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DateInAsia is a unique dating and social platform that connects singles around the world with singles from Asia. What makes DateInAsia very unique is that they offer all of their services free of charge! This means that you can message and utilize all of their specials features to contact members that you are interested in at no cost! DateInAsia is not only a dating platform, but they also consider themselves a social discovery site, where members can also meet other people and form friendships.

Although DateInAsia was designed for Asian Dating it is not exclusive to just Asians. In fact, their dating site is available to singles around the world. Anyone from any nationality can join and enjoy DateInAsia’s platform to meet potential matches or form friendships. DateInAsia makes it clear that they a free dating site and are not an agency that will help with matchmaking, relationship issues, or visas. They simply provide a dating and social network free of charge and tools to facilitate the process of meeting other singles, however, each member will have to do their part to find what they are looking for.

Is DateInAsia worth your time because it’s free of charge? Keep reading as we will reveal everything you need to know about this dating platform, and whether or not it is worth your time!

Membership Statistics

Members from the U.S. 60,000
Weekly Active Members20,000

Gender Disparity


Age Ranges



DateInAsia caters to singles around the world who are interested in dating and meeting people from Asia. This includes heterosexual singles and singles of the LGTQ+ community. DateInAsia makes it very clear that they are not a hook-up or casual dating site. Members are also not allowed to use DateInAsia to seek affairs, polygamous relationships, friends with benefits relationships, etc. Any member caught seeking these types of relationships will be banned from their website.

There are slightly more men than women on DateInAsia. Men make up 60% of the members while women only make up 40% of the members. You will also find that most males fall within the age ranges of 18-44, whereas the women primarily fall within the age ranges 18-34. The differences between the gender ratio and the age ranges amongst the members allows for users to find potential matches.

Members from different countries participate in DateInAsia. However, you can still find a lot of members that are from Asian countries. The U.S. has a member base of 60,000 participants. Members are also active on DateInAsia with around 20,000 members participating every week.

Creating a Profile

Creating an account on DateInAsia is easy and will only require a few minutes of your time. To create an account you will be required to create a username, password, provide your email address, date of birth, city, indicate your gender, and whether you are seeking to meet males, females or any. You will then be required to create a headline, write a brief description of yourself, indicate the age ranges you want your matches to be, the type of relationship you are seeking, write a brief description about the match you are seeking, and more demographical information about yourself. The information that you provide can be changed at any time by accessing your profile settings under the “Me myself” tab on the dashboard. You will then be prompted to upload a photo of yourself. However, you can bypass this option and access your account. Photos can be uploaded through your direct files. It is important to note that if you do not have a photo of yourself, you will not be able to contact other members.

DateInAsia will also request the user to verify their email address. Not confirming the email address will limit the user to 5 messages and 5 likes every 24 hours. Once the email address is confirmed the user will have no limits on communication. Users can also add hashtags to their profile helping them depict a picture of their interests and who they are. The more hashtags the user adds the better as the hashtags will help them come out on the search results when users are searching for members with specific hashtags. Since DateInAsia requires the user to fill out 90% of their profile before accessing their account, members do not really have to add additional details to have a completed profile. This allows for members to have detailed profiles which facilitates the process of attracting the right matches.

Using the Site

DateInAsia’s simple design and layout makes it easy to use and maneuver. Upon logging in, you have access to your profile settings and you can view other members underneath the dashboard. You will also have access to tabs that include, me myself, Shout, Likes, Pinned, Visitors, Messages, Search, and More. At the bottom of the page, users can view their recent activities or stats. For example, users can see the number of likes they have sent or received, the number of messages they have sent or received, and the number of members that they have visited or members that have visited their profile. DateInAsia allows members to personalize their profile and change the color theme of their platform to: anthracite, white, dark, or users can keep it to the default pink color. You will also find ads throughout their website but it doesn’t get in the way of utilizing their services.

Members can keep themselves busy utilizing the free features that DateInAsia offers. Members can communicate with each other through their Shout feature, which allows members to chat with each other in different ways and under different categories. For example, members can use instant messaging, video chatting, or audio chatting to communicate with one another. They can also leave posts or comments in different comment rooms such as, Friend zone, LGTB and Friends, The Insomniacs, Weirdos, Travel, and more. Members can also use the Shout feature to participate in Word Games, Quiz Gang, and Quiz Gang Stream. DateInAsia reminds their members that profanities, offensive, dirty or sexual language are not allowed when participating in their chat rooms. They also make it clear that messages should only be submitted in English.

