How to Get a Girlfriend

Are you tired of being single? Does it seem like love is in the air for everyone around you, except for you? Even the guy, whose physique and looks are less attractive than yours, has a girlfriend! Do you think to yourself, “It’s not fair! What is everyone around me doing right that I’m doing wrong?” Or, “Is there a secret that everyone knows about that I don’t know?” Take relief in knowing that you are not alone in feeling this way. You are not the only one that longs for a deeper and meaningful relationship with a special girl.
A guy and his girlfriend enjoying the view

So, how do you get a girlfriend? Are you doing something wrong that everyone else knows not to do? Is there a secret that no one has told you about? Well, put your mind at ease, as this article will cover everything you need to know to successfully get a girlfriend.

In this article, you will find:

  1. The reasons why you cannot get a girlfriend and the solutions.
  2. How to get a girlfriend.
  3. The best places to find the right girl for you.

Once you have completed reading this article you will feel better prepared to approach the girl that you like and ask her to be your girlfriend. If you do not have a special girl in mind yet, then this article will help you learn the best places to help you find a special someone. Keep reading, as all the best tips will be unfolded in this article.

The Reasons Why You Cannot Get a Girlfriend and the Solutions

Before we begin explaining how you can get a girlfriend, it is imperative that we address the reasons why you currently cannot get a girlfriend. Addressing these reasons will help you remove the barriers that keep you from getting a girlfriend, and will help you move forward with your goal of finding a meaningful and deeper relationship with a special girl. These are the reasons you are currently unable to get a girlfriend:

You get too nervous

Becoming very nervous around a girl you like can be a natural reaction for many guys. However, the anxiety that accompanies the nervousness can be too great that it can impede a guy from speaking to the girl that they like. The following tips will help you tame the feeling of anxiety:

  • Be around other girls: By exposing yourself to other women, the idea of how to behave, interact, and approach them will become more natural to you. Having enough practice in how to interact, behave, and approach women will only equip you to ask the girl of your dreams out, and eventually asking her to be your girlfriend.
  • See the girl that you like as a regular person: A beautiful girl can make some guys feel really nervous. If this is applicable to you, then it is because you place great value on her looks. Instead of feeling intimidated by her looks (which can be a cause for your anxiety), try to look at her as a normal person who has flaws and qualities just like anybody else. This will also help you get to know her as a person.

You don’t make time to get a girlfriend

You cannot expect to get a girlfriend if you do not make the time to go out and look for one. Being too busy with work, school, and activities may hinder a guy from having extra time to look for a girlfriend. You have to make sure you include the time to go out, and meet someone if you want to have a girlfriend. This also includes men who like to stay home. If you are home all day because you have a stay at home job or because you like playing video games when you are not at work, then you will never find that special someone. Include a time into your schedule where you can go out and meet other women.

You lack self-esteem

This is another big one; guys who lack self-esteem tend to reflect it. This unattractive quality will cause every women to pull away from you. Gaining self-esteem will have to be accomplished first before you are able to move forward. Whether you work on this on your own or with help of a professional, please make sure you to take the time to address it and overcome it before you enter any relationship.

You are too clingy

Clinginess can drive any women away. If you tend to be clingy then you need more hobbies and friends that you can do things with. Being around a girl that you like all the time and not giving her space will only lead to her getting tired of you. If your clinginess is due to reasons other than the lack of hobbies and friends then you should also address this before entering into a relationship. So, remember to keep in mind to give the girl that you like some space!

You don’t take the time to care and groom yourself

The lack of hygiene will be noticeable and will drive away women. Make sure you take the time to properly groom yourself and look your best every day, because you never know if you will be talking to your future girlfriend that same day.

You’re too afraid to tell her how you feel

For those of you, who have already met the one, make sure you tell her how you feel. By not telling her how you truly feel will may keep you in the friend zone, but will also keep you from knowing if she feels the same way about you. This also goes with waiting for her to make the first move. Most women will not make the first move and therefore rely on you to make the move. So go for it and tell her how you feel. The possible gain is worth the risk!

If one or all of these reasons are applicable to you and are keeping you from getting a girlfriend, make sure you work on overcoming these obstacles. You will find that overcoming these things will give you the freedom you deserve to achieve your goal, and meet that special someone you have been longing to know!

How to Get a Girlfriend

Now that we have addressed the reasons why you do not have a girlfriend, we can move onto how you get a girlfriend by following the steps below:

  1. Get to know her: If you want a 90% guarantee that she will not turn you down, then get to know her first. This means frequently talking to her, spending time with her, asking questions that help you get to know her, etc. Some women will accept to meet up with a guy they just met but not all women. For most, taking the time to get to know them will make it easier for them to accept your invitation to a date. Why is this? Because by taking the time to know her, she has also gotten the chance to know you. This make it easier for her to say yes to a date as she is comfortable and is taking a liking of you.
  2. Be Flirtatious: Flirting helps make the distinction between who you like romantically and who you don’t. If you flirt with the woman that you like she will get the message that you like her romantically and she will have the option to flirt back with you. If she does flirt back, this will make you feel more comfortable asking her out. If she does not flirt back then you can take this as a hint that she is not interested in you, making easier to move on.
  3. Ask her on a date: You have to date the woman that you like before you ask her to be your girlfriend. Dating is the perfect way of getting to know each other and determining whether or not you are compatible. After you have taken her out on a few dates and you determine that you two are compatible, then you can ask her to be your girlfriend. You can ask her out on a date in two ways:
    • Asking indirectly: If you find it hard to ask her head on, then you can do it indirectly. For example, you can say, “A new restaurant opened up down the street, would you like to go check it out with me?”. Asking in this manner will feel not so direct and more casual.
    • Asking directly: If you are comfortable and you feel like she likes you too, then you can also ask in a very direct manner. For example, you can say, “I really like you and would like to get to know you better. Would you like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?”. Asking in this way is also great, as you have told her that you like her romantically and if she accepts, then you also know that she feels the same way about you.
  4. Asking her to be your girlfriend: After you have gotten to know her and taken her on several dates, you can ask her to be your girlfriend. Again, make sure that there is chemistry and compatibility between the two of you. If you have decided that there is then you may proceed in asking her to be your girlfriend. You can ask her while you are on a date with her, when you see the timing is right. You can say, “I really enjoy being around you and getting to know you has only made me like you more. I want to officially ask you, if you would like to be my girlfriend?”. Chances are she will say yes, if you have done the steps mentioned above.

The Best Places to Find the Right Girl for You

Everything that we have mentioned above works great if you have found the special girl for you. However, if you haven’t found a special girl yet and are wondering where is the best place to find one, then keep reading.

The best places to find the right girl for you are:

  1. Places that you frequently attend: If you frequently attend your local library, make sure to keep a look out for women who are single and attend the same library on a consistent basis. If you attend a gym regularly also be on the lookout for single women who attend the gym regularly. The point here is to look for single women in the places you already frequently attend. Not only will this provide a point of interest that you both can share, but it is a location that you can keep visiting together in the future.
  2. Family and Friends: Use your resources, and family and friends make great resources. If your friends host social events, make sure to attend them. As long as the event is not married couples only, single women will definitely be there. Family also tend to want to set you up with someone they know. The next time that they mention their intentions of setting you up, take them up on it.
  3. Online Dating: This is another very popular way to meet women and make a love connection. Research different dating sites to see which one is best for you and set up a profile. You have nothing to lose by setting up an online dating profile, and instead gain the possibility of meeting your perfect match.

Now that you have finished reading this article, you are officially equipped to get a girlfriend!