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Manhunt was launched in 2001 in Boston, Massachusetts. It started as a local phone dating service out of Boston. As more businesses and consumer preferences went digital, the founders developed the service into a website. It was one of the first online dating services exclusively for gay men.

The site claims to be the largest gay dating site. It is tailored to helping gay men find casual hookups, one-night stands, and short-term relationships. Given that, it makes more sense why Manhunt has an air of promiscuity to it. You’ll run into graphic content and free talk about sex and physical attributes here. If you’re game, then read on to learn more about the Manhunt platform and its features.

Membership Statistics

Total members6 million
Members in the U.S.1.5 million
Daily log-ins30,200

Gender Disparity

Men> 99%
Women< 1%

Membership may very well be the largest dating site for gay men. Worldwide, there are about six million members, an impressive number for a niche dating platform. About 25% of Manhunt’s user base is in the United States. There are also large swaths of users in Argentina and Mexico. In a single month, Manhunt can see over 8 million hits.

It’s difficult to get data on Manhunt’s membership, but there’s no doubt that nearly all of the users are men. As for age ranges, users must be 18 or older. Browsing through the profiles, one can find members in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond.

The majority of members aren’t seeking long-term relationships. Rather, they want to have fun and explore themselves and others sexually. Before they join, users should be aware that this is a site designed for no-strings-attached encounters.

Creating A Profile

Registration on Manhunt is free and takes just a minute or two. While some other sites ask you to enter personal details, Manhunt simply asks for a username, password, email address, location, and age. You’ll also need to upload a profile picture. Later on, you can flesh out your profile with additional photos (public and private), personal information, and a brief bio. Be aware that you must upload an image to access the site.

When you go back to fill in the gaps on your profile, you can jazz it up with public and private photos. Manhunt limits users to 16 pictures, so make sure you choose the cream of the crop! Keep in mind that many members are quite cheeky with their photos, and nudity is a common sight on this platform. Also, if you do upload toa private gallery, only members that you grant access to will be able to see your pictures.

Besides images, the site gives you space to express yourself and what you want out of your time on the platform. The first thing you can fill out is a headline for your profile. Something short and saucy will do the trick. You can also fill out a brief bio, which is a short description of yourself.

Scrolling down, there are fields that you can fill out regarding your sexual interests and kinks (your “Intos”), your physical attributes, and things like your ethnicity, height, HIV status, and where you’re willing to meet up (your place, their place, in public, etc.). There are even spaces to list your “measurements,” but you can always select the “Ask me” option. You can also upload videos to your profile page.

If you click the gear icon in the top-right corner, you can customize your profile settings. This includes things like making your profile public, hiding it from search results, and also modifying your notifications.

Using the Site

Once you sign up and spruce up your profile, you can take a look at Manhunt’s homepage. At first glance, it can be overwhelming. You’ll notice banners, video ads, and pop-ups. Take note of the taskbar at the top of the page. This taskbar remains consistent throughout the site and will be a good way for you to stay oriented on the platform. If you get lost or confused, just choose one of the tabs there. They include options for your profile, search filters, matches, videos, and your Buddy List.

You can click the gear icon in the top-right corner to modify your profile, notification settings, pictures, videos, and billing information. The magnifying glass icon will take you to the search filters. The “Track/Buddies” tab is where you can see who friended you and who viewed your profile. The Track List will show the last 50 guys who took a peek at your profile page. You can modify your account settings if you don’t want your profile to appear in someone else’s Track List.

Manhunt has an instant messaging feature that most users will take to right away. Just keep in mind that you need to verify your email address before you can start talking to other members. A great thing about Manhunt is that you don’t have to be a paying member to communicate with others. Instant messaging is a free feature that also allows you to send photos, GIFs, and share your location. The downside is that free members can only talk to 50 members per day. Even so, that’s a lot of daily chatting, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue for most people.

Besides instant messaging, there are chat rooms with video and audio so you can converse one-on-one with another member. You can’t type messages here, as it’s voice and video only. That said, it’s got a webcam vibe and is a place where many users get down and dirty. You’ve been warned. As a free member, you can receive video chats from others, but you can’t initiate.

Another Manhunt feature is the Board. This is a sort of forum where any member can post about what they’re up to. Most people use this tool to find sexual meet-ups in their area on short notice. You can also use the Board to ask for advice or just to shoot the breeze with other members.

You’ll notice that the bottom of the site has links to TugHubTV. This is Manhunt’s free porn channel where you can view live cam videos and other content. This is a premium feature for paid members only.

Finding A Match

It isn’t hard to find a match here. The homepage instantly reveals profiles that might interest you. Alternatively, you can click on the “Men” tab on the taskbar to see who’s currently online or who’s new to the site. The “Match” tab will show your mutual matches or people who liked your profile.

