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VictoriaHearts is an international dating website that invites singles all over the world to find love through their online dating platform. Although members from all over the world are welcome to join VictoriaHearts, this dating platform specializes in Russian and Ukrainian dating. VictoriaHearts has serviced its’ members for more than ten years and claims to have helped thousands of their members find their love and begin a family of their own. Members of VictoriaHearts tend to seek serious relationships even if it is with someone halfway across the world.

VictoriaHearts claims that hundreds of single men and women join their dating site on a daily basis, making it possible for members to find their love here. VictoriaHearts also has a special agency that verifies every members’ profile to ensure they are not fake or fraudulent; and at a glance, many members of VictoriaHearts appear to be authentic in nature, but you will still want to proceed with caution and we will reveal why later. Keep reading to find out if love is really possible to find on this dating site. Let’s have a closer look, as we unravel the truth about the hearts of this dating platform.

Membership Statistics

Members Worldwide 13 million members+
U.S. Members6,734,000
UK Members1,400,000
Canada Members1,400,000
Netherlands Members585,000
Germany Members560,000


VictoriaHearts has a member base of over 13 million members. Hundreds of members sign up on a daily basis, adding to VictoriaHearts member base and popularity. The most popular countries participating on VictoriaHearts are the U.S. with 6,734,000 participants, the UK with 1,400,000 participants, Canada with 1,400,000 participants, the Netherlands with 585,000 participants, and Germany with 560,000 participants. You will find that most of the woman members are from Ukraine and Russia, whereas the men are not necessarily from one particular country but from different parts of the world. The average age range of VictoriaHearts members are between 25-34 years old. VictoriaHearts caters to heterosexual singles only.

VictoriaHearts has a Risks Notice informing users that they may share revenue earnings with their “Suppliers”, or female users’ introducers. This can increase the risks of incentivized communication and impersonation. In other words, VictoriaHearts works with “Suppliers”, who typically are local marriage agencies, which refer women interested in serious romantic relationships to VictoriaHearts. The women referred by such agencies undergo the same verification process as all the other members, which confirms that they are a real person and not a fraud. When other members are interested in the member referred by the Supplier and send them virtual gifts, the Supplier may be getting a share of the money the interested user spent while communicating with the member referred by them. Because they may receive earnings from this revenue, VictoriaHearts warns that Suppliers might attempt to have interested members increase their spending linked to their referred female member, to increase the Supplier’s Profile-Linked Fees. Suppliers may do this by informing their referred female members of their Profile-Linked Fees and this may lead to the referred female member to communicate with the member interested in them just because she may also be paid. The Supplier may also instruct the referred member’s translator, who are employed by the Suppliers, to communicate with the member interested in the referred member on behalf of their referred member without the referred members’ knowledge or participation. VicotriaHearts reports that they are working hard on limiting these risks with their Suppliers, but wants to make sure that their members are aware that such situations can occur. VictoriaHearts makes it very clear that they will not be responsible in the event that such a situation does occur.

This is not to say that engaging with female members referred by Suppliers will definitely lead to such situations, but you want to be aware that such situations can occur. If you want to know whether the member you are interested in is a referred member by a Supplier, you can do so by filling out the contact form on the VictoriaHearts website, under the Contact Us link located at the bottom of their webpage, and ask VictoriaHearts directly.

Creating a Profile

Creating a profile on VictoriaHearts is easy and only takes a few minutes of your time. To begin creating your account you will be required to indicate whether you are a man seeking a woman or a woman seeking a man. You will also have to indicate your name, date of birth, email address, create a password and agree to their Terms of Use, Risks Notice, Privacy and Cookie Policies. After you enter this information and agree to their policies, you will be prompted to fill out a short questionnaire with inquiries regarding what you are looking for in a match, but this can be skipped and completed later. Your email address will also require verification and you can access your account upon verification.

Once you access your account, you can return to your profile settings and complete the inquires provided to have a completed profile. The inquiries are divided into two sections where the user can share as much as they want about themselves and the type of date or match they are seeking. The inquiries are basic background, demographical, and personal preferences questions. Users also have the opportunity to write a description about themselves. Compared to other dating sites, the number of questions the user has to answer to have a completed profile are not that many.

Using the Site

To put VictoriaHearts to the test and provide you with the most accurate review possible we attempted to create two different accounts, one as a man seeking a woman and the other as a woman seeking a man, to see if the experiences were the same. The results we found may surprise you!

When we created the account as a man seeking a woman, we were immediately bombarded with messages from many different women. Our profile was nowhere near complete; in fact, we had just got done verifying our email address and had our first view of our profile. Our first thought was that the women members attempting to contact us were probably fake accounts, but to our surprise, they were all validated, which means they provided photocopies of their identification confirming that they are a real person. Upon further investigation, we found that Validated Members are indeed verified but they are the members referred to VictoriaHearts from the Suppliers. Many of the messages had enticing videos and audio files that require credits if you wish to listen or view them. The written messages were also enticing, as some pertained to personal intimate information about themselves, and write to you as if you have already built an intimate romantic relationship with them. These messages were received without any information nor picture in our profile yet. This leads us to believe that it is very possible for Validated Members, or members referred by Suppliers, to attempt to entice male members to spend money linked to their accounts to increase the Supplier’s Profile-Linked Fees. This is not to say that all female Validated Members try to entice male users, there were some woman members that did appear authentic in their desire to find their right match.

Unfortunately, when we created an account as a woman seeking a man, VictoriaHearts automatically put the profile account under review. Each of our attempts to create a profile as a woman seeking a man kept being placed under review. It is uncertain why, as we did not violate any of their terms of use or policies. For this reason, we were not able to provide you with a user experience as a woman seeking a man. This made us wonder if female members have to be referred by a Supplier in order to join VictoriaHearts.