If there are members that catch your interest you can also send them a message, like and pin their profile at no cost. Other free features include viewing the members that have liked your profile or there is a mutual like between the two of you, members that you have pinned, members that have visited your profile and profiles you have visited. These free features are great as it makes it easy to go back and refer to profiles that caught your interest.

Finding a Match

DateInAsia is a free dating and social networking service that does not provide matching algorithms to help users find their match. Instead, they provide search filters to help their members narrow down their ideal match based on specific preferences. DateInAsia makes it clear that their free service provides tools for members to meet one another and seek romantic relationships, however, the members themselves have to do the work to find what they are seeking.

DateInAsia does a good job of providing extensive search filters that members can utilize to narrow down matches. The search filters can narrow down matches by location, gender, age, active now, and only those who prefer my age. Users can sort matches by special mix, last active, and newest members. You can also access advanced search filters that will narrow down matches by specific preferences such as has children, smoking, drinking, body type, height, appearance, relationship status, education, religion, and more. These search filters and means of communication are quality tools that other dating sites typically charge for, and DateInAsia offers them to their users for free. For this reason, they are very strict about their rules and policies and will ban any member found guilty of not abiding by their policies.

DateInAsia also makes members profiles easy to read and maneuver. Upon clicking into a profile you will find the member’s username, age, gender symbol, headline, whether they are online or not, photos, location, personal information, their self-description, and the description they wrote about the match or relationship they are seeking. As mentioned earlier, you will find that members’ profiles are detailed due to DateInAsia requiring their members to complete their profile information before accessing their account.


DateInAsia is only accessible through its’ website. A mobile app is currently not available if you search for it on the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store. However, when we accessed DateInAsia through an Android mobile web browser we were prompted to add it to our home screen as an app to have quick access to their website.

Accessing DateInAsia through the mobile web browser is the same as if you were accessing it through their desktop version. The only difference is its layout fits the compatibility of a mobile device making everything visible in a downward manner. The home screen is also gone when you access it through the mobile web browser and their Shout feature hides the different chat rooms but you can view them by sliding the page to the right. Viewing members’ profiles is also easy to read and maneuver through the mobile web browser and you will be able to see other match suggestions as you keep scrolling down. Match suggestions are not available to view when you are using their desktop version. The mobile web browser version will also notify you if you and another member share the same hashtags. Nonetheless, accessing DateInAsia through a mobile web browser will allow members to use the same features and communicate with other members in the same manner as their desktop version.

DateInAsia mobile app


DateInAsia uses computer algorithms and “robots” to monitor and moderate their dating site. They also have a community composed of real people to report and flag members that are incompliant with their terms and policies. DateInAsia is strict on enforcing their policies as they believe they are fair and reasonable, for this reason, they have no tolerance of people breaking their policies. As DateInAsia puts it, “This is not a public service. To be a member here is a privilege and not a right.”

DateInAsia also makes it clear that they do not screen their members nor do they conduct background checks, and although they strive to make their dating site secure, members should still watch out for fake and fraudulent profiles. For this reason, members are highly encouraged to report any members they encounter that are fraudulent to keep their dating site clean of scammers.

DateInAsia also reports that they use the finest data centers with security staff and hardware of high quality. They report that their data is backed up every hour and they use encryption to keep their members’ information private while it’s in transit. DateInAsia reports that they take a “better safe than sorry approach” and will suspend any account that they suspect is breaching their security. For this reason, they also check for vulnerabilities and attacks, and they keep their servers up to date with the latest security patches.


DateInAsia is absolutely free of charge. Members can communicate with each other and use DateInAsia’s quality features at no cost. For this reason, DateInAsia is strict on enforcing its policies and will suspend any members’ profile that they suspect is violating their terms and policies. Members have complained about DateInAsia being too strict and having difficulty contacting their customer service. However, members that abide by their rules and are not suspected to violate their terms will have access to an awesome dating and social networking platform that is free of charge.


How do I change my username?

Usernames cannot be changed. If you want another username you will have to delete your old account and create a new one. Please note that if you do not delete your old account first, DateInAsia’s system will detect duplicate profiles, block them all, and even prevent you from signing up again in the future.