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3/5 was launched in April 2005 by entrepreneur and advertising executive, Jerry Miller. Miller is also the founder of, an instructional system with more than 100 videos to help golfers improve their game; and co-founder of, a newer dating site designed specifically for people who have a few extra pounds or curves.

FarmersOnly was designed and created specifically for farmers to find romantic relationships and new friendships. FarmersOnly claims to be a successful dating site for the farming/agricultural niche and has been around for almost 15 years. The idea of FarmersOnly was born when Miller continuously ran into lonely and single farmers. Miller explained that farmers were mostly single and lonely for the following reasons:

  • Great distance between neighbors in rural agricultural areas, where everyone knows each other.
  • A decrease of farms and farmers, due to suburban expansion.
  • Farming and agriculture is a lifestyle many farmers wish to share with their romantic partner and many non-farmers do not understand this way of life. This prompted the FarmersOnly slogan “City Folks Just Don’t Get it”.

FarmersOnly also became famous due to their popular advertising commercial, which has over 1 million views on YouTube. The commercial was created by going around different farms and having different farmers playing the role of being lonely and single. Miller explained that his commercial went viral despite its negative labels and led to five million subscribers.


FarmersOnly services both heterosexual and homosexual singles. FarmersOnly encourages its members to respect everyone’s sexual preferences and core beliefs. Doing otherwise may lead to banishment without a refund, as it is a violation of their terms.

FarmersOnly members comprises a diverse array of demographics including, young members that are new to relationships and older members who have been divorced or widowed. Miller has expressed that his site was intended for people looking for serious relationships and not just hook ups. Miller hopes that his members are able to find a companion if not a marriage partner through his site. FarmersOnly services members in the U.S. and Canada.

Creating a Profile makes it really easy to create a profile. They do not ask many “about you” questions, like other dating sites. To begin creating a profile, the user has to enter their email address, postal zip code, indicate their gender and sexual preference, age, and agree to the terms of service. The user also has the option of importing a photo, either from their Facebook account or from their files. A username is automatically created for the user, which is visible at the top of the page. The password is also automatically created, which is sent to the user through their email. The page also shows the number of members that are online in that moment. After completing these steps, the users’ profile is created and can view other matches’ profiles instantly. The user has the option of going more in depth about themselves and what they are looking for in a match after creating the profile.

Using the Site is easy to use. Their layout and display make it easy to read and maneuver. Their tabs and options are on the left side of the users’ profile page. The tabs and options included are:

  • The FarmersOnly Store: This a new feature takes the user to their online store. Their online store sells hats, totes, attire for guys and girls, hoodies, mugs, and posters.
  • Home: Gives users access to their mailbox, searching other profiles, favorites, profile visitors, account and profile settings.
  • Who’s Online? Displays and informs the user the number of members that are online in that moment.
  • Profile Visitors: Users’ get to view who has visited their profile, if they are premium members. Otherwise, the user does not have access to this feature.
  • Discover: Users have the option of liking or not liking other members’ profiles.
  • Who Likes Me? This is also a premium feature, where the user gets to view who liked them.
  • FarmPhone: This feature is available to users at the cost $4.95 a month. This unique feature allows the user to receive text messages from other users without exposing their real phone number. The user can also reply or send a text without having to log into their account. The user also has the option of blocking or unblocking other users through this feature.
  • Member Search: Provides the user with many options of filters to find the right match.
  • My Email: Members have access to their inbox and outbox.
  • My Favorites: Only premium members have the option of adding matches to their favorites list. If you are not a premium member, you cannot utilize this feature.
  • My Profile
  • Account Settings
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Contact Support

Unfortunately, a lot of FarmersOnly features are not accessible to non-premium members. If you want to make the most of FarmersOnly, you must pay a membership.

Finding a Match

FarmersOnly does not use algorithms to find compatible matches. Instead, they provide extensive advanced search filters that members can use to find their ideal match. Some examples of their advanced filters and preferences are desired relationship, smoking, drinking, body type, marital status desired, children, etc. The user also has the option of searching members by their name, along with narrowing down matches by distance, age, state/province, or only viewing profiles with photos. FarmersOnly also has the Discover feature, where users can view other members’ profiles and either give it a thumbs up or thumbs down.

When looking at other members’ profile at a glance, users have the option to Flirt or send them an Email. When the user clicks on a members’ profile, the user is able to see any information that the member included about themselves. This includes demographical information, what the member wrote about themselves, and what they are seeking in a match. Their profile will also indicate whether they are online or not.

FarmersOnly also encourages its users to message other members that have not logged in for a few months. They explain that farmers tend to get busy depending on the season, or they are currently dating someone, or taking a complete break from dating. Nonetheless, they keep their profile with FarmersOnly because they do come back eventually. FarmersOnly also explains that sometimes when an absent user receives a message from a new user, they become encouraged to return to their profile.


FarmersOnly is accessible through their website and through their mobile app, available through the Google Play Store. Their mobile app has three stars out of 2,763 reviews.

The FarmersOnly app is also easy to use. Their layout and display is easy to read and maneuver, just like their website desktop version. The icons available through the app give the user access to who is online, uploading photos, settings, mailbox, etc. There are also tabs on top that give the member the option of upgrading their membership and access to the menu, that includes other user options, just like the website desktop version.

