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Sugar Daddy For Me was founded in 2004 and calls itself “the world’s largest sugar daddy dating site,” which it may very well be. The site has even been featured on TV series and news shows, including CBS News, Fox News, the Tyra Banks Show, and the MTV series True Life. The platform has also been used by U.S. politicians, resulting in some scandals. According to the founder, Gautam Sharma, the site was created after he saw a need for it within the online dating community.

Those who condone this lifestyle say it’s not just about having a crush with cash. While lots of sugar babies are looking for an older, more mature man who can spoil and pamper them, others want a dynamic in which their partner can serve as a mentor as well as a personal bank. This sort of thing isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a younger person who is tired of dating immature peers, then this site could be worth checking out. Alternatively, you might be a more experienced individual who wants to generously pamper a younger gal or guy.

Membership Statistics

Total members4 million
Active monthly members500,000
Monthly visits1.5 million
Daily log-ins2,000


Gender Disparity



There are about 4 million members on this platform, most of them in the United States. According to the website, there are around 1,000 new members each day, and there are almost twice as many women as men, which makes sense. About 500,000 members are active on the site each month, and Sugar Daddy For Me sees 1.5 million monthly visits.

There’s not much data on age ranges, but the majority of women are in their 20s and 30s, while men range from their 30s to 60s. Sugar mommies also populate the site, although it’s much more common for the women here to be the sugar babies. Moreover, the members on this site may be more varied than you think. Some people are looking for a same-sex relationship while others want to pursue an extramarital affair. Even so, the most common dynamic here is an affluent, older gentleman looking for a young, fun woman.

Of course, most of the women who join this site do so for financial assistance via an older male partner. Around 20% are genuinely into older men, and a few are there because they want a sugar daddy to pay for their travel or luxury items. This information comes from surveys conducted by the site, so take it with a grain of salt. The website also claims that there are 2,000 daily log-ins.

Creating A Profile

Sign-up is quick and simple and only takes a few minutes. Put in your username and password, email address, birth date, and gender to get started. Next, give your profile a headline to let others know what you’re all about. Describe yourself and the kind of person you’re looking for. To ensure the best results for members, the headline and “About Me” sections are required. You don’t have to upload a profile photo, but you’ll have much more luck if you do. Be aware that anyone who goes to the site can see your profile picture. You can also opt to have a members-only photo album.

Your profile can be as descriptive as you want, and the site gives you a variety of options and lots of freedom of expression. Identify yourself as a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Momma, Sugar Baby, even a Gay Sugar Daddy. The site is open to the LGBT community as well, although most participants are straight.

Your profile will show your username, your photo album, your location, and basic personal details like age, gender, income and education level, body type, ethnicity, and marital status. It’ll also denote whether you identify as a sugar daddy/mommy or a sugar baby, and who you’re looking for. Little icons on your profile page show when you’re currently online, which is a helpful feature. If you have a subscription, there will be an icon showing which kind of member you are, such as Gold or Total-Access.

Using the Site

Even though the website’s design is drab, there are plenty of things you can do there. The “Browse” page will list compatible matches, so you can use this if you don’t feel like using the search filters. You can browse by “hot locals,” “who’s new,” “most viewed,” and more. Furthermore, you can use the Weekend Planner tool to let other members know when you’re available. It works similar to Google Calendar in that there are different cells that you can category by color to signify work, sleep, busy time, and free time.

Unlimited messaging is for premium members only. As a non-paying user, you can send a maximum of three messages per day. As you might expect, these restrictions make it hard to make progress in finding a match. When you’re using the messaging feature, you’ll notice different icons in your conversations. These icons differentiate the types of messages. For instance, a bar of gold denotes a Gold Member, while a reverse arrow means it’s a reply to a message you previously sent. A star means that the person is a Total-Access Member, in which case, they can receive messages from paying and non-paying users. A cool feature is that you can color-code your conversations to help you keep track of who your preferred matches are.

The messaging function is a bit old-school in that the design is reminiscent of an email rather than an instant message. You’ll see info fields for the sender, the date it was sent, and the subject. You can also view the messages that you’ve sent.

Besides sending email messages, you can also send kisses or likes to individuals that you’re interested in. The site will send you email notifications when someone new joins who lives in your area. You’ll also receive sugar daddy/baby newsletters. You can always adjust your settings so you get fewer email notifications.

Finding A Match

In addition to using the “Browse” page, you can use a variety of search filters to find your perfect match. Filter through your criteria and choose from Quick Search, Advanced Search, and Easy Search. You can look for popular profiles, people who are online right now, and more. There are also more specific filters, such as age and location. PowerMatch is a tool that lets you send mass emails to members who meet your search criteria.

While premium members get unlimited messaging, they have to pay a separate fee if they want free users to be able to converse with them. This seems a bit unfair, especially considering that the subscription prices are already a bit on the expensive side. Moreover, those who are using the site for free can only view three profile photos per day. It seems that if you want to make lasting connections here, you’ll have to purchase a subscription package.

