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ThaiCupid has helped many Thai singles find their love around the globe since 2002. ThaiCupid is another one of Cupid Media’s niche dating sites. Cupid Media is a leading technological company specializing in niche dating websites and successfully operates 35 of them. Some of their dating sites include, LatinAmericanCupid, FilipinoCupid, GayCupid, ChristianCupid, MilitaryCupid, etc. As you can see from these dating sites, Cupid Media creates niche dating websites that are based on race, religion, lifestyle, special interests, and country. Cupid Media has created an online dating environment where different members from different parts of the world can communicate with each other and form long-lasting relationships and friendships. Even members who speak different languages can communicate with each other on Cupid Media’s dating sites, as they offer multilingual interfaces and language translating tools.

ThaiCupid is an international dating site, intended for singles around the world who want to meet and date Thais. ThaiCupid claims to be the leader of Thai online dating, as they have a member base of over 1.5 million users. ThaiCupid claims to have helped thousands of men and women find their soul mates; and with such a huge member base, ThaiCupid may just help you find your soul mate too!

Membership Statistics

Members Worldwide1.5 million+
Members from the U.S.600,000
Daily Logins3,000

Gender Disparity


Age Ranges



ThaiCupid caters to heterosexual singles and members of the LGTB community looking to date Thais. As previously mentioned, ThaiCupid has a large member base consisting of over 1.5 million users. Most of ThaiCupid’s members consist of men, as they comprise 85% and women only 15%. With so many male members, men will have to try a little harder to connect with women, as they are too many of them competing. Whereas women have more opportunities to meet their match, without having to vigorously compete. You will find that many of the woman members are from Thailand whereas the men are from different parts of the world and only a few from Thailand.

Although ThaiCupid is an international dating site, with many countries participating around the world, the U.S. stands out with 600,000 members participating on the site. Members are very active on ThaiCupid as there are 3,000 logins a day. This makes it possible to interact and get to know other members, as they participate frequently.

You will find that most members on ThaiCupid fall within the age ranges of 25-34 and 35-44, as these were the age ranges with the highest number in members. If you are seeking to find matches older than 44 you may have a little bit of a harder time, as there are fewer members that are older versus looking for members younger than 44.

Creating a Profile

Creating an account on ThaiCupid is very fast and easy. All that is required is providing your name, gender, whether you are seeking to meet men or women, age, email address, and create a password. No other questions are asked or required like other dating sites, making it super fast to complete. You can also choose to sign up through your Facebook account if you prefer. After this information is provided, you will be prompted to upload a photo, but it is not required to access your account. ThaiCupid however highly recommends their users to upload a photo, as members with photos get 10 times more attention. Photos can be uploaded through your Facebook account or through your direct files.

All of Cupid Media’s dating sites provides a profile setting where you can access different tabs with extensive inquires allowing the user to go as in depth as they want about themselves and the match they are seeking in their profile. ThaiCupid will display a percentage of profile completeness on your dashboard, prompting you to have a 100% completed profile. Your profile will be thoroughly complete when you answer all the inquires presented in each tab. The tabs included are, Photos, Profile, Match, Interest, Personality, CupidTags, VerifyProfile, and IMBRA. If you are not sure what tabs you want to complete first, make sure you upload a photo of yourself and complete the Profile, Match, and Interests tabs. The Profile and Interests tabs will provide information of who you are and your trait characteristics, allowing other members to find you when they use search filters. Completing these tabs also allows ThaiCupid to connect you with other users that share your same interests. All tabs will have a red exclamation icon next to them when they are not thoroughly completed, once it is completed the red icon will turn into a green checkmark. It is recommended that you have a thoroughly completed profile, as doing so will help you find potential matches.

Using the Site

The layout and design of ThaiCupid is easy to read and use. All of Cupid Media’s dating sites have the same design, but the dashbords are always a different color. ThaiCupid’s dashboard color is a combination of light and dark blue, making it easy on the eyes. The dashboard has tabs and icons that give you access to your profile, messages, interests, views, favorites, search filters, and more. You can also view other members’ profiles at the center of the page.

With a free membership you will be limited with contacting other members. You will only be able to show other members that you are interested in them, add them to your favorites, and send them messages at no cost. However, if the two of you are both free standard members the messages that you send will be blurred out and the other member will not be able to read your message, unless you or the other member upgrades. Therefore, you will get the optimal ThaiCupid experience if you upgrade, as doing so will allow any member to read your messages, regardless of their membership status, and you will unlock many other features.

Finding a Match

Finding a match on ThaiCupid will primarily consist of using search filters for free standard members. You can search for members by using basic and advanced search filters, keywords, Cupid Tags, a members’ first name, a members’ number, and popular searches. Most of the filters will be available to use at no cost. There are some filters that require a paid membership if you wish to use them, such as, Body Mass Index. If you are a man seeking a woman filters such as, Bust, Hips, and Waist measurements will also be locked until you upgrade. You will also be able to save your searches each time you change your search criteria. ThaiCupid offers many advanced search filters that allow you to be very specific and narrow down matches. You can narrow down searches by personal traits, characteristics, age, location, etc. ThaiCupid makes it possible to also find matches that are bisexual, gay or lesbian by using the Seeking filter in the Search tab. Almost every search filter is free to use unlike other dating sites.

If you do decide to upgrade to a Platinum membership, you will be able use ThaiCupid’s advanced matching algorithm, which will help you compatible matches. ThaiCupid will also provide match suggestions based on the information you provide in the Match tab under the profile settings, this is why it is important to complete that section.

