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The world of online dating can be brutal, especially for people who are passionate about gaming and nerd culture. Lots of people on traditional dating sites may automatically shut gamers down for being immature or too stuck in the virtual world. However, gamers are just as deserving of love as non-gamers. Enter,, the world’s number one gamer dating site.

Gamer Dating was created in 2009 by a group of gamers who were unsatisfied with their failed romantic relationships with non-gamers. They wanted to be able to share their love of nerd culture with others in that niche, but it can be hard to get to know someone when they’re behind an online avatar or a cosplay costume.

Stating that “life is a game, play with someone you love,” the site encourages individuals to share their passions and hobbies in-game and out. Gamer Dating is known for being a community with a very low number of fake profiles so you can find “your perfect player 2.”

Membership Statistics

Total members5,000+
Members in the U.S.3,500
Daily visitors2,500

Gender Disparity


Age Ranges



The site quickly amassed 5,000 users during its first beta release, fostering local and global relationships. It’s a mecca for people who are into gaming, cosplay, anime, and other nerd-centric stuff and would love a romantic partner to share these hobbies with. The site gets thousands of unique monthly visits each month, proving that this is a much-needed dating niche.

Even though the site was founded in the U.K., there are high concentrations of users in the United States, Brazil, Canada, and the Netherlands, too. Women outnumber the men on the site only by 10%, plus the site is open to all gender identities, including pangender, genderqueer, androgynous, and more. As you may expect, over half of the user base is between the ages of 18 and 24. The 25-34-year-olds make up another 39%, while 35-44-year-olds are 8% of the clientele. That leaves just 1% for ages 45 to 54. There aren’t any seniors on this site.

Creating A Profile

Signing up for is free, easy, and takes about 10 minutes. Start by entering your first name, email address, and a unique password. Then, identify your gender (there are over a dozen gender identities to choose from), as well as what kind of person you’re looking for (man, woman, etc.) Next, put in your birth date and you’re ready to go.

At this point, will send a verification message to your email address. You’ll need to confirm your identity to proceed on the site. Once you open the verification email, it will redirect you to the site. From there, the site will prompt you to upload a real photo, because “relationships happen between people, not avatars.” Then, select your top three games to display on your profile. Finally, you’ll see an option to subscribe to a paid membership. There is a four-month plan for $70 and a two-month plan for $35. You can also ignore this invitation and continue with a free account. Choosing a subscription plan allows you to get a free game.

The last thing to do before you can start exploring the site yourself is to fill out some basic information such as geographic location, eye color, social and gaming habits, and your “aspirations”, such as whether you’re looking for romance or fun; if you want kids; your religious beliefs, things like that.

Using the Site

One of the first activities you can do on the site is playing a sort of “hot or not” game. You’ll see a list of initial matches, to which you can 1-UP them (hot) or give them a Bob-omb (not). The Bob-omb is a nod to the Super Mario games.

If you go to the homepage, you’ll see your profile information on the left-hand side. Next to that will be the latest gaming news, and next to that will be your matches. On the right-hand side of the screen will be your “story,” or a timeline of your actions, such as creating a profile, viewing someone’s profile, and 1-UPPING someone.

The taskbar at the top displays a button to manage your subscriptions, as well as three icons for friend requests, messages, and account settings. If you look at your profile, you’ll see your photo with menu tabs underneath it: dashboard, profile, messages, connections, and advice. The advice tab includes articles about dating, gaming, and lifestyle. Other options under your profile picture include the Games Center, where you can read game reviews and organize your games gallery. You can also add photos here. Build your gallery and game library to create an engaging profile and meet like-minded people.

Finding A Match

As an unpaid member, you’ll receive a limited number of matches per day. There will also be limits on how much you can communicate with other people. You may find someone in your recommended matches that you’d love to get to know more. If so, simply click on their profile and start to learn a bit more about them.

Another way to find like-minded individuals is by clicking the “Find a Date” tab at the top of the screen. This will reveal the search filter on the left-hand side. From there, you can modify the search fields by age, distance, gender, social/gaming habits, and appearance.

When you visit someone’s profile, you’ll see their profile picture with their first name, age, and geographic location (city/state and country). You can also see how they answered the initial profile creation questions, such as how often they smoke/drink, how often they play games, and what their top three games are. Check the bottom right-hand corner; this is where you can request to add them as a friend, send them a message, or 1-UP them. Be aware that if you’re an unpaid member, you can send messages, but you can’t read messages from other free users. This makes communication severely limited.

