WellHello Review


WellHello is an online adult dating community that caters to swingers. There’s not much backstory available on WellHello, but the platform is one of the many options for individuals and partners who want to engage in new relationships, casual hookups, or unconventional sexual escapades. The site is open to singles, couples, straight, gay, and bisexual people who are interested in the swinger lifestyle.

Membership Statistics

Members in the U.S.5,680,000
Active Weekly Members1,000,000
Hookup Rate89%
Average Daily Log-ins4,000

Gender Disparity



Members on WellHello must be over the age of 18, and while there isn’t any age range data currently available, there seems to be a wide spectrum of ages on the site. There are slightly more women than men on the platform, but also take into account that not everyone on the platform is looking for a heterosexual relationship.

Members range from those looking for a one-time hook-up to those seeking out longer-term relationships. They’re also not afraid to show off on the site, meaning profiles can get racy. People are open to sharing their sexual fantasies and fetishes, and this information can prove useful in finding a suitable match.

In the U.S. alone there are an estimated 5,680,000 members. Active weekly members total to about 1 million, while there are around 4,000 log-ins every day. The site boasts a hookup rate of 