Another incentive to being a subscribed user is that you can write down personal notes about that person on the platform. These notes will only be visible to you, so you can write whatever you want. When you visit someone else’s profile, you’ll also notice buttons for sending an email message or a kiss. Just remember that if you’re a non-paying member, you can only use this feature three times daily. If you find a profile that would appeal to a friend, you can share that profile page with them or it to your Favorites List for future reference.


There are no ads on the site, which is refreshing, but there is also no mobile app. Plus, the web design is outdated and boring. The interface is quite simple, so it’s not hard to navigate, but it’s not nearly as exciting as you would think a sugar daddy/baby site would be. The sizing is off and there are several different fonts, making it clear that there wasn’t a professional branding strategy for this company. That being said, it shouldn’t be difficult for visitors to make their way around the site, especially older individuals who might be less accustomed to social media.

In terms of accessibility, you can start browsing the site without even registering. This can help you get a bit of a feel for things and decide if it’s worth signing up. On the flip side, it means that if you have a profile on the site, anyone can see it even if they’re not a member. Another disadvantage of this dating platform is that it doesn’t have any chat rooms, which may decrease your exposure to other users.

To make the most out of your time on this site, you will want to purchase a subscription package. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck sending a maximum of three messages per day, which isn’t the best way to form new relationships. The price can be off-putting for some people, so if you want a chance at snagging a discounted or free membership, you can try becoming an affiliate and bringing new clients to the site. According to the support page, promotions and discounts are sometimes awarded to users who submit helpful suggestions on how to improve the platform.


The first thing to note here is that anyone can browse profiles without a registered account. Those who do sign up will have to get their profile approved by a site moderator before they can start talking to other users. Approval usually happens within minutes.

Keep in mind that the majority of the users are young females. Staying safe is crucial to avoid getting into a less-than-ideal scenario. Likewise, older men should be careful that they don’t get scammed by a young lady pretending to be a sugar baby. There are lots of inactive or fake profiles, so be careful, especially if people ask you for money or personal information. You can report suspicious profiles, although there are some complaints that customer service isn’t quick to respond.

There are safety tips and disclosures on the website, as well as Terms of Use. The site prohibits any use of the platform for sex trafficking or prostitution. It is for consenting adults, and there is a zero-tolerance policy for illegal activities. There’s even a seven-minute video on the site about anti-trafficking laws. Members must be at least 18 years old, and you can hide or suspend your profile at any time.

Any mail from this platform will come from You can email the customer support team at or call 866-920-9610. The company’s mailing address is Website Development Services LLC, 382 NE 191st Street #25664, Miami, Florida 33179-3899. Besides directing questions to the team, they sometimes conduct surveys that ask questions about the sugar daddy/sugar baby lifestyle, presumably to improve the client experience.


As a free member, you can sign up and create a profile, browse through member pages, and access limited photo viewing and messaging. Premium membership grants you unlimited messaging and storage, the ability to add profile notes, faster registration approval process, and your profile highlighted in the search results.

Sugar Daddy For Me’s pricing is on the expensive side. A Gold Membership costs $44.95 per month while a Silver Membership is $39.95 per month. It’s also unclear what the difference is between the two subscriptions. Also, there is a “Total Access” is a feature that Standard and Premium members can use for a fee. It costs $14.95 per month and allows them to send and receive emails from any user regardless of their membership.

 StandardTotal AccessSilverGold
Browse ProfilesYesYesYesYes
View PhotosLimitedYesYesYes
Send MessagesLimitedYesYesYes
Add Profile NotesNoNoYesYes
Highlighted SearchNoNoYesYes

All of the subscription plans come with a $5.95 administration fee, although it’s not clear what that’s used for. You can pay by credit card or check, and billing shows up as or on your credit card statement. Payment and personal data are encrypted and stored in a secure network database.

If you’re unsure about purchasing a subscription, check out the -3-day free trial.


What if I want to cancel my membership?

To cancel a membership, call 866-920-9610 or email

How do I use Sugar Daddy For Me for free?

You can sign up for free and start browsing profiles and photos. Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to view three pictures per day, and you can only send three messages daily. While you can use this platform at no cost, progress will be slow and probably a bit frustrating.

How do I hide my profile?

Go to “Members Home” and click on “Your Profile & Information.” From there, you can hide or suspend your profile.

How do I block another user?

Go to that person’s profile page and look under the Activity Block. Click the button that says “Block (username) from IM/messages/kiss you”.

Why wasn’t my profile approved?

Perhaps you included private contact information in your profile or you used offensive language. Be sure to check the site’s Terms of Use before signing up.

How do I create a private photo album?

When you upload an image, you can set it to “Private” or “Paid Members Only.” The only picture that needs to be public is your profile photo. Images that include nudity or minors are not permitted.