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The concept of a sugar daddy or baby is nothing new, but today it’s easier than ever to find what it is you’re looking for. has been an online network of wealthy men and beautiful young women since 2002. Deeming itself “a site you can trust,” has a large client base and offers everything users need to find a long-lasting sugar daddy/baby relationship.

That said, a sugar daddy/baby dynamic is a niche fantasy. It’s one that involves educated, confident, and successful men who enjoy spending lavishly for the companionship of a younger, attractive woman. Of course, the relationship doesn’t have to be purely sexual or romantic. In many cases, the sugar daddy serves as a kind of benefactor or mentor to his younger, less-experienced sugar baby while his partner provides the intimate company and attention that he craves.

The “terms” of the partnership are set by the two people involved and will vary depending on the couple. Whatever your desired arrangement, you stand a good chance of finding it on The site has been featured on CNN, BBC Radio, Dr. Phil, and Fox, as well as in Daily Mail. With almost 20 years of experience in this industry, continues to be one of the largest and leading dating sites in its niche.

Membership Statistics

Total members 5 million
Members in the U.S. 297,000
Daily logins 2,500

Gender Disparity

Men 30%
Women 70%

Age Ranges

18-24 25%
25-34 25%
35-44 20%
45-54 20%
55+ 10%

Membership has over five million users, most of them scattered across the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. People of all ages come to this site, but, as you would expect, there are plenty more women in the 18-34 range and more men in the 35-54 category. The gender disparity evens out among users 55 and older. It’s also not surprising that there are over twice as many women as men on the website, although the men (on average) tend to be more active than the women.

The people on this platform differ not only in age but in their relationship preferences. Some are looking for casual hookups or friends-with-benefits while others want long-lasting connections. Even though the website caters to sugar daddies, you’ll also find some sugar mamas floating around. These established, successful, and mature women are looking to woo cute, young guys.

Creating A Profile

Signing up for is easy and takes less than five minutes. Right on the homepage, you’ll see a registration box. Create a username, select your gender (such as sugar daddy seeking sugar baby), type in your email address, and create a secure password.

The site will then prompt you to upload a profile picture, letting you know that your chances of success increase exponentially when you have a photo attached to your profile. You can still decline and continue without a picture. If you do decide to upload a photo, it must be approved by the team before going public. You can display up to 12 images.

From there, select your country, relationship status, age, annual income, estimated net worth, and ethnicity. Then, fill in your attributes, such as height, body type, hair/eye color, and smoking/drinking habits.

The final section is your bio. You can include your occupation, hobbies, and anything interesting about yourself. This is also where you can opt-in to mobile alerts if you want. It sounds like a lot but completing your profile will still take five or so minutes. Be sure to check your email for a confirmation link. Also, be aware that the staff will have to approve your profile before you can use the site in its entirety. In the meantime, you can explore the open areas of the platform.

Using the Site

Once you’ve filled out your basic profile information and confirmed your email address, you’ll be redirected to the main page of the site. There, you’ll get an overview of your options. The homepage shows a grid view of the newest members to sign up. A side menu on the right will highlight your favorites list, members that you might like, and the public forum. This is where any member can post status updates or pose a question to the community.

At the bottom of this sidebar is your quality score. This is a predictor of how successful your profile will be. You can improve your quality score by logging in regularly, completing your profile, searching for matches, viewing profiles, and sharing photos.

The taskbar at the top of the page will become a familiar sight. Large, gold icons allow you to navigate to different parts of the site. This includes online members, your photos, mail, forum, visitors to your profile, search filters, your favorites list, and the Meet My Match feature.

The forum feature contains hundreds of thousands of posts. Fortunately, they’re categorized by interest, such as art, books, comedy, and more. There are even forum rules such as no posting URLs, phone numbers, or addresses. The forum is a place to have discussions, not to organize hookups.

The Meet My Match feature works like Tinder or a “Hot or Not” game. It will present you with profile pictures and you decide if that person is a good match for you. If you click “yes” you can send a “Meet My Match message” for free. These messages are short snippets that let you introduce yourself and hopefully pique the other person’s interest.

Finding A Match

Even though the site gives you match suggestions, you can use the search filters to find a more suitable potential partner. The basic search filter lets you specify the location (zip code) and age range. You can also search only for profiles that have photos. The advanced filters include specifications for ethnicity, height, body type, and hair color. On the right-hand side of the page, you can sort the results based on most recently active, newest to the site, and age (youngest to oldest or vice versa).

