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TenderMeets is a dating and social networking site that caters to different niches simultaneously. TenderMeets was designed with every type of dater in mind including the shy dater. They provide tools such as their chat feature to help singles who struggle with the confidence to approach the singles near them. TenderMeets serves as a one-stop-shop for all singles by offering different niches that users can refer to meet their special someone or fulfill their quest of seeking a distinctive relationship. Singles can find almost any niche their heart desires, from dating fireman, conservative people, LGTBQ dating, international dating, Christian dating, couple dating, and more. Almost every niche you can think of can be found on TenderMeets.

TenderMeets claims that what sets them apart from other dating sites are the tools they offer to help singles find the relationships they are seeking. They claim their dating platform will provide a vast amount of matches that are most suitable and members can effectively filter out the matches that do not meet their criteria. TenderMeets claims that their unique design will help even the shyest person mount the courage to meet singles near them and score a date. Are their claims true? We took a closer look to determine whether or not this dating site is worth your time. Keep reading as we reveal everything there is to know about TenderMeets!

Membership Statistics

Members from the U.S. 1,600,000
New Monthly Members260,000

Gender Disparity


Age Ranges



TenderMeets is a dating and social networking site that caters to heterosexual singles and members of the LGTBQ community. Any single or person seeking a particular kind of relationship can join. Because TenderMeets caters to probably every single niche there is, you will find members who seek different kinds of relationships, depending on the niche that you explore. For example, some members are seeking serious long-term relationships, while others are seeking polyamorous to even adulterous relationships. TenderMeets provides it all and claims to be a non-judgmental and discrete website where singles can comfortably pursue the relationship they desire.

TenderMeets caters to different countries around the world. However, their main visitors are from the U.S., France, and Spain. The U.S. has a member base of 1,600,000 participants. TenderMeets’ is a popular dating and social networking site and its’ popularity continues to grow with 260,000 new members joining a month. Its popularity may be due to the never-ending list of niches they cater to.

TenderMeets is mainly comprised of male members who make up 66% of the participants. Females, on the other hand, do not dominate the site and only make up 34% of the members. This gender gap difference may present itself as a small problem, however, due to the many niches that TenderMeets offers, users can still stand a chance of finding someone who seeks the same type of relationship and has the same type of relationship goals. You will also find that most of the members are between the age ranges 18-44, making it possible to meet matches who possess different life experiences under their belt.

Creating a Profile

To have access to the niche of interest, you can click on the niche which is located at the bottom of TenderMeets sign up page and sign up through there. Once you click on a niche, other suggested niches will appear at the bottom of the page and you can explore more that way. Once you decide on a niche or you go directly to their sign up link you can sign up and give their dating platform a go.

Creating an account on TenderMeets is very easy and doesn’t require a lot of time. To create an account you will be required to indicate whether you are a man seeking a woman, woman seeking a man, man seeking a man, or woman seeking a woman. You will also have to indicate your age, email address, create a password and indicate where you live. You will then have to activate your account using an activation code that is sent to your email. You will be prompted to upload a photo but this can be skipped and added later. You can upload your photo through your direct files or take an actual picture with your webcam. For photos to be approved by TenderMeets, they must not have children, child porn, personal details, celebrities, copyright infringement, group of people, violence, drugs, death, weapons, offensive gestures, be a different gender as the one indicated on the profile, and photos with no people will also be disapproved.

Users will then have the option of continuing the completion of their profile or they can complete it later and begin checking out other members right away. Users will also have the option of selecting whether or not they want to promote their account and use their status as a promotion message. This feature is intended to facilitate the process of meeting new matches even when the user is offline as TenderMeets will send promotional messages, like potential matches and add them to the users’ favorite list on their behalf.

It is recommended that users take the time to complete their profile as doing so will help attract the right matches. To have a completed profile, members must enter personal demographical information such as, hair color, body type, ethnic origin, education, weight, etc. Users can also indicate information about the match they are seeking such as gender, age, and location. Users can also write a description of their current status including what they are thinking about at the moment. Users can also upload a video about themselves in their profile. Compared to other dating sites, the information that is required to have a completed profile is not a lot and can be done quickly.

