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Looking for a way to meet countless swinger couples and individuals in your area or across the country? FabSwingers.com aims to meet that need for free. The website is an online community of open-minded people who are into the swinger lifestyle and want to amp up their experiences with new partners and couples. Plus, the site is open to all gender and sexual identities and encourages swinger couples to sign up together.

FabSwingers was created in 2006 by a swinger couple in the UK. The site is overseen by Winchester Consultancy, Ltd. in London. For the past 14 years, this has been a go-to corner of the Internet for swingers young and old, new and experienced.

Membership Statistics

Members from the U.S.300,000
Daily users200,000
Users online at any given time~30,000

Gender Disparity


Age Ranges



FabSwingers caters to just six regions: the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. As long as you live in one of those places, you can use the site. Hard numbers pertaining to membership aren’t available, so it’s hard to say how many total users there are. Within the United States, there are around 300,000 members. Since the site was founded in England, it’s safe to say that there’s probably a similar number of members there. Tens of thousands of people log into the site on any given day, so there’s always someone to chat with.

In terms of gender and age ranges, FabSwingers is open to just about everyone, providing they’re above the age of 18. That said, most of the members are middle-aged or approaching their 30s and 40s. The largest age demographic is the 45-54-year-old group, which makes up nearly a third of the clientele. There are fewer individuals on the far ends of the spectrum, both young and old. There are more men than women on the site, but you’ll also find all sexual and gender identities here, including transgender, bi, queer, crossdresser, gay and straight couples, and more.

Creating A Profile

Signing up for FabSwingers is simple. Click the “Join today” link on the homepage and enter a username (this will be public), your email address, password (these will be private), and date of birth. You’ll also need to select your gender identity and marital status, such as male, female, heterosexual couple, same-sex couple, transgender, or crossdresser. From there, put in your preferences, such as whether you’re seeking men, women, or couples, as well as your age preference and if you’re willing to travel.

All accounts must be photo-verified, but FabSwingers’ process is a bit strange. It asks users to write their username on a piece of paper and take a photo of themselves holding the paper. The photo must show their hands and face, or a “full length nude” if not showing the face. This seems extremely weird; why do people need to share a faceless nude to verify their account? According to the website, the photo verification process helps to ensure that men aren’t posing on the site as women. It also says that these photos remain 100% private and are only seen by administrators. Needless to say, most individuals will opt for the headshot to verify their accounts. By the way, the approval process can take a few hours, which is an added inconvenience.

If you manage to get past that, you can start using the site as you wish. When it comes to completing your profile, you can add a list of swinger-centric interests, such as threesomes, spanking, and voyeurism. You can also add a brief bio as well as public and private photos. There is also the option to upload public and private photos, as well as public videos and “friend-only vids”.

Using the Site

The site will automatically direct you towards local swingers in your area, but you can always search for individuals or couples in more distant places. Take note of the taskbar at the top of the screen. This will remain constant throughout the site. It includes tabs for Home, My Account, Browse + Search, Chat, Hotlist, Forum, Clubs, Pics, and Login. Depending on which tab you click, the left-hand side menu will alter its options.

The “Browse + Search” tab allows you to look for like-minded people in your area. Not only can you look for the gender and marital status of your choice, but you can specifically search for people that are looking for users like you. For instance, you can filter your search results to only show users who want to meet men, or only women, or only couples. There are other filters for age range, country/region, interests, and more. You can also specify your search to only include members that have been photo-verified, or those that have profile pictures.

FabSwingers has chat rooms available to all users. These chats are moderated by the site administrators, who appear in the chat with an asterisk (*) next to their names. There are chat room rules, such as no spamming and no giving out phone numbers or contact information. Users can report any disruptive or offensive members by clicking the “Report User” link next to the person’s username. Some of these rooms are also cam rooms and allow users to interact with each other via a Webcam. Chat and cam rooms are a popular way for members to meet new people and start building online relationships.

Finding A Match

While on the Browse + Search page, take a look at the left-hand menu and see if there are any options that you’d like to check out. This is where you can find women or couples who are new to the site, members who posted new photos, or people who are currently online.

