Nudist Friends Review


Nudist Friends launched in 2001 under the name ‘Successful Match.’ It’s part of a network of dating sites that includes MillionaireMatch and SugarDaddyMeet. These niche dating platforms help to bring together like-minded people who may have counter-culture kinks or lifestyles. In the case of Nudist Friends, the site embraces the simplicity of nudism and naturism and invites nudists to share and get to know each other.

Nudist Friends claims to be the leading site for nudist dating. It proudly describes itself as a friendly and confidential site for those seeking friendships, relationships, and resources concerning Naturism and the nudist lifestyle. Here, you can look for a man, woman, or couple. Members range from nudists and exhibitionists to natural-living enthusiasts and people getting interested in these kinds of lifestyles.

Membership Statistics

Total members894,800
Organic monthly visits30,000
Unique daily visits1,000

Gender Disparity


Age Ranges



Nudist Friends may very well be the largest nudist dating site. Worldwide, it has over 894,800 total members. Most of these people come from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia.

There is a nearly 50/50 split between men and women on this site. When it comes to age ranges, however, there is more disparity. Just 6% of members are under age 35. The bulk of Nudist Friends’ membership base is between 35 and 54. This may be due to the fact that many people get more comfortable in their skin as they age.

Every month, Nudist Friends gets about 30,000 organic visits. On a daily basis, the platform sees about 1,000 unique visits, proving that more people are interested in this lifestyle than meets the eye. As you browse the website, you’ll see that some members are “Certified Nudists” or premium members. We’ll touch on certification and subscriptions in a bit.

Creating A Profile

Signing up for Nudist Friends is free and takes a few minutes. Start by signing up via email or Facebook (don’t worry, the site won’t share your information or post to your social media profile). From there, you’ll need to enter your phone number so the site can send you a verification code. You won’t be able to carry on with the registration process without completing this step.

Once you receive your validation code, you can start filling out the preliminary info on your profile. This includes things like your username, password, geographic location, height, ethnicity, relationship status, gender, age, sexual preference, and contact information (email address and/or phone number).

After that, the site will ask you to upload a profile picture. While some elements of nudity are permitted, the site administrators will review your submission for pornographic or other inappropriate content. You can skip this step for the time being, although you’ll repeatedly receive reminders to upload a picture.

The last part of your profile is your “About Me” section. This is where you can write a brief bio and introduce yourself to potential matches. Let them know what makes you stand out and what kind of partner you’re looking for. If you draw a blank, you can always spruce up this section later on.

Another way to make your profile stand out is by becoming a “Certified Nudist.” The site claims that this can grant you up to 20 times more attention on your profile, and thus, more success in finding a match. You can become a Certified Nudist by completing a document on the site and submitting a photo of yourself clothed and nude. Once you’re approved, you’ll get a badge on your profile.

Using the Site

Besides being a network for potential nudist partners, the platform contains helpful information and insights for people who are new to this particular lifestyle. For instance, you can check out the blog or forums to get more information and advice.

The forums are interactive and chock-full of all kinds of resources and conversation topics. If you’re new to nudist dating or just want some tips, definitely check it out. Not only does this add an element of togetherness and belonging, but it helps to educate people who aren’t familiar with naturism or exhibitionism. Some of the forum topics include first date ideas, first nudist experiences, and dating advice.

Another cool thing about this platform is that it lets you “recall” or delete any sent messages. So, if you say something that, upon second thought, seems inappropriate, you can take it back. This is a feature that you don’t see on most online dating apps.

Generally speaking, Nudist Friends has many of the standard functions that you’d see on conventional dating platforms. This includes a Favorites List, instant messenger, and the ability to send “winks” (sometimes called “flirts” on other sites). What makes Nudist Friends stand out from other sites is that many of these features are available to non-paying members. This is a breath of fresh air, as you can get a real feel for the site without putting any money into it.

Finding A Match

Nudist Friends works in much the same way as other dating apps when it comes to matching members with each other. Once you complete your profile, you’ll see a list of potential matches on your homepage. You can scroll through these suggestions and check them out one by one.

You can also use the SPARK feature, which will suggest profiles that you may find interesting. You can like or dislike these profiles to sort through your options. Think of it as a sort of Tinder-swipe action. You can access SPARK by clicking “Discover” on the upper taskbar and selecting the SPARK option.

If you’re not fond of the SPARK tool, you can try your hand at the search filters. As a free member, you can search by age range, gender, and location. Premium members get more search options, such as filtering through people who liked your profile or finding “reverse matches.”

When you visit someone’s profile, you’ll see their age, location, and marital status. You can look through their public photo gallery and see what they wrote in their bio section. If they’re a premium member or a Certified Nudist, you’ll see badges on their profile.