Overall VictoriaHearts is very easy to use as they have a simple and straightforward design. Upon logging in you have access to tabs, basic search filters, and you can view other members’ profiles. You also have access to your Statistics, which provides you instant access to your messages, mail, profile visitors, who has liked and favorited you, etc.

In regard to contacting other members, you will be very limited to what you can do, as almost everything requires credits. The only thing that members can do at no cost are sending Winks, Likes, and adding to your Favorites. Reading messages is also free but not sending them. If you wish to Live Chat with a member, you will also be required to buy credits.

Finding a Match

VictoriaHearts offers search filters to help members find their match. These search filters can be very specific things such as marital status, member’s ID, drinking, religion, age, etc. VictoriaHearts will save your matches while you are using the site, but will not keep them saved once you log out. VictoriaHearts also has a Faces tab where they show you a members’ profile and you have the option of liking them or skipping their profile to view the next match.

Upon clicking on a members’ profile you will be able to see their name, age, member ID, location, whether they are a validated member, and any information they decided to share about themselves and of the partner they are seeking. You can also see the photos they made public, however, some members have private photos that can only be seen by beginning a chat with them and they have to respond back to you. You can also send the member flowers, presents, request contact details, and set up a date on their profile. Every members’ profile will also have a Block and Report user icon under the More option in the contacting section of the profile.


You can access VictoriaHearts through their website using a computer or your mobile web browser. Unfortunately, VictoriaHearts has not developed a mobile app yet. If members wish to use their dating site while they are on the go, they will have to pull it up on their mobile web browser. The functionalities of the website are the same regardless if you are accessing it through a mobile web browser or a computer. The features are placed in different areas on the mobile web browser version compared to the desktop version, but nonetheless, it is still very easy to use.


VictoriaHearts has safety systems in place to ensure the safety of its members. Not only do they use 128bit SSL encryption but they are also McAfee SECURE certified. VictoriaHearts also has a reliable order processing service that is verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code. VictoriaHearts also reports that they have a special agency that regularly checks members’ profiles, to ensure they are not fake or fraudulent. Members can also report and block any members that they suspect are frauds, by clicking on the report and block icons located under the more option in the contacting section of every members’ profile.

Victoria Hearts also provides its members the opportunity to confirm their identity by scanning a photograph of a government-issued document with their photograph, first, and last name. The government issued document must be valid for at least 6 months for the moment that you submit it. U.S. members must also complete the U.S. Client Information Form.


VictoriaHearts doesn’t offer typical memberships that members can subscribe to like other dating sites. VictoriaHearts sells credits to their members that they can use in order to communicate with other members, view videos, hear audio files, live chat, etc. Members can buy 20 credits for $9.99. VictoriaHearts accepts Credit Card, PayPal, and CCBill as methods payments.


How do I block/unblock a member?

If you don’t wish to communicate with a member, simply add her profile to your Blocked list. You can block a member via the Messaging page or her profile.

To block a member:

  • Click ‘More’
  • Select ‘Block User’
  • Click ‘Yes’ to confirm

To unblock a member:

  • Enter the member’s ID number using the Extended search option
  • Click the button ‘Unblock User’

If you chatted with a member but no longer have their ID number:

  • Go to your Messaging page
  • Enter the member’s name in the search bar
  • Click on the member’s picture
  • Click the button ‘Unblock User’

How do I search for members?

To search for a partner, you can use any of the following options:

  • Homepage Search: This allows you to quickly find members by age
  • Extended Search: This provides you more advanced search options, such as country, city, height, education, occupation, marital status, etc.
  • Member ID: Type in her exclusive Member ID in the relevant search box
  • Online Now: You can search for members who are currently online by choosing the ‘Online’ option on your homepage

Once you select your search criteria, click the ‘Show Matches’ button.

The easiest way to ensure you are able to find a potential match is to add them to your Favorites list.

Can I restore an email thread/chat history with a member?

If you’ve accidentally deleted the chat history of a member you still wish to communicate with, try sending her a new chat message through her profile page; this is possible only when the member is online. Alternatively, you can wait until she messages you again. In either case, your chat history will be restored immediately.

To restore a deleted thread, go to the Trash folder, which can be found by clicking on ‘Mails’. Find your deleted messages from the list given on the page. Click on the red ‘Restore’ button found on the opened page.

Can I delete a message/e-mail?

You can’t delete a specific message/email once it was sent. However, VictoriaHearts allows you to:

  • Delete a correspondence with a member. To delete a correspondence with a member, tick the checkbox to the right of the letter and click the ‘Delete selected’ button at the top of the correspondence window.
  • Hide chat with a member. Click on the link that says ‘Messages’ in the top-right corner of the page. Then, on the next page, select the chat you’d like to remove from the left-side list. Next, move your cursor over her name. To the right, you will see an ‘X’ symbol – click it, and her chat history will be deleted.

Why was my verification request denied?

Your ID verification may have been declined by VictoriaHearts moderation team for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You need to upload the documents in a better quality
  • You need to upload the signed ID Confirmation form
  • You didn’t sign the ID Confirmation form
  • You didn’t upload the copy in the appropriate field
  • You didn’t provide IMBRA verification form (applies only to the U.S. citizens and residents)
  • You didn’t upload a document that is valid for 6+ months from today’s date
  • You didn’t upload a legitimate ID (e.g. passport, driver’s license)

If none of the above reasons apply, try uploading your ID again. If your request is still denied, contact VictoriaHearts Support Team.