Screenshot of Mobile App


FarmersOnly claims to make reasonable measures to keep scammers of their site. They report using various technologies and proprietary methods to keep scammers off and ensure quality services. However, FarmersOnly does encourage its members to use their “street smarts” when encountering scammers to avoid being victims, as FarmesOnly cannot keep track of all scammers. Members are also encouraged to report any malicious activity they encounter.

FarmersOnly reports that they will ban members found guilty of being malicious, disparaging to other members, fake, lewd, and deceitful. Members also trying to get out of paying their membership after using their services will get banned. FarmersOnly claims that they receive a high volume of complaints and they are not able to verify all the complaints on their own. Therefore, they encourage members to be very specific, as the specificity will help FarmersOnly evaluate the situation and possible take action.

FarmersOnly does not conduct background checks and encourages its members to report their concerns about a member by opening a ticket. Tickets are accessible under the customer support page, under the category “reporting users”.

FarmersOnly headquarters:

30799 Pinetree Rd. Ste 212

Pepper Pike, OH 44124-5903

FarmersOnly phone number: (888)755-9655


FarmersOnly offers three different premium membership options. Members can choose from, 6 months for $10.99 a month, 3 months for $13.32 a month, and 1 month for $21.95. Premium benefits include, sending and receiving unlimited emails, viewing other members’ last visit date, viewing other members’ status, posting unlimited photos, and unlocking all premium features.

Acceptable forms of payment include all paying cards, PayPal, and Check. Members also have the option of paying over the phone. FarmersOnly is also verified and secured by GODADDY. If members wish to cancel their subscription, they can do so at any time.


What if I have forgotten my password or username?

You need to go directly to the login page. You will see a link for “Forgot your username or password?” When you enter your email address, you will receive an email. The email will include your username, a link to reset your password, and a link you can use to log in quickly by simply clicking on it.

Why was a username and password given to me? What if I don’t like them?

FarmersOnly makes registration easier and faster for the user by automatically generating a username and password and sending both to the email address the user registered with FarmersOnly. The username will begin with a word such as farmer, cowboy and cowgirl followed by a series of unique numbers. The password is strong so that someone else cannot easily guess it. You may change your username one time to something you prefer, and you may of course reset your password as many times as you like.

How do I hide/unhide my profile? What gets hidden and for how long?

Look on the left-hand side navigation menu under “My Profile” and click on “Show/Hide Profile.” That is a link that enables you to hide and unhide your profile at your discretion. When you hide your profile it will not appear in any search results and you will be logged out of your account. Once you log back in at any point in the future, your profile will be shown again. PLEASE NOTE: Hiding your profile will not cancel your subscription. If your intention is to cancel your subscription as well, you must do so under “Manage your subscription.”

I just uploaded my photos and I can see them, but other users say they cannot see them. What is going on?

Your photos have been uploaded but not yet approved. That is why others cannot see them yet. Remember, all photos are reviewed and approved before others can see them. FarmersOnly tries to approve photos as fast as possible.

Why are certain photos rejected?

Profiles with a photo get much more attention than incomplete profiles, so it is important to know the reasons why they can be denied. FarmersOnly does not accept clipart, graphics, drawings and landscape photos as a profile photo. Photos of children without the profile member are unacceptable. Photos that are dark or fuzzy that makes it hard to see the member, may also be rejected. Photos that include any attempt to communicate your contact info, place of business, or any other information meant to circumvent FarmersOnly policies, will be rejected and may result in the user profile being shut down permanently without notice and without refund, in accordance with FarmersOnly terms of use. Photos of anything besides you may only be posted as secondary photos, not your main profile photo. FarmersOnly may delete, switch, or otherwise alter your photo if it does not comply. Any nudity, half nudity, lewdness, vulgarity or otherwise inappropriate photos will also be rejected and may result in your account being shut down immediately without refund, in accordance with the terms of use you agreed to.

How will the charge appear on my card? What exactly will it say?

The charge will appear on your card or statement with the following exact words: “FarmersOnly Media Inc.” If you see any other name listed next to a charge, then it is not from us. (Occasionally, someone will get confused about a charge. Even if it has the word farmer or dating next to it, it cannot be from us unless it says specifically “FarmersOnly.”)

I don’t have a debit or credit card. What else can I use?

FarmersOnly recommends the user to purchase a pre-paid card. You can buy a pre-paid card at any convenience store or local retailer. Make sure it is a VISA or MASTERCARD. Load the money onto the card and make sure the card is activated once you buy it. Then you can use it online just like a credit or debit card. Since we do not take checks over the phone and since sending in money orders is slow, this is the fastest and most reliable way of getting upgraded.

How can I tell if my message has been sent properly?

If your message has been sent, it will appear in your Outbox. Click on “My Mailbox” and then look above the listed messages for the Inbox and Outbox tabs. You can switch back and forth from looking at your Inbox and Outbox. All messages you have sent will appear in your Outbox.

How can I tell if my message has been read?

You can only tell if your premium email messages have been read. Next to each message you have sent in your Outbox is a white envelope on the left – if the mail has been read, the envelope disappears. However, flirts to standard members are not opened on the site. Instead, standard members receive a notification from us sent to their personal inboxes (Hotmail, yahoo, etc.). Therefore, your flirts often still have the white envelope because they have not been opened on the site itself.