You can send up to 50 winks per day, regardless of your membership status. Winks are similar to “likes” in that they let the person know that you’re interested in them. You can also add their profile to your Favorites List. If you’re a non-paying member, you can reply to messages, but you can’t initiate contact. Still, this is a lot more freedom than many other dating sites allow free users.


Given the “natural” philosophy of naturism and a nudist lifestyle, it makes sense that the site looks rather minimal. There are plain white backgrounds and generic-looking icons and text.

That said, the organization is a bit cluttered and could be easier to understand. New visitors may find the user interface to be hard to navigate because there are lots of things to see on any given page. For instance, a blurb of your profile sits on the left-hand side, while suggestions and new member recommendations populate the right-hand side.

It will take some time to become acquainted with the layout and where everything is. The great part about this is that it creates a lot of opportunities for free members. Of course, Gold members will have full access to all that the site has to offer, but at least standard members can still experience some of those perks. This is quite rare among online dating platforms.

As for mobile access, there isn’t a Nudist Friends app yet, but the site is mobile-optimized so you can browse on your phone. The mobile version is free to use and doesn’t require any downloads, which is great. That said, regardless of whether you log into Nudist Friends on your computer or phone, you’ll notice that the same design flaws are there.


The idea of a nudist dating site may give you pause, but the site is virtually free of pornography. Administrators on the site review all photos for appropriateness, so you aren’t likely to run into explicit content. Moreover, Nudist Friends takes caution to eliminate any scammers or fake profiles, as well as those with malicious intent. If any pornographic or offensive content gets posted to the site, it’s likely to be removed within a few minutes. The same is true for fake profiles or trolls. Even though site administrators do their best to keep these people off the site, be sure to report anyone who seems inauthentic or predatory.

Moreover, the administrative team’s safety precautions ensure that only authentic profiles make it to the site. The phone and email verification processes are there to deter scammers and keep members safe.

Another safety feature on Nudist Friends is the ability to create a private album and grant access only to those you want looking at your pictures. Keep in mind that just because photos are private, that doesn’t mean they should be sexually explicit. ALL photos are reviewed by the site administrators, so keep that in mind. Members can also go to their account settings to hide their profiles from other users’ search results.

The Nudist Friends team is available via mail, phone, and online. The address is Successful Match, 10-8707 Dufferin Street, Suite 160 Vaughan, Ontario, L4J 0A6 Canada. Members can call 1-416-628-1072 or email with any questions or concerns.


Nudist Friends offers free membership as well as a Gold subscription. That said, it may be best to try out the service as a free member since you’ll have access to many of the features. This includes replying to messages, recalling messages, access to private photo albums, the SPARK tool, blog and forum participation, “Fun Questions,” limited search filters, and the chance to become a “Certified Nudist.”

Paid members will get all of the free features, as well as the ability to initiate conversations, full access to the search filters, access to the “Certified Nudist” list and members’ response rates, as well as the perks of getting your profile highlighted and showing up at the top of the search results.

In terms of Gold membership, you can opt for a 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month plan. The only difference between these subscriptions is the timeframe. One month costs $29.95, while a 3-month plan is $19.98 a month for a total of $59.95. The 6-month package costs $15.99 per month for a total of $95.95. This pricing is about average compared to other online dating sites.

Keep in mind that the 1-month plan will auto-renew. So, if you don’t want your subscription to start again for another month, be sure to manually cancel it. You can pay by PayPal, credit card, check, or money order. Nudist Friends offers discreet billing, so your purchase will show up as “Successful Match” on your credit card statement.

View photosYesYesYesYes
Search filtersLimitedFull accessFull accessFull access
MessagesReply onlyFull accessFull accessFull access


How do I report inappropriate content?

Go to the offender’s profile and click on the “…” icon next to their username. From there, select “Report” and choose your reason for reporting them.

How do I hide my profile?

Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner and select “Settings.” From there, click on “Profile/Photo Privacy Settings” and choose the hidden profile option.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can call 1-416-628-1072 or email Alternatively, you can visit the “Subscription Status” page on the website and cancel it there.

How long will it take for my photos to be approved?

The photo review process takes about 24 hours but may last up to 48 hours for certain circumstances.

Does Nudist Friends have a refund policy

According to Nudist Friends’ FAQs, members are entitled to a full refund, so long as they submit an inquiry within a “reasonable time frame.”

Can I really post nude pictures on the site?

Yes. Just be aware that pornographic content is strictly prohibited. All of the nudity on the site follows the philosophy of nudism and/or naturism and is not sexual.