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KoreanCupid is a niche dating site designed for singles looking to make a love connection with people from Korea or Korean descent. Cupid Media launched KoreanCupid in 2004 and has since become one of the leading dating sites for Korean dating. Cupid Media is known for launching niche dating sites that focus on ethnicity, religion, physical appearance, lifestyle, etc. In fact, they operate over 30 different niche dating sites that focus on specific dating preferences. Cupid Media not only specializes in niche dating sites, but it also services members worldwide, making them one of the leading international technology companies in the world. Their dating services covers North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. All of CupidMedia’s dating sites are offered in different languages; users can switch the language setting to one that they prefer. This is one of the ways that Cupid Media accommodates its users around the world, by offering multilingual interfaces and translating tools. Cupid Media proudly claims that they have helped over 30 million people across the globe find love, by offering specific tools to bring down communication barriers.

KoreanCupid claims that they have been able to help thousands of singles find their Korean love. As a leading dating platform in Korean dating, they also claim that they can connect you with thousands of Korean singles and other singles from around the world. With statistics like this, you may just find the Korean love you are searching for on this dating platform.

Membership Statistics

Members Worldwide500,000+
Members from the U.S. 150,000
Weekly Active Members50,000

Gender Disparity


Age Ranges



KoreanCupid caters to singles who are interested in dating Koreans or people of Korean descent. With that being said, you can expect to find a lot of members that are from Korea or have a Korean background. You will also find members that are from other parts of the world. KoreanCupid has a member base of over 500,000 worldwide. The United States is a big participant of KoreanCupid, making up 150,000 of its members. Members are also active on KoreanCupid as 50,000 log in on a weekly basis.

There are slightly more men than women on KoreanCupid. Men comprise 60% of the members whereas the women make up 40%. With a small gap in the gender disparity, there is a good chance of finding potential matches. You will find that most members are between the ages of 25-54. Members between the ages of 18-24 and 55+ will be harder to find on KoreanCupid as there are fewer members within these age ranges.

Creating a Profile

To create an account on KoreanCupid you must provide your name, gender, whether you are seeking a man or a woman, your age, email address, create a password, and agree to their Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. You can also sign-up with your Facebook account. You will then be prompted to upload a photo as profiles that have photos get ten times more attention than profiles that don’t, but you can overlook this option and view singles right away.

If you do not complete your profile right away, KoreanCupid will keep prompting you to complete it by displaying pop-up sections that need to be completed while you are using their dating site. After you complete the prompted section, it gets reviewed within 10 minutes.

To have a completed profile, members must complete different tabs located under Edit Profile. The tabs included are Photos, Profile, Match, Interest, Personality, Cupid Tags, Verify Profile, and IMBRA. Each tab will display a red and white exclamation mark until it is thoroughly completed, which will then turn into a green checkmark. Each tab has extensive information to fill out, as it pertains to questions regarding your personal demographical information, personal interests, your personality, and what you are seeking in a match. You can also add Cupid Tags to help other members find you. You can complete each section at your own pace, however, it will require some time as there are a lot of questions to answer, and some answers are fill-ins.

Using the Site

KoreanCupid’s design and layout are easy to read and maneuver. Upon logging in, you will have access to tabs on top of the dashboard that includes, Members Online, Matches, Search, Messages, Activity, Profile and Account settings. The dashboard will also display a percentage of your profile completeness and gives you access to your messages, your interests or people that are interested in you, how many people have viewed your profile, and your favorites or who has added you to their favorite’s list. At the center of the page, you have access to other members’ profiles.

In terms of communicating with other members, you will be very limited on a free membership. Free members will only be able to show interests, add to their favorites list, and reply to messages sent only by Premium members. Other than that you will be required to upgrade to send messages to a match that you are interested in.

Finding a Match

KoreanCupid will use the information you provided in the Match tab under the Edit Profile page, to provide match suggestions. This is why it is important for users to thoroughly complete this section. Users can also use both basic and advanced search filters to narrow down matches based on personal preferences such as appearance, location, and other demographical information. Users can also view and interact with members that are online.

If there is a specific member that has caught your eye, make sure you pay attention to their first name and member number, as you can also search members by these things. You can also search by Cupid Tags and using keywords. All of these features are different ways that you can search for members allowing you to narrow down matches by your specific preferences. These various tools are provided by Korean Cupid to help you find the most suitable match for you.

