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Victoria Milan was launched in 2010 in Scandinavia, by Sigurd Vedal, a successful entrepreneur and CEO of Digisec Media Group. Vedal received his first Bachelors’ degree from the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound. He later attended the University of Oslo to study computer programming, and later specialized in Marketing and Brand Building from the Norwegian Business School.

In 2010, Vedal also launched Digisec Media Group, which is a company that creates, manages and markets online social network brands and applications. The entertainment software and apps that they develop and expand encompasses online gaming, casinos, dating, matchmaking, gamification, and payment software. Digisec Media Group are responsible for operating five diverse enterprises:

  1. Victoria Milan: A dating site to find your affair.
  2. NextLove: A dating site for divorced and Single Parents
  3. FindMySex: Dating site for adults to have fun and flirt.
  4. VictoriaMilan Casino: Online casino games.
  5. LoveRevenue: Dating business programs that brings affiliates together across the globe to boost revenue across its members.

Digisec Media Group’s headquarters is located in Sliema, Malta.

Victoria Milan has gained much popularity since it was first launched in 2010.  In 2017, Vedal reported that they already had more than 5.8 million members across 33 countries. Vedal also shared the story of how the idea of Victoria Milan was born, in an interview with Irishmirror. Vedal explained that the idea came from reading an article regarding the success of an online dating site in Norway, and he immediately became fascinated by that type of community business. This lead to him signing up on 80 different dating sites to learn how they worked. During this time, Vedal shares that he was approached by so many married and attached users, even though he was testing the different sites for singles. This prompted him to do market research through an agency, and found that 40% of the users participating in “single” dating sites were actually married or in attached relationships and were seeking to have an affair. Vedal saw this as a huge business opportunity and hence the idea of Victoria Milan was born.

Victoria Milan is a dating site specifically targeted for married people and people who are in attached relationships, seeking to have an affair. Whether the affair seeker intends to web flirt, have a casual one-night stand, or a long-term real life affair, Victoria Milan strives to keep all affair seeking behavior confidential.


Victoria Milan has a diverse group of members from different countries. Currently, Victoria Milan services Europe, the UK, and the US. Victoria Millan has six million members worldwide who report being married, in a committed relationship, or single. Victoria Milan was created with the affair seeker in mind, so members do not have to lie about their intentions for joining this dating site, as they tend to lie on other dating sites.

Victoria Milan services heterosexual individuals and members of the LGTB community. Before you begin creating your profile, Victoria Milan has the user indicate their gender and sexual orientation by offering the following options:

  • Married man seeking woman
  • Married woman seeking man
  • Attached man seeking woman
  • Attached woman seeking man
  • Single man seeking woman
  • Single woman seeking man
  • Man seeking man
  • Woman seeking woman

The selection that the user chooses will allow for Victoria Milan to provide the user with the appropriate matches.

Founder of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, believes that the reason why male members join Victoria Milan is due to lack of sex and admiration. He also believes that the reason women members join Victoria Milan is due to lack of affection and admiration. Victoria Milan also researched infidelity factors within their female members across different countries and found that at a global level, the average age of women having affairs was 36.6. They also found that the average years between women getting married and having an affair was 7.6 years. These findings reveal certain demographic information about the women members on Victoria Milan. Whatever the reason women seek affairs on Victoria Milan, their participation adds to the diversity that Victoria Milan has to offer, making it possible to find a vast amount of compatible matches amongst its members.

Victoria Milan also researched education levels and the correlation it has with affairs amongst its members. Their findings revealed that the more education people attain the more likely they are to have an affair. The results demonstrated that more than 69% of women and more than 65% of men who have attained a higher education are more likely to seek affairs. The reason for this could be that obtaining a higher education gives people more confidence and seek an affair.

survey data of higher education on Victoria Milan
The correlation between higher education and having an affair can be factored into a compatible component amongst Victoria Milan’s members.

Creating a Profile

Creating a profile on Victoria Milan is very easy and only takes a few minutes to complete. You create a profile by answering a series of step-by-step questions. After you indicate your gender and sexual orientation, you are then prompted to sign up with an email address and create your log in credentials. After completing these steps, you answer the following questions:
what are you looking for on victoria milan
What are you seeking?
What turns you on
What turns you on?
Select your appearance on Victoria Milan
Tell us about your appearance

And finally you’ll choose the city where you want to meet people.

After you have completed each of these steps, you have to verify your email address in order to view your profile. Once you verify your email address, you are able to view your profile and immediately view other members’ profiles.

After your profile is completed, you have the option of entering additional information about yourself, making it possible to go as in depth as you wish.

Adding profile pictures are optional. However, Victoria Milan highly encourages members to add photos as they claim that it the most important part of a members’ profile. Victoria Milan reports that profiles with public pictures have a response rate of +200% greater and 500% higher first messages responses than those without pictures.

Victoria Milan strives in making photos private and confidential if the member is not comfortable exposing their photos publicly. Users have the option of blurring out their photos, or adding masks over their face, to conceal their identity. You also have the option of putting photos in private allowing other members to view it upon your approval.

Using the Site

Victoria Milan’s website is easy to use and maneuver. On the left side, you have a column with different tabs that include:

  • Upload photo
  • Featured users: Displays users profiles. You have the option to view users from, All Globally, All Scandinavia, All East Europe, and All USA. You can also view users that are new, online, and that you have added on your favorites.
  • Search: Allows you to narrow down users by distance and age.
  • Messages: Allows you to view messages sent from users.
  • Visits: Allows you to see who has visited your profile, along with viewing the profiles that you have also visited.
  • Gifts: Allows you to see the gifts other users have sent you, along with the gifts you have sent to others.
  • Favorites: Allows you to see who has added you to their favorites, along with seeing who you have selected as your favorites.
  • Winks: Allows you to see who has winked at your profile, along with seeing the winks that you have sent to other profiles.
  • Private Keys: These are permissions to see private photos of other users, along with viewing the requests that other users have sent you to view your private photos, if you have posted any.
  • Your profile: This is where you are able to view, edit or add things to your profile. You are also able to preview your profile to see how it looks to the other users.