Using the Site

TenderMeets’ display and layout are easy to use and maneuver. Their basic color schemes of white and gray and pink accents make it easy to identify tabs and options. Upon logging in, you have access to tabs on top of the dashboard that includes, Search, Like Gallery, Messages, Activity, My Profile, and a drop-down arrow that includes access to My Settings, Get Support, and logging out. At the center of the page, you have access to other members’ profiles. You can sort the members by All, Online Now, and New Members. Search filters are also available underneath the dashboard. The option of using the Flirtcast feature is also available, which is a feature that creates prewritten flirty messages that you can send members that you are interested in.

In terms of communicating with other members, you can like, add to favorites, chat, and send Flirtcasts. It is important to note that you must have a profile photo to be able to use their communication features. It is also important to note that free members will only be able to send five messages a day to different members and only 1 message to each user.

Members’ profiles are also easy to read and maneuver. The display and layout are neatly organized making it easy to identify the members’ username, age, location, and communication features. The report and block options are also available if you click on the three dots located on top of the members’ page. The clean design also makes it easy to read the members’ details and any information they decided to share about themselves and about the match they are seeking. The photos are also free to view. There are only a few members that have detailed profiles, the majority of the members do not have completed profiles. This can hinder the process of finding suitable matches.

Finding a Match

TenderMeets doesn’t use matching algorithms to match its members. Instead, they provide search filters to help members narrow down the most suitable matches. The search filters can be used to narrow down matches by age, location, and personal interests such as, orientation, eye color, body type, hair color, piercings, and tattoos. For this reason, it is important that members complete the information in their profile as doing so will increase their chances of appearing in search results geared to specific interests and therefore being found by potential matches.

TenderMeets also provides their Like Gallery as another fun way to meet matches. In their Like Gallery feature, users are shown a photo of a match and the user has to indicate whether the match is cute or not. If the user thinks the member is cute they select the heart icon which will add the match to their likes list. The match will also be notified that they were liked. If the match likes you back then there is a mutual interest and it will be displayed under the matches tab in the Like Gallery option. If the user is not interested in the match then they select the X icon and another match will be shown to them and so forth.


TenderMeets is only available through its’ website, as they have not developed a mobile app at the moment. However, accessing TenderMeets through the mobile web browser is easy to navigate and maneuver. The same features and functionalities are also available when using the platform on the mobile web browser.


TenderMeets does their best to protect their users’ personal information, however, they do warn that transmissions of information through the internet are not always secure. For this reason, TenderMeets reports they take reasonable administrative, physical, and electronic measures intended to protect and keep their users’ information safe from unauthorized access or disclosure. TenderMeets uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the sensitive information that their members provide. TenderMeets also reports that its Members’ information is stored in encrypted form behind a firewall that blocks access from outside their network.

TenderMeets makes it clear that they do not conduct any background, criminal, or identity checks on their members, and users are solely responsible for their interactions with other members. However, to cultivate a safer and secure environment, TenderMeets provides its Safe Mode feature along with allowing members to become a Verified Member. The Safe Mode feature allows members to limit certain actions and information that TenderMeets provides in their search results and incoming communications. A user can become a Verified Member by validating their phone number through a unique verification code sent via text message or voice call. Members can also call TenderMeets toll-free phone number at 1-800-986-9430 to verify their phone number. Verified Members will be able to search for other verified members on the platform, this is a special feature that is only accessible to Verified members.


If you wish to become a Premium member you can choose from three different subscriptions:

  • Premium Dater: $0.95 a day, billed in one payment of $26.49. With this membership, members will be able to use full HTTPS encryption, browse incognito, have auto history cleaning, be at the top in messenger, be higher in searches, get read receipts, and be seen by x5 more people.
  • Extra Security: $0.45 a day, billed in one payment of $12.71. With this membership, members will have access to full HTTPS encryption, browse incognito, and have auto history cleaning.
  • Chataholic: $0.64 a day, billed in one payment of $18.01. With this membership, members will be at the top in messenger, be higher in searches, get read receipts, and get seen by x5 more people.

TenderMeets acceptable method of payment is a credit card. The acceptable credit cards are VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners Club, and Discover.


How do I change my screenname?

To change your screenname, press your avatar in the upper-right corner of any site page and choose ‘My Profile’ from the drop-down menu. Press the ‘Edit’ icon, amend your screenname in the appropriate field, and press the ‘Save’ button to save the changes.