When looking through your search results, you’ll see a list of profile blurbs. They’ll include the user’s profile picture, username, age, and city. It will also show when they last logged in as well as their status or tagline. When you click on a specific profile, you’ll go to their personal page. Here, you can look at their complete profile, including their height, body type, and smoking/drinking habits. You can also see when they joined and when they were last active on the site. Scroll down to see what kind of people they’re interested in meeting and whether they’re willing to travel or accommodate guests. At the bottom of their profile, you’ll see their list of interests as well as any friends they have on the site.

The left-hand menu will show further actions you can take, such as sending them a message or a wink, adding them as a friend, putting them on your Hotlist, or viewing their photos and videos. There’s also a tab you can click to add your private notes. A nice thing about FabSwingers is that you can view all of this content even as a free member. Also, given the strict photo verification process, there is less of a chance of stumbling across a fake profile.

Another way to meet a potential match is by hopping on the forums. These are public message boards that all users can interact with. There are different forums, such as Introductions, Stories & Fantasies, General Discussion, Parties& Events, and more. The forums are quite active and can be a way to chat with multiple people while getting to know potential matches or partners.


The site is quite basic-looking and won’t blow you away with its looks. The site was founded in 2006, and it looks like it hasn’t done much internal updating since then. It features a stark white background and blue accents with a standard, black font. Also, there isn’t a FabSwingers app, but the site is mobile-optimized for use on an iPhone or Android device (just go to m.fabswingers.com).

One of the confusing things about this site is that the left-hand menu keeps changing depending on which page you’re on. For instance, when you’re searching through profiles, the menu shows search options and preference filters. When you click on someone’s profile, the menu changes to actions that you can take to friend them, add them to your Hotlist, or send them a message. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it takes getting used to.

FabSwinger has a ‘contact us’ page, but it’s mostly just an explanation that they’re a small group of people who run the site in their spare time. Therefore, they don’t have a dedicated customer service team. You shouldn’t expect to get in touch with anyone on the other side of FabSwingers, although there is a request ticket that you can fill out on the Contact Us page. There is also a long list of FAQs, so you can probably find an answer to your question or concern there. This covers dozens of inquiries pertaining to logging in, posting photos, communicating with other members, and safety settings and controls.

There’s also an accompanying Twitter account (@fabswingers), and it’s up-to-date, so this might be a way to get in touch with the team. The physical address listed at the bottom of the website is Winchester Consultancy, Ltd. 4 Old Park Lane, London W1K 1QW, UK 0333-3321821.


On the homepage, FabSwingers makes it clear that the site is meant for consenting adults only, so users must be 18 or older. The website even has software in place to show up as an adult-only site for people who have parental controls on their computer.

If you ever want to block another user, click the “Block User” link next to their profile. There is also a “Report Profile” link if you want to report them for misconduct or offensive behavior. To change your email and privacy settings, click the “My Account” tab on the taskbar. On this page, you can opt-out of email alerts and manage similar preferences.


FabSwingers invites you to put away the credit card because the site is free to use. At least, it’s mostly free to use. Banner ads appear on the site sporadically and are a way for the site to operate while offering free memberships. There are specialized services that you can purchase, and there’s a 14-day refund window for any premium extras. All sales are managed by Epoch.com. It looks like the only paid feature is being able to view multiple cam rooms at once. However, it’s not clear how much this “Site Supporter” feature costs because it just says that it’s available for a “donation.”

As such, free members will enjoy loads of features: view profiles, search filters, messages, winks, chat rooms, cam rooms, upload photos/videos, view photos/videos, post/reply in the forum, add friends, hotlist, club directory. If you wish, you can pay a bit extra to view up to four cam rooms at once or to change your username.




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How long does it take for my profile to be approved?

This can take several hours, with most people receiving approval within three hours.

How do I delete my account?

Go to the “My Account” tab and from there, you can click on the “delete my account” option. You can also choose to hide your profile.

What are the icons next to a person’s profile?

There are different icons to differentiate profile statuses and new members. The “new” icon means they joined in the last three days; the green flag means they’re photo-verified; the green checkmark means that other users have verified the person’s identity; and the speech bubble means they’re currently in the chat room.

Why do I have to verify my identity?

This helps the site administrators ensure the clientele is as genuine as possible. Essentially, it’s a way to discourage fake profiles.

How do I block someone?

Go to their profile and click the “Block User” tab on the left-hand menu.

How safe is FabSwingers.com?

The site claims to use its photo verification process to weed out “time-wasters” and “fakes” while keeping the verified photo 100% private.