Upon clicking on a members’ profile, you will be able to see their name, age, where they are from, when they were last online, their photos, and all the information they decided to share about themselves and the match they are seeking. There are profiles that are written in the members’ native language making it impossible to understand what they wrote. If you wish to communicate with a member that doesn’t speak your language you will have to upgrade to a Platinum membership to utilize their translation feature. ThaiCupid will inform you of the areas that you and another member have a match in by highlighting them in color green and areas where there is no match by highlighting it in red. This is nice, as it makes it easy to see if you and that member are compatible, and if you want to proceed in making a connection with them.


ThaiCupid is available through their website and through their mobile app. The mobile app is only available for Android users but not for iOS users. ThaiCupid’s mobile app has 3.9 stars out of 2,151 reviews. Most of the users appear to like the app, the few complaints had to do with technical issues.

ThaiCupid’s mobile app display and layout is very easy to use and read. You will have access to other members’ profiles as soon as you log in, but it will be displayed in one column versus in rows like their website counterpart. This forces you to keep scrolling down to be able to view all of the members’ profiles. When you click into a profile, you will also be informed of the areas that you and the other member have a match in, except it will have a green check mark next to the areas that are a match instead of highlighting in green, and a red X next to the areas that are not a match instead of highlighting it in red, like their website counterpart. The options to show interest, send messages, add to favorites, block user, and report abuse, are all at the bottom of each members’ profile instead of being at the top like on their website counterpart. The app has all the functionalities that the website counterpart offers, but they are all accessed differently. Nonetheless, it is still very easy to use.


ThaiCupid and all of Cupid Media’s dating sites have an advanced fraud prevention system that suspends or terminates any profile they deem fake or suspicious. If your profile happens to be one of the ones that gets terminated or suspended by mistake, you can appeal your authenticity by providing copies of proper identification such as, photo ID, Passport, or Driver License. You can also contact their customer support directly to reactivate your account. Members can also report any malicious profiles by clicking on the report icon located at the top of every members’ profile.

ThaiCupid, like all of Cupid Media’s dating sites, is McAfee SECURE certified. This means that their dating sites will not have malware, malicious links, phishing, and they provide perimeter scanning. They really take members safety serious and provide safety measures that not all dating sites offer. ThaiCupid also offers members the opportunity to complete the International Marriage Brokers Act Safety Form, located under the IMBRA tab under the profile settings, as another means of keeping their members safe.

Members on ThaiCupid can also earn verification badges to confirm their identity. The verification badge will be displayed on their profile. Members who are verified tend to be a little more popular than members who are not verified, as other members know that they are not a fake person and they are indeed communicating with a real person. Verification badges are earned by submitting photo copies of your passport, driver license, and National ID card.

ThaiCupid’s Headquarters:

Cupid Media Pty Ltd

2502/ 5 Lawson Street Southport QLD 4215 Australia

ThaiCupid’s contact customer support phone numbers:

  • S. and Canadian (toll-free): 1-800-787-0838
  • UK (free phone): 0800 056 9427
  • Australian Customers: (07) 5571 1181
  • Other International Customers: +61 7 5571 1181
  • Fax: +61 7 3103 4000


If you decide you want to upgrade from a free standard membership to a paid membership, ThaiCupid offers a Platinum and Gold memberships that you can choose from. The Platinum membership appears to be the most popular amongst members, as it is the membership that unlocks all of the features that ThaiCupid has to offer. ThaiCupid also encourages its’ members to choose the Platinum membership over the Gold membership for this reason.

The Platinum membership offers three different types of subscriptions, 12 months for $13.33, billed in one payment of $159.99; 3 months for $26.66, billed in one payment of $79.98; and 1 month for $39.99. The Gold membership also offers three different subscriptions, 12 months for $11.67, billed in one payment of $139.99; 3 months for $23.33, billed in one payment of $69.98; and 1 months for $34.99. The Gold membership does not offer all the features as the Platinum, however, it unlocks features that you cannot access as a free standard member.

ThaiCupid’s acceptable forms of payment are Credit Card, PayPal, Paysafecard, Bank Transfer, and Skrill. The acceptable Credit Cards are VISA, American Express, Master Card, Discover and Diners Club.


How do I order my search results?

You can order your search results by the following options:

  • Newest members
  • Photos First
  • Last Active

Click on the “Order By:” drop-down box at the top of your search results page and choose which option you want to use.

How do I find a profile I’ve seen before?

The easiest way to make sure you are able to find someone you are interested in is by either adding them to your Favorites or showing Interest. This way you will be able to view them again by clicking the appropriate link under the Activity menu. If you did not do either of these, you may still be able to find a particular member if you change your search criteria to be as specific as possible about what you remember about that member. You can also search for another member using the Member Number search, if you have this information.

How do I save my search options?

Your Advanced Search criteria will automatically default to your Match criteria. However, if you want to regularly search with different criteria, or have multiple searches, you can save your Advanced Search criteria to use again. You can save up to 20 different searches.

The Advanced Search is available by clicking “Search” from the top of most pages on the site. To save your search, select your search criteria and type a name for your search in the “Save search as” box at the bottom of the page. Then click the “Submit” button. Your search criteria will then be saved.

To access your saved searches, click the “Saved Searches” tab on the Search page. Clicking the name of your search will automatically perform the search and display the results. You can also rename your saved search, edit your saved search criteria, or delete your saved search by clicking the appropriate link next to the name of the search.

Can I delete someone from My Matches?

This list is automatically generated based on your match preferences, so you are not able to delete someone from the results. If you are not happy with the results, please update your match preferences by choosing “Matches” from the member menu (represented by your profile photo or the photo placeholder next to the Setting menu).