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MenChats is a text and video chatting service designed for gay and bi men. The chat platform calls itself the “number-one bi and gay chat and webcams website,” although it’s unclear how many members are on the site.

MenChats is owned by VS Media, Inc., which has been running dating and video-chat websites since 1997. VS Media is a long-standing leader in interactive web communication and live video chats. Over the years, the company has won 137 awards, including the XBIZ Progressive Web Company of the Year 2018. It has also been recognized and endorsed by adult entertainment celebrities Jenna Jameson and Stormy Daniels.

The MenChats website was launched in 2004 and continues to serve a client base around the United States.

Membership Statistics

Total MembersUnknown
Daily unique visitors466
Daily pageviews932

Gender Disparity



Many MenChats members log into the site daily, so there’s always someone to chat with. That said, it’s hard to get solid figures on how many total members there are. It’s also unclear if the site is only available in the United States, or if it’s open to other countries.

A bit of digging around revealed that the platform sees over 450 unique visitors each day. There are over 900 pageviews daily, so the site must be doing something right.

Given the nature of MenChats, it makes sense that there aren’t any women on the site. However, its sister site, MenChatsLive, is open to all genders and sexual identities. More on that later.

It’s also difficult to get stats on the age ranges of members. From browsing through the website and profiles, it seems that most of the men fall between the 20-45-year-old range.

Creating A Profile

Upon visiting, you’ll be greeted by a bright blue webpage and a video ad for live video chats. This is an advertisement for MenChatsLive. To get started with MenChats, click the “Enter” button.

From there, you can register for a new account or you can continue as a guest. If you choose to register, you’ll be redirected to, which is another MenChats partner site. Things get a bit clunky here because you have to scroll down and click on “Join now.” From there, you’ll see a pop-up window where you can specify whether you’re signing up as an individual or a couple. You’ll also have to specify whether you’re looking for a man or a woman. This seems strange because MenChats is exclusively for men, but it makes sense given that MenChatsLive caters to all genders. Either way, make the appropriate selection and press “Continue.” Enter a valid email address and designate a secure password to continue.

Regardless of whether you sign up as a registered user or you log in as a guest, you need to specify if you’re an individual or a couple. You’ll also need a unique username. Select your age to verify that you’re 18 or older. There are optional fields for location and bio line (a tagline that people will see when they first look at your profile). Finally, agree to the rules and you’re all set.

Keep in mind that you can completely bypass the profile creation process. Simply signing up as a guest permits you to peruse the site and engage in chats. The incentives for creating a profile are being able to save private chats, which may not even be a big deal for some people. The platform automatically deletes chats for those who log in as guests.

On the other hand, having a profile makes a person seem more approachable and friendly, and can make it easier to make friends on the site. Given that registration is so simple, it’s no extra trouble to take the extra couple of minutes and create a profile. Plus, email verification isn’t required, so members can start exploring the platform immediately.

Using the Site

Once you log in, you’ll see your contacts list to the right. Naturally, it will be empty, but that’s what the chat rooms are for. The taskbar at the top of the screen is where you can enable or disable private chat requests, turn your webcam on and off, and toggle between sound and mute. There’s also a Room List icon where you can browse through a listing of different chat rooms. There are rooms in all types of categories ranging from Married Men, Masters/Slaves, and location-specific chats.

The top-left corner of the website shows your user icon and username. Notice the colored circle on the icon. Green means that your status is online, while red means you’re currently offline. Yellow means that you’re busy or away. These colored icons make it easier for other members to know if you’re available to chat at the moment. Clicking the user icon will reveal a few additional options, such as “Change avatar,” “Help,” and “Quit” (log out).

The user interface is sparse and very simple. This platform is exclusively for free text and video chatting, so there aren’t any other bells and whistles. The majority of the page is taken up by a one-on-one chatbox. This is where you can engage in private banter with other members. Of course, when you first sign up, you won’t have anyone to chat with. This is where the community chat rooms come in.

There are two separate chat platforms and they’re both free to use. The names are self-explanatory: text chat and video chat. The text chat is good for people who don’t want to show their face and prefer to message back and forth in words. Video chat is a more playful option and requires users to enable their device’s camera and microphone.

If you join a video chat, you have the option of keeping your camera and microphone off. If you host your own live video, you can choose who sees your content. Any member who joins your video chat has cam viewing privileges that you can enable and disable.

An interesting detail is that VS Media, Inc. owns both MenChats and MenChatsLive. The former is the regular website where members can text and video chat. MenChatsLive is where members can access live video shows of cam models. Some of the features on MenChatsLive are premium, so they require a paid subscription. It’s unclear how much this “VIP” membership costs. That said, this additional video platform is easily accessible from the basic MenChats website. There are footer and sidebar ads for MenChatsLive on the homepage.