While there is a low incidence of fake profiles on, the user base isn’t the most active. Whether they’re too busy playing games or they’re just shy, it may take some coaxing to get another user to talk to you. That doesn’t mean you should give up though! Even if your relationships on the site start as purely platonic, that isn’t to say that a more romantic relationship couldn’t blossom.


Gamer Dating did a good job of making the interface look gamer-friendly and suited to its niche. The user dashboard and layout can be a bit overwhelming at first, but shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you’re an avid gamer. There are charming little touches such as the Pac-Man loading screen and the ability to “1-UP” another user. The artwork on the site resembles a mass-multiplayer-online game (MMO) and shows fantasy characters.

One criticism is that the site isn’t heavy on romance. Even though users are more than welcome to pursue romantic partnerships here, the design and aesthetics are much more tailored to a platonic gaming community than a matchmaking service. Also, there isn’t a mobile app, but the site is accessible on a smartphone.

There are advertisements on Gamer Dating, but the ads are non-intrusive and support the overall mission of the site. The team works with advertising partners to show only relevant information, and there aren’t any annoying pop-ups. Plus, the ads help to keep costs lower while also supporting the team behind the site.

There is a Contact Us page where you can send a request ticket to the administrative team. Alternatively, you can call them at 0303 123 1113 or email them at They are located at Gamer Dating Limited, Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF.

Gamer Dating perks

Safety is a legitimate site, complete with a privacy policy, seven-day refund policy, and other terms of use. People on the site must be 18 or older and agree to the service terms, including a code of conduct.

To avoid as many scammers and fake accounts as possible, the administrative team uses some IP address and cookie blockers and asks users to complete a more in-depth profile than other sites. There’s an overall emphasis on authenticity here. Helping nerds get a date is hard enough without the trolls and fake accounts.

Gamer Dating does have a high safety record, and there is a higher level of respect on this site than many other niche dating websites. That said, it seems that the primary reason people join this site is to find a sense of friendship and camaraderie. The good thing about this is that there is a much lower chance of being scammed or catfished. On the downside, those who are looking for love may find their options whittled down to a select few, even though there are thousands of people on the site.

Gamer Dating premium memberships


You can use Gamer Dating for free, although you’ll have limited communication with others. Subscriptions are available and offer rewards to those willing to pay extra. This includes actual video/PC games with the purchase of a membership. All payments are via credit card.

A Silver Membership is $35 and lasts for two months while a Gold Membership costs $70 and lasts for four months. Free members can browse the profiles, use the search filters, 1-UP other users, upload photos, and send messages. As a paid member, you can also access unlimited communication and earn free games.

A cool thing about Gamer Dating is that if you simply tweet about them, you’ll receive a free day of unlimited communication. This can be a great way to try out the site without committing to a two-month paid package.

LengthUnlimited2 months4 months
Search FiltersYesYesYes
Send MessagesYesYesYes
Read MessagesNoYesYes
Free GamesNoYesYes


Who created Gamer Dating?

A group of gamers in the United Kingdom came up with the idea of after trying their luck on conventional dating sites. That’s why the site says it’s “for gamers, by gamers.”

How do I block someone?

Go to their profile and click the red X on the right-hand side of the taskbar. You can also flag a profile if you think it’s inappropriate.

Is there a free trial?

While basic membership is free, you can get a day of unlimited messaging by sharing the site on Twitter. Also, if you to your account settings and click “Secret Giveaway” on the taskbar, you’ll get a secret code. Enter that when you’re purchasing a subscription for a free trial.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Click the gear icon at the top-right of the screen, then select “Account settings.” From there, click “Other” on the taskbar and select “Cancel” under manage subscription. You can also delete or deactivate your account.

What’s “Find a Date”?

This is the search feature on Gamer Dating. Click this to pull up the search filter, which will appear on the left-hand side where your profile usually is. From there, modify the search fields to find your ideal match.

Is Gamer Dating legit?

Yes. The administrative team does its best to keep fake profiles out while maintaining healthy boundaries and lots of fun for real members. That said, there is very little emphasis on romance and the site is more focused on gaming and nerd culture.