The display and layout of members’ profiles are easy to read and maneuver. You will find that every member’s profiles display their name, age, location, member ID, what they are seeking, and when they were last active. You will also see all of the members’ photos and all the information that they decided to share about themselves and the match they are seeking. If members have confirmed their identity with KoreanCupid, you will see that they will have a green verification badge by their name. If they are Premium members then you will also see a blue badge by their name. The report and block icons are also readily available, located on top of the members’ profile Overview, allowing you to report any member that appears to be a fraud. Members’ profiles will also display the areas of the profile where the two of you have a match in green and areas that are not a match in red.


KoreanCupid can be accessed through its website and mobile app. The mobile app is only available for Android mobile devices but not for iOS users. KoreanCupid has been reviewed 303 times on the Google Play Store and it has a total of 2.8 stars out of 5 stars. Most of the complaints had to do with the limited services and features offered to free members and complaints of accounts being suspended or terminated for no apparent reason.

The mobile app’s display and layout is easy to read and use. The same features found on the desktop version are also found on the app. Communication on the app will also be limited unless you upgrade to a paid subscription.


KoreanCupid does a good job of maintaining their members’ safety while they are operating their dating platform. Just like all of the other Cupid Media’s dating sites, KoreanCupid is McAfee SECURE Certified. This means that there is active perimeter scanning and you will not run into any malware or malicious links, eliminating the chances of running into phishing. Due to their advanced safety software, KoreanCupid is very good about spotting fake profiles. In fact, sometimes profiles get terminated or suspended for no apparent reason. There are numerous complaints of members claiming that their accounts were terminated for no real reason. If your profile happens to be one of the ones that accidentally gets terminated or suspended, you are able to reinstate it by appealing and providing proper documentation that proves your identity.

KoreanCupid also provides its members with the opportunity of receiving verification badges. These verification badges can only be obtained by confirming your identity through the submission of photocopies of proper identification. Accepted forms of identification include a Driver’s License, Passport, and National ID Cards. Members who confirm their identity are sought after more by other members.

KoreanCupid’s Headquarters:

Level 5

2502 / 5 Lawson Street

Southport QLD 4215


Phone Number(s):

US and Canadian Customers (toll-free): 1-800-787-0838

UK Customers (freephone): 0800 056 9427

Australian Customers: (07) 5571 1181

Other International Customers: +61 7 5571 1181


As mentioned earlier, to get the most out of KoreanCupid you will be required to upgrade, as you cannot send messages to members you like without a subscription. KoreanCupid offers 2 different subscriptions, a Platinum and a Gold:


  • 12 months for $12.50 a month, billed in one payment of $149.99
  • 3 months for $23.33 a month, billed in one payment of $69.98
  • 1 month for $34.99


  • 12 months for $10.00 a month, billed in one payment of $119.98
  • 3 months for $20.00 a month, billed in one payment of $59.99
  • 1 month for $29.98

With a Gold subscription, you will be able to unlock additional features such as, communication with all members, live chatting, and no ads. With a Platinum subscription, you will have access to all the features that KoreanCupid offers, including, ranking above members, advanced matching algorithms, translating messages, etc.

The acceptable methods of payment are Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Paysafe Card, Bank Transfer, and Skrill. The acceptable credit/debit cards are VISA, American Express, Master Card, Discover, and Diners Club. The subscription you choose will automatically be renewed once it expires in order to provide continuous service. If you wish to not have it renewed you can change this setting at any time.


How do I cancel my auto re-billing?

Your membership will be automatically renewed. You can opt out of auto-renewal at any time. If you have not opted out, then the subscription will be auto-renewed for the periods stated. You can cancel auto-renewal by choosing “Billing” from the Settings menu (represented by a gear icon). Click on the slider next to “Your membership auto renewal is ON”. You will be asked to confirm your choice: click “Confirm”. Your automatic renewal will now be switched off for the current membership period. You can change this option back to “On” at any time. To ensure your choice is processed correctly by KoreanCupid’s system, they recommend you make any changes to your auto-renew settings at least 48 hours before your membership is due to expire. If this option is not visible in your Membership Settings, auto-renewal is not available for your current membership. If this is the case, your membership will NOT be auto-renewed.

How is my payment information kept secure?

KoreanCupid.com reports that they have taken all necessary steps to ensure that your credit card details are kept safe and secure. They do not release or sell your personal information to any unauthorized party. This is backed by their Privacy Policy. All transactions are secured by SSL encryption. In addition, KoreanCupid.com is validated by the Thawte Trusted Site Seal and obtains McAfee SECURE Certification with McAfee SECURE. This certifies that KoreanCupid.com is a trusted site and all transactions made through KoreanCupid.com are safe and secure. Both the Thawte Trusted Site seal and the McAfee SECURE logo appear as icons on KoreanCupid.com. By clicking on these icons, you will be able to view details of their SSL Web Server Certificates and get confirmation of the validity of these certificates.