There are also search options. The search filters are open to all members and allow you to look for people based on location, distance, availability, sexual interests, physical attributes, HIV status, age, height, and more. You can also search by someone’s username if you know it.

When you visit someone’s profile, you’ll see all of the fields they filled out. This includes the same information that you filled out on your profile page (ethnicity, height, physical appearance, kinks, etc.). If they have public photos, you can view them. Non-paying members will have limited access to photos and videos. Regardless of membership, you need permission to view someone’s private gallery.

If you find someone you like, you can send them a wink or message, or grant them access to your private photo album. Moreover, if you’re enjoying a chat with a great match, you can “star,” or bookmark, that conversation so that it’s easier to find later on. This is helpful, especially if you’re filtering out messages and trying to locate specific ones.


Even though Manhunt was founded nearly 20 years ago, it has continuously updated its interface for better usability. That said, it’s not the most visually-advanced website out there, but it’s mostly clean and organized. The primary concern is the number of ads littering the site. At first glance, the platform looks very busy, and it is. There are ads and pop-ups to contend with, but at least there is a taskbar at the top of the page that can help you stay grounded. This taskbar includes icons for your account settings, search filters, notifications, matches, Buddy Lists, and chats. This is where you’ll go to access pretty much anything on the site.

There is also a mobile app available for iPhone and Android users. The app is free to download but includes in-app purchases, much like the Web version. Unfortunately, the application has 2.7 stars on Google Play and 1.5 stars on the App Store. There are complaints about tech glitches, limited functionality, and a lack of features for non-paying users. Essentially, the app is only good for messaging.

Manhunt is available in nine languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. The address that’s on the website is MHNext LLC, The Yard, Suite #6064, 120 St. James Ave. Floor 6, Boston, MA 02116. Members can contact the customer service team over the phone at 1-866-424-9999 or online at

One other thing about the site is that it’s full of graphic/pornographic content and nudity. Even the banner ads are sexually explicit. This is something to be aware of if you’re browsing on a shared computer.


Given the nature of the content on Manhunt, some users may be concerned about security. The site assures that it uses safe browsing and secure transaction protocol.

On a related note, registration on Manhunt doesn’t require email verification, which may give some users pause. That said, the site does require authentication before you can message other members. Also, users must be 18 years or older, but the site doesn’t even ask for your birthdate. It simply prompts you to enter your age. It’s also unclear if Manhunt reviews profile photos for safety and quality.


Manhunt is free to use, but there is also VIP membership. Free members will have access to many tools and features but in a limited capacity. Even so, it is great that Manhunt gives unpaid members a taste of what VIP membership is like. They can still access most of the services, even if it’s limited. For instance, they can have a Buddy List, but it’s limited to 20 friends. They can instant message with others, but they’re limited to 50 people per day.

On the other hand, a premium subscription grants you full access to everything. Manhunt makes it easy to upgrade, as the yellow reminder tab is constantly on the screen. Interestingly, Manhunt offers auto-renewal packages and non-renewal plans. The subscriptions that auto-renew are a few dollars cheaper, as you can see from the chart.

Free members can use the search filters, instant message others, view the video chat, access their Buddy List and Track List, and upload/view photos. Paid members get all of the free features as well as unlimited profile views, unlimited video chat/webcam options, unlimited messaging, chat history, saved searches, and access to the porn site. They can also view full-sized pictures, block/unblock members, and change their usernames.

A 7-day membership costs $7.00 while a 30-day membership is $12.00. The 90-day and 180-day memberships cost $30.00 and $55.00, respectively. Finally, the 1-year membership costs $99.00. Manhunt promises secure transactions by VeriSign and discreet billing, which shows up as Online Buddies, Inc. Users can pay by credit/debit card, check, or money order.

 Basic7 Days30 Days90 Days180 Days1 Year
View PhotosLimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
View VideosLimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited



Instant Message50/dayUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited


Is Manhunt mobile optimized?

Yes. You can go to on your phone, or you can download the free app on the App Store or Google Play.

How do I block someone?

Go to that person’s profile and scroll down past their “Intos” list. There, you should see a “Block” button as well as a “Report” button.

Does Manhunt have a code of conduct?

Any photos and videos must include individuals who are 18 or older. Any activities that are illegal according to federal law are not permitted on Manhunt.

How do I delete my account?

There doesn’t appear to be a cancellation option in the account settings menu. Your best bet is to contact customer support at 1-866-424-9999 or

How do the chat rooms work?

These are webcam chats, so while they allow video and audio, they don’t involve typing. Non-paying members can receive requests to video chat, but they can’t initiate contact.