MenChatsLive looks similar to the original MenChats website. The platform features a large video monitoring screen, which shows live video streams. The right-hand side houses the text chat, where viewers can participate in banter. Vertically along the right-hand side, there are menu icons for things like viewing the live streamer’s profile, adding the streamer to your favorites list, and more. Notice that the taskbar at the top of the page has options for viewing live streams and videos, both by men and women.

Finding A Match

The only way to find good matches is by going into a community chat room. While there, you can talk to a variety of people and get a feel for who you vibe well with. Each chat room has a list of participants. You can right-click on that person’s user icon to pull up a menu of additional tasks. -When you enter a chat room, the majority of your screen will be taken up with the ongoing community conversation. Along the bottom of the screen, you can type in your message. There are also options to send a GIF and change the background color.

The left-hand side of the screen will show a list of members who are currently in the chat room. Clicking on their user icon will reveal a drop-down menu with several choices. You can view their webcam and profile, send them a whisper or private message, or mention them directly in the chat. Additionally, you can request a one-on-one video call with them. You can also block or report them.

These include adding them to your Friends (or Block) list, viewing their profile, and sending them a private message. “Whisper” messages are like private chats, except they show up in the communal chat room. Don’t worry though, because they’re only visible to the person you sent the whisper to.

If you want to attract more people, you might consider becoming a featured profile on the site. To make this happen, simply contact the support team about it. Just remember that you must have a profile with at least one photo to be featured.


Granted, MenChats is not the best place to find a long-lasting romantic relationship. Rather, this is a platform for gay and bisexual men to have some fun and explore their desires.

Aesthetically speaking, isn’t top-notch, but things are organized enough that it’s easy to navigate. That said, given that most members spend a decent amount of time on the platform, it could do with some improved graphics and design layouts.

Moreover, the platform is also a mobile chat site that is accessible via iPhone, Android, and iPad. This allows for more ease of use so guys can find a spicy encounter on the go.

If you scroll to the bottom of the homepage, you’ll notice a “Support” button. Click that to go to the help center on the website. This is where you can find articles, user guides, and answers to frequently asked questions. Popular articles include how to use the chat, rules, guidelines, and how to search for profiles. This “Knowledge Base” is powered by Zoho Desk and includes an option to send a request ticket if your question wasn’t answered in the help articles.


It’s also worth noting that this platform is very explicit. Expect to see lots of nudity and sexual content. For that reason, users must be 18 and older.

The fact that anyone can log into the site as a guest may give some people pause. How safe can a website be if it allows just anyone to start chatting with members? On the plus side, MenChats does have chat room guidelines and rules. These include being respectful and courteous at all times. Also, members always have the option to block anyone in the chat from contacting them.

The rules include no spamming or harassing other members. No solicitation of minors. No using all CAPS in the chat, and no advertising other services in the chat rooms. No fake cam images or broadcasted videos. No soliciting money for services. Members can’t use external cam or chat sites to converse, other than Skype. Of course, racism, sexism, and other discriminatory behavior are not allowed.

The website’s terms and conditions haven’t been updated since 2015, so they are due for some modifications. That said, the terms are complete and detailed and include information about copyrights, warranties, and liabilities. Among these conditions is a notice that inactive profiles may be terminated after 120 days of inactivity. This will delete all data associated with the account.

As for the privacy policy, that was last updated in 2018. It includes basic information about data processing and cookies. MenChats shares user data with ZohoDesk and other third-party sub-processors.

MenChats and MenChatsLive are owned by VS Media, Inc. The company is located at 4607 Lakeview Canyon Road #338, Westlake Village, California 91361. Members can contact the support team at 818-800-9021 or

Pricing is free. The majority of the content on MenChatsLive is also available for free. Some premium features do require a premium subscription, but it’s not clear how much this VIP membership costs and what it grants members.

Profile CreationFree
Private MessagesFree
Video chatsFree


Is MenChats free?

Yes. It costs nothing to log in, create a profile, and start text or video chatting.

What’s the difference between MenChats and MenChatsLive?

MenChats is the primary service for online chatting and video interactions. MenChatsLive features live streaming and video shows by live cam models.

Why do I have to sign up for MenChats on is the sister-site to MenChats. The registration process takes place there and then members are redirected to the MenChats homepage.

How do I block someone?

Click on their user icon and choose the “Block” option from the drop-down menu.

How do I start a private chat with someone?

Click on their user icon and click on the private message option. There’s also a 1-on-1 call option.

How do I delete my account?

To cancel an account, log in as usual and look for the “My Account” option in the top-left menu. From there, you can delete your account, which will also delete your images, videos, and chats. There’s also the option to temporarily suspend your account, which renders it inactive until you lift the suspension status.