Other members’ profiles are also easy to view and maneuver. Their profiles list their information and interests in an organized manner, making it easy to read. You have the option of sending them a message, a gift, a wink, or liking their profile. It also informs you of when they were last online and when they registered. The site also has a panic button that is always available to use at the bottom right corner, in case your partner is within sight. When we tested the panic button, it redirected us to YouTube.

Finding a Match

You can find matches by clicking on Featured Users or by clicking Search. When you click on Featured Users you are able to select whether you want to view users from four different tabs:

  1. All Globally
  2. All Scandinavia
  3. All East Europe
  4. All USA

You can also choose to narrow users by clicking on New, Online, and Favorites. The Search tab, allows you to narrow down the users by distance and age. The distance is broken down by miles. You can also type in the city and country of where you are seeking users.

You also have the option of more filters if you are looking for a specific type of user, such as:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Eyes
  • Hair
  • Orientation
  • Status
  • Body Type
  • Looks
  • Smoker
  • Drinking

These are some of the many filters Victoria Milan offers to narrow down your search.

If you do wish to contact other users and see additional things on their profiles, then you must buy Victoria Milan’s premium membership package. Free memberships are limited to visiting profiles, giving winks, and adding to your favorites. The free membership also limits your access of viewing who sent you a wink or added you to their favorites.


Victoria Milan is accessible through their app and website desktop version. Their app is available through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Both, the website and app versions are easy to use and maneuver. The app version however, does not have the panic button to redirect you to a different site in case your partner is within sight. The app version’s layout also differs slightly from the website version, but it is still easy to use. Certain features on the app version can also take a while to load. Having access to both the website version and the app is convenient, as you can view your profile from multiple devices.


Victoria Milan really strives to keep their members’ participation 100% anonymous. For this reason, they do not accept any identifying personal information. They even encourage users to create an imaginary username and anonymous email account. Victoria Milan also wants to ensure a secure and fun environment for its members; therefore, they have professional administrators who monitor Victoria Milan on a daily basis to ensure security and confidentiality. Members are also encouraged to report suspicious activities and profiles. Members can report fraudulent activity through the “report this user” button, located on all the members’ profiles. If members are caught committing fraudulent activity, they will be immediately blocked and blacklisted, this includes their IP, email, etc. They also keep a close watch for fake profiles and immediately investigate them, as they want to uphold the fact that they are a real dating site with real profiles registered by real people.

Victoria Milan also verifies users’ accounts through their Facebook account, Google+, Windows Live, or their phone number. When this information is verified, it displays it on the users’ profile. This cultivates a trusting environment amongst its members.  Victoria Milan also uses 256-encyption, Amazon web services, Norton by Symantec, and SSL Trust to ensure their members confidentiality. This allows for Victoria Milan to never appear on your billing statements. The billing name is also frequently changed to assure confidentiality. Members’ credit card information is also encrypted to ensure concealment.


Victoria Milan offers three different subscription packages:

Premium Gold$49.99/month for 3 months
Premium Platinum$39.99/month for 6 months
Premium Diamond$29.99/month for 12 months

By becoming a premium member, you will be able to receive and send messages, view and read all profile information of other members, request private photo access from other users, see users who visited your profile, and see users who added you to their favorites.

Victoria Milan’s payment options are Credit and Debit cards, Wire transfer, and CCBill. Victoria Milan subscriptions are automatically renewed every three months. Therefore, you will be charged the amount equaled to three months upon renewal. You can also cancel at any time by contacting their customer service. Cancelation must occur seven days prior to the subscription renewal date.


Do I have to pay to use the site?

You can sign up for Victoria Milan for free! As a free member you can browse around the site, search for users, and even wink at other members that you are interested in! In order to send messages to other users, or to view who is interested in you, you can upgrade your membership to Premium.

Why does my photo not immediately show on my profile?

To ensure uploaded photos do not breach user terms a moderation team reviews all photos. Once a photo has been approved it will immediately appear on your profile. Your photo should be reviewed within an hour.

What type of photos can I upload on Victoria Milan (and what’s not allowed)?

The following types of photos violate Victoria Milan’s Terms of Use, and are not allowed:

  • Photos that are not of you or do not belong to you (including photos of celebrities)
  • Group photos where is not obvious which one is you
  • Photos with obscene content
  • Drawings, cartoons, landscapes, etc
  • Photos that infringe or violate anyone else’s rights or otherwise violate the law

Moderators will delete any content or information if we believe that it violates the sites policies.

Will my membership renew automatically?

Victoria Milan will automatically renew your membership to ensure you will always be able to reply to your messages! The membership is automatically renew for the same duration once the initial membership has ended.

How do I upload a photo?

  1. Click on the menu in the right upper corner of your screen
  2. Click on your username (This will open your profile)
  3. Click on ‘Upload photos’

You can upload photos via your computer, or import them from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, or Skydrive.

How can I change my email address?

  1. Go to the menu in the right upper corner
  2. Click on ‘Settings’
  3. Click on ‘Email’
  4. Enter your new email address and confirm with your password
  5. Click on ‘Change Email’