When you visit someone’s profile page, you’ll see their profile picture to the left as well as their username, age, and location. If they’re currently online, you’ll see a green icon that says “Online now!” To the right, you’ll see buttons to send them a message, chat with them on IM, or add them to your favorites list. You can scroll down their page to see more of their photos, their bio, and the stats about their appearance, lifestyle habits, and background (the same things you filled out when you signed up).

Even though the profile information may seem pretty basic, it does provide a decent overview. By simply skimming someone’s profile page, you can get a quick picture of their personality, looks, interests, hobbies, priorities, and lifestyle. This is especially true if they uploaded photos, which are viewable in full by all members.

A disappointing detail about is that it only gives users one way to get in touch with others on the site: messaging. Other platforms typically have a flirt or wink feature, but not this one. Therefore, if you’re using the site for free, you won’t be able to contact anyone. Sure, you can browse their photos, but they’ll remain out of reach.


Overall,’s web design is quite clean and clear. Even though there is a lot of information on each page, everything manages to be organized and easily navigable. It takes very little time to become accustomed to the flow of the site, which is great because no one wants to waste time trying to figure out what everything does.

The main taskbar at the top of the page is crucial as it helps users jump from different features, such as their mail inbox, search filters, and matches. Members will appreciate that there aren’t any ads or pop-ups cluttering up the site.

Also, the design remains constant throughout the entire site. The color scheme of gold, brown, and black lends a distinguished and mature vibe to the site, which accurately reflects its basic premise. The fonts and icons are simple yet classy. has customer service phone numbers for the US/Canada, Australia, and the UK. The US/Canada number is 888-644-3330. The team is also available online at The U.S. office address is New Ventures Life, Inc. 12955 Biscayne Blvd, North Miami, Florida 33181.


According to’s landing page, the team behind this company holds itself to top-tier standards, including weeding out anyone who isn’t serious about finding real love. Moreover, the staff does its best to only feature men with true financial security. No duds here!

A reassuring detail about is that it has a dedicated customer service division with an office in Florida and another in the United Kingdom. Besides over-the-phone help, the site is filled with online dating tips and safety guidelines.

Furthermore, the privacy policy and terms of use are easily accessible via a link at the bottom of the site. This includes information about cookies and collected data, which is mostly user email addresses. The terms of use outline other company policies such as prohibited content, registration eligibility, and termination.

One interesting detail is that the terms state that is not responsible for checking the accuracy of user-posted content, which seems to go against the claim that the site only accepts quality profiles.


While you can peruse for free, premium membership is available to those who want all of the benefits. This includes the ability to send and receive IMs and messages, post on the forum, and view unlimited profiles. As a free member, you can use the search filters, add people to your favorites list, and play Meet My Match.

The site makes it easy to choose a package, depending on how long you want to commit. There’s a one-month plan for $39.99 as well as a three-month package for $26.66 per month. A six-month plan costs $22.49 per month, and a yearly subscription is $14.16 per month. Regardless of your chosen plan, you’ll have to pay the entire amount in full. So, a three-month package would cost $79.99 upfront, etc. Billing is discreet and secure and should show up on your credit card statement as 2CO/ or JJ Stern Inc. You can pay online by credit card or PayPal, or you can pay by phone or postal mail.

Membership Prices

DurationUnlimited1 month3 months6 months1 year
View PhotosYesYesYesYesYes
Search FiltersYesYesYesYesYes
Meet My MatchYesYesYesYesYes
Send/Get MessagesNoYesYesYesYes
Post to ForumNoYesYesYesYes


How do I block another user?

Go to their profile page and scroll down past their photo gallery. Beneath their pictures, you should see two links: “Report user” and “Block user.”

Is available worldwide?

Right now, the site is accessible from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The team does have plans to expand to other countries in the future.

What if I accidentally blocked someone?

You can unblock them by clicking the “Mail” tab on the taskbar and selecting “Blocked Members.” From there, choose the person you’d like to unblock.

Does have a mobile app?

At this time, there isn’t a mobile app available. You can, however, access the Web version from a smartphone, as the site is mobile-friendly.

Can I report inappropriate behavior on

Yes. Go to the offending member’s profile and click the “Report user” link below their photo gallery.

Are the profiles on real?

According to the site, the profiles are authentic and approved by the administrative team. However, the terms of use state that the company is not responsible for fact-checking the accuracy of members’ profiles.