ethnicity. Compared to other dating apps, Coffee Meets Bagel only has a few filters that members can use to narrow down matches.

Members’ profiles display their age, where they are from, their photos, and anything else they decided to share about themselves. At the bottom of their profile, you can also view their Activity Reports, which notifies you of how active they are with chatting, sending messages, when they were last logged on, and how often they reply. The Activity Reports are locked and can only be accessed by paying members. One thing that members’ profiles do not display that other dating apps typically display, is the users’ name. You will also find that members’ profiles are pretty detailed, reaffirming the fact that most members are here to form a serious relationship with a special someone. Members also appear to have some formal education or are professionals in their field.


Unlike other dating sites, Coffee Meets Bagel is only available to use through their mobile app and they do not have a website desktop version. The mobile app is for Android and iOS mobile devices. Coffee Meets Bagel has 4.5 stars out of 101K reviews on the Apple App store, and 4 stars out of 73,241 reviews on the Google Play Store.


Coffee Meets Bagel currently does not have any safety systems in place. However, due to members only being able to sign up on their dating platform through their Facebook account, it minimizes the number of fraudulent profiles on their site. Coffee Meets Bagel announced in 2019, that their data had been breached. User information such as, names, email addresses, age, and gender had been stolen.

Coffee Meets Bagel does request from their members to report any fraudulent users. The manner in which you report a member depends on the type of mobile device that you are using. If you have an iOS device, and you wish to report a member in Discover, then you can do so by tapping on the flag icon located in their profile. Unfortunately, there is currently no in-app function to report a member found in Discover on an Android device. If a person who owns an Android device wishes to report a user, they must do so by contacting Coffee Meets Bagel’s support team. Reporting members found in Suggested matches can also be reported by tapping the flag icon located in their profile, this option is available on both Android and iOS mobile devices. You can contact Coffee Meets Bagel via their email at contact@Coffee Meets You can also reach them by mail at, Coffee Meets Bagel, Inc. 391 Grove St. San Francisco, CA.


If you wish to get the most out of Coffee Meets Bagel, then you can pay a monthly subscription. Members can choose from three subscription plans, 6 months for $20.00 a month, 3 months for $25.00 a month, or 1 month for $35.00. If you do not want to subscribe but want to unlock additional features then you can buy Beans. You can purchase 3000 Beans for $24.99, 2000 Beans for $23.99, or 100 Beans for $1.99. Acceptable methods of payment are Credit/Debit Card, and PayPal.


Is Coffee Meets Bagel free?

Coffee Meets Bagel is completely free to join, and their core app features, such as liking/passing and chatting with suggested matches, are free to use.

You do have the option of buying beans—their in-app currency—or subscribing to unlock special features, such as Read Receipts, Activity Reports, and Liking in Discover. However, these features are not required to receive curated matches or to connect with them.

Can I sign up without Facebook?

Yes. You also have the option of signing up for CMB with your mobile phone number.

How does Coffee Meets Bagel algorithm work?

Their smart algorithm is always learning more about you and your type! It takes into consideration your specific preferences, who you like or pass on, who is available in your area, and also whether you are someone else’s type.

What are my login options?

Coffee Meets Bagel is a mobile only app. After downloading CMB for iOS or Android, you can create your account via your phone number or Facebook account. Be sure to log in using the same method each time, or you could accidentally create multiple accounts.