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LDSPlanet is a dating site created to help Mormon singles find their special someone. LDSPlanet is operated by People Media, one of the leading technology companies in niche dating websites. In addition to LDSPlanet, People Media also operates OurTIme, BlackPeopleMeet, SingleParentMeet, and many more. These three specific dating sites are leading platforms in their perspective niches. People Media became part of in 2009, which is operated by IAC. Through this acquirement, People Media adds to a community that consistently appears in the comScore/Media Metrix Top 10. What makes them one of the top online dating communities is their application of analytical development that helps them keep up with the ever-evolving community of online dating.

As a faith-based online dating site, you can expect LDSPlanet to cater to Mormon singles whose faith and values are of great importance to them and wish to find a partner who also values their faith. LDSPlanet claims to be the perfect dating site to form relationships, friendships, marriage, or pen pals with singles belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. LDSPlanet makes it clear however, that they are not owned or affiliated in any way with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, even though they cater to this demographic.

If you are seeking a partner to share your LDS faith with, or if you are seeking to meet and form friendships with Mormon singles, then LDSPlanet may just be the dating site for you!

Membership Statistics

Members from the U.S.500,000
Weekly Active Members150

Gender Disparity


Age Ranges



LDSPlanet is designed to bring single Mormons who greatly value their faith together. LDSPlanet is available in the United States and Canada. Members from the United States contribute to 500,000 of LDSPlanet’s member base. Members however, are not as active compared to other dating sites, as only 150 participants log-in on a weekly basis.

LDSPlanet has a small gap in the gender disparity ratio, with women making up 60% of the members and men 40%. LDSPlanet also has members belonging to different age groups, making it possible to find members of any age. If you are looking for someone in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s, then LDSPlanet should have you covered. With a small gap in the gender ratio and members belonging to different age ranges, it just may be possible to find the match you have been searching for.

Creating a Profile

To create an account on LDSPlanet you have to indicate whether you are a man seeking a woman or woman seeking a man. You also have to indicate whether you are from the U.S. or Canada, provide your zip code, name, create a password, indicate your date of birth, and provide your email address. Your email address will not require verification. You will then be prompted to upload a photo, however, you can skip this step and upload it later. Photos can be uploaded from your Facebook account or your direct files. It is important to note that LDSPlanet makes your profile invisible until you post a photo of yourself. LDSPlanet also highly encourages its’ members to upload photos as they increase the attention of other members.

Once this information is provided, you will be required to write about yourself. LDSPlanet provides different examples to give users different ideas about what to write. If you decide later that you want to change what you wrote, you can do so at any time. After you submit your self-description, you will be prompted to subscribe to a paying membership. However, you can skip this step and get access to your account and view other members’ profiles.

It is recommended that you return to complete your entire profile, as doing so will help you attract the right matches. LDSPlanet provides a wide range of questions that you can answer that will help depict a good picture of who you are, what you are into, the type of relationship you are seeking (e.g. Marriage, serious relationship, friendship, etc.), where you stand on your faith, and what you are looking for in a match. Some of the questions are fill-ins while others are multiple-choice. With the multiple-choice questions, you can select more than one answer if more than one are applicable. Users can also select up to 4 questions that people who are interested in them may answer when they send them messages. This is to help users know more about the person who is trying to contact them.

Using the Site

LDSPlanet’s display and layout are easy to use and maneuver. Upon logging in you will have access to different tabs, such as, Home, Inbox, Search, Matches, and Settings. On the left side of the page, you have additional options such as, Messages, Views, Favorites, Flirts, and Photo Likes. At the center of the page, you are presented with two different profiles, and you have the option of selecting who you like or you can skip both of the profiles entirely. You can also view members that are new, any notifications, reminders, articles from LDSPlanet, etc. On the right side of the page, you have access to members that are online and available to chat. There are also a few advertisements, but it doesn’t take away from the user experience.

You will be required to upgrade to get the most out of LDSPlanet and to be able to communicate with other members. If you want to send and read messages, see who has flirted with you, added you to their favorites, liked your profile, and be able to chat with members online, then you will have to upgrade. You are only able to view other members’ profiles, add to your favorites, send flirts, and like other members’ profiles for free. While using the site we noticed there were profiles listed under “My Views” that we had actually not viewed, this was one of the technical complaints that we found other members complaining about also.

