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This dating platform is for meeting a friend (or more!) and is geared towards international men and Filipina women. PinaLove gets its name from the Filipina singles that populate the site. Even so, females make up just 30% of the platform, and the majority of users are international males.

PinaLove isn’t likely to become the place where you meet your future spouse, but it’s not unheard of. While most members are looking for a casual hook-up, there are a few who want more meaningful relationships. However, if you are looking for marriage material, you probably won’t want to look to PinaLove, at least not right away. This is a platform for fun sexual adventures between international travelers and eager, young Filipinas.

PinaLove is operated by Oxiox Private Limited, which is located in Singapore and owns a few other dating platforms.

Membership Statistics

Total members1 million+
Active daily users3,000+
Members from the U.S.290,000
Members from the Philippines90,000

Gender Disparity


Age Ranges



PinaLove has over 1 million users, and membership is growing every day. If you’ve tried PinaLove in the past, it might be worth another shot. On any given day, there are over 3,000 active members. They tend to be either a man looking to date cute Asian women or a Filipina who wants an established, mature male partner. This isn’t to say that all of the females on PinaLove are gold-diggers, but you might find quite a few opportunists, so be aware. Also, the site is open to transgender women, making it a more inclusive community. Some members may identify themselves as “ladyboys,” or transexual prostitutes. The term originated in the Philippines and is used throughout Southeast Asia.

PinaLove users come from all around the world, although global members are typically men. In general, the majority of users are based in the Filipino cities of Cebu, Davao, and Manila. That said, some 290,000 members are located in the U.S.A. and only 90,000 are in the Philippines. Other member hubs include the United Kingdom (130,000 members), Australia (70,000), and Germany (60,000).

There are also noticeably more men than women, about a 70/30 split. As you would expect, the men are often from the U.S. or U.K., while the ladies are in the Philippines. The most popular age group on the site is 25 to 34 years old, with about a third of users falling into that range. Of course, you can find people of all ages here.

Creating A Profile

It’s free to sign up for PinaLove, and you can register via a phone number or Facebook account. You’ll receive an SMS (or Whatsapp message if you prefer), giving you a verification code to enter on From there, you can fill out your profile information, which is very basic. It includes your username, age, height, weight, gender identity, and who you’re looking for (men/women/ladyboys). Next, specify your education level, your fluency in English and Tagalog, and whether you have or want children. You can also give your profile a headline and short description. Finally, add your location, define the age range you’re interested in, and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Registration takes less than 5 minutes and then you can go on and browse the site. While you don’t need to include a bio description or photo, you’ll have more chances of success if you do. Once you make it to the homepage, you’ll start seeing matches right away. You’ll also notice your user icon in the top-right corner of the screen, as well as a menu bar at the top that includes “Browse,” “Mail,” and “Lists” tabs.

Using the Site

As you look through profiles, you’ll notice that each photo is accompanied by the person’s username, age, and location. Your search results will reflect the preferences you put in on the sign-up page, but you can always change these. You can browse profiles and photos for free, which is a huge plus. When you visit someone’s profile page, you will see their basic information, such as their location, education, and photos. Oddly enough, it doesn’t display birthdate.

As long as you are registered on PinaLove, you can view member profiles. There is no limit on how many photos you can upload, so some members might have full albums of images. The bad news is that the details on the profiles are so basic that it can be hard to get to know someone without engaging in conversation. On the other hand, this is good because it encourages meaningful communication. The site does allow for more personality to shine through in profiles, but few people take the time to fill it out. For instance, you can add your favorite books and movies, what kind of music you prefer, your hobbies, and even your religion. This costs nothing and yet it’s uncommon to find this information on others’ profiles.

Something unique about PinaLove is that you can send messages even as a free member. Sure, you’ll be limited in the amount that you can send, but it’s better than not being able to chat at all. Free members can send a message every 10 minutes. From a business perspective, this is a smart tactic because it gives non-paying users a glimpse at premium membership while still allowing them some free privileges. Sooner or later, you’ll want to upgrade to a subscription. Another benefit of paid membership is the Live Chat feature, in which you can talk to others in real-time.

Finding A Match

It’s quite easy to find a chatty match on this site. As long as you fill out some basic information about yourself and who you’re looking for, you won’t have much trouble striking up a conversation. Thousands of people log into PinaLove daily, so the site is full of opportunities for love. If you’re having difficulty finding a suitable match, consider switching up your search preferences.

If you’re interested in getting to know someone more, consider clicking the heart button on their profile to send them a “like”. You may also click the star icon to add their profile to your favorites list for future reference. To engage in conversation, click the person’s profile picture and choose the messaging option. Even though free conversations are slow, there are still plenty of opportunities to find a suitable match. If you get tired of waiting, you can upgrade to a premium subscription and chat with other paying members in real-time, similar to instant messaging.

Another cool feature (for all members) is taking notes on specific profiles. These notes are for your eyes only and can help you remember certain details about that person. You can also save any images that you like on the site. Something else that can come in handy is the ability to hide members you aren’t interested in.

Also, PinaLove has a testimonials page that shows photos of successful couples who met on the site. However, it seems that many of them involve an older man and a younger woman, suggesting it’s more of a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship.


PinaLove has a mobile app for both iOS and Android. However, the Android app is only available via direct download from, rather than the Google Play Store. As such, the iPhone app is more optimized than the Android version. The app has 4.2 out of 5 stars on the Apple App Store, but this is based on only 19 reviews. Most reviewers commented that the app is buggy, but it has the same features as the desktop version, including free sign-up. On the app, you can even send cute stickers and voice messages. While the app is free, you may be enticed with in-app purchases. Also, a membership upgrade is cheaper on the app than on the Web version ($19.99 versus $24.95).

Moreover, the website is up to date and while it’s not the ugliest thing out there, it is lacking in design expertise. There is no sense of space on the pages, so you end up with bunched-up images and lots of blank space. The interface is simple and straightforward, so you should have no issues navigating the site. The contact information for the company isn’t hard to find, and there is a support and help page to answer frequently asked questions.

For reference, the company’s address is Oxiox Private Limited, 30 Raffles Place #17-01 Chevron House Singapore 048622. They can be emailed at


PinaLove’s privacy page lists safety measures that all members should take, such as refraining from giving out their real name and contact information, meeting up in a public place, and refusing to send or receive money from other members. You’ll want to exercise extreme caution when using this site because some members will outright ask for your address and/or money. You could find yourself in real trouble if you aren’t careful with your information.

There is also a Terms of Use Agreement on the site. This includes information about staying safe and avoiding scams. There is also a policy against sexually explicit photos. Whereas other platforms allow nudity and overt sexual content, PinaLove is much tamer. It seems that G-rated profiles get more action than racy ones.

Given these safety tips and policies, you should still be on the lookout for scammers because there are lots of fake profiles on the site. There are also quite a few ladyboys (transexual prostitutes), so if that’s not your thing, then you’ll want to take care to filter them out of your results. Remember that you can block and report users by visiting their profile page and clicking the “Block” or “Report” button below their photo.


PinaLove’s premium pricing is average and they have a 14-day refund policy for first-time users. Even though you can make do with the standard free version, you’ll be limited in your capabilities. For instance, you can view profiles and photos and use basic search functions, but you’ll only be able to send a message every 10 minutes.

On the other hand, premium membership grants you unlimited messaging and comments, advanced search options, more privacy controls, first ranking in the search results, and the ability to see who viewed your profile or added you to their favorites list. The advanced search filters allow you to look for people based on education level, height, number of kids, and more. Increased privacy controls mean that you can set your profile to an offline mode or hide it from public view.

A 1-month subscription costs $24.95, and 3 months costs $49.95 total ($16.65 per month). A 6-month membership costs $69.95 ($11.66 per month), and one year is $99.95 ($8.33 per month). Payments are made in full at the time of purchase and are processed by Inc. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin. Subscriptions auto-renew, so be sure you keep track of when you signed up.



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How do I delete my PinaLove account?

Go to your account settings by clicking the menu in the top-right corner of the screen. You will need to confirm the deletion by entering your password. You can delete your account or close it. The former is a permanent cancellation while the latter is temporary and allows you to access your account later.

How do I block someone?

Once you are on their profile page, click the “Block User” option. This will delete them from your search results and will prevent them from seeing or accessing your profile. You may also choose to report them by clicking the “Report Profile” option.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Simply go to the “Members Support” tab and click on “Cancel Paid Membership.” You’ll still be able to access your premium features until the paid time is up.

Is PinaLove safe?

As long as you keep your private information to yourself, you should be okay. There are always going to be scammers on an online dating site, so just be careful and make sure that you take it slow.

Is PinaLove the same as ThaiFriendly?

Both dating platforms are owned and operated by the same company: Oxiox Private Limited.

How do I change my privacy settings?

You can go to your account settings and modify your profile visibility, blocked users, and more. Take note that some of these features are only available to paying members.