Finding a Match

LDSPlanet does not match people using algorithms but instead offers search tools and filters that members can use to narrow down matches based on personal preferences, such as, height, status, ethnicity, build, children, etc. You can also narrow down matches by distance, age, and whether they have photos or not, and who is online. You are also able to look up members by using keywords. Compared to other dating sites, LDSPlanet does not have a lot of filters to narrow down members by.

Another way that LDSPlanet provides match suggestions is through their Daily 5, where they show you 5 different matches a day and you indicate whether or not they are possible matches for you. LDSPlanet also provides match suggestions by showing you two different profiles and you indicate which one you like or you can skip it entirely. If you skip it entirely LDSPlanet will show you two new profiles and so forth.

Members’ profiles on LDSPlanet are easy to read and maneuver. Their layout is straight to the point, making it easy to identify any information they decided to disclose about themselves, about the match they are seeking, and how they feel about the church. You can also see all the photos the member has posted on their profile. If there is a photo that you like, you are able to leave a comment. Members’ profiles will also display when they were last active, their age, location, gender, height, username, and the options of saving their profile, sending a message, or a flirt. You will find that some members’ profiles are very detailed, while others’ have the bare minimum. The profiles that have a completed profile are usually the ones who are seeking a serious relationship or marriage.


LDSPlanet is available through its website and mobile app. The mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. LDSPlanet has been reviewed 378 times on the Google Play Store and has 2.5 stars out of 5. On the Apple App Store, LDSPlanet has been reviewed 66 times and has 2.6 stars out of 5. The major complaints about the app had to do with technical issues, functionalities of the app, and being matched with the same members even though they had already indicated they were not interested the previous day. Members have also expressed frustration at the fact that there are not a lot of dating apps that cater to LDS singles, and they feel like they have no other option but to stick with LDSPlanet.

The mobile app is easy to use and maneuver. However, it’s layout and design differentiates greatly from its’ website counterpart. Upon logging in, you are immediately presented with your daily 5 match suggestions. You can access Messages, Views, Flirts, and Saved tabs at the bottom of the app. The other options found on the website are found under the more options icon, located on top of the app. You will find that their mobile app is also slower compared to its’ website counterpart. When searching for other members on the app, you have to slide left or right to view members’ profiles. The same features such as, adding to favorites, sending flirts, and messages are also available on the mobile app. You can also report and block members that are suspicious on both the mobile app and website.


People Media reports that they do not conduct criminal background checks nor do they offer identity verification checks for any of their users using any of their dating sites, this includes LDSPlanet. LDSPlanet, however, reports that they work hard to keep their users’ information safe and secure, by having teams in place that solely work on maintaining the security of their users. LDSPlanet claims they are constantly updating their security practices to enhance the safety of their users’ information.

LDSPlanet also reports that they are taking the proper measures to keep their users’ information from getting into the wrong hands. However, they do not promise that their members’ information will always remain secure, even though they are working hard to keep their platform safe from fraud. For this reason, LDSPlanet reports that they regularly monitor their system for possible vulnerabilities and attacks and they make enhancements to their security to protect their platform from possible breaches.

LDSPlanet also reports that they take the privacy of their users very seriously and they work with experts from various fields, such as, legal, security, engineering, product design, etc. to make sure every angle of their members’ privacy is covered. LDSPlanet also encourages its members to report any suspicious activity or users that they encounter while using their platform.

LDSPlanet Headquarters:

People Media, Inc.

8750 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1400

Dallas, TX 75231

LDSPlanet Customer Care Phone Number: 866-320-0106


LDSPlanet offers three different subscription plans if users wish to get the maximum experience out of their dating platform:

  • 6 Months for $8.99 a month, billed in one payment of $53.94.
  • 3 Months for $12.32, billed in one payment of $36.97.
  • 1 Month for $16.99

LDSPlanet accepts Credit Card, PayPal, and mail-in orders as methods of payment. Acceptable Credit Cards are VISA, Master Card, AMEX, and Discover. Users are charged a one-time processing fee of $3.99 when they first upgrade.


How do I cancel my free account and remove my profile from the site?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your Settings located at the top right section of your screen.
  2. Click My Account from the drop-down menu.
  3. Locate Account Status and then click the View Account Status link.
  4. On the next screen, click the More Account Status Changes link.
  5. Click the Remove My Profile link.
  6. Respond to the short question and then confirm your cancellation.

Is it possible to view my payments history on the site?

Yes, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on your Settings in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click My Account from the drop-down menu.
  3. Locate Account Status and then click the View Account Status link.
  4. On the next screen, click the More Account Status Changes link.

The current status of the account appears along with the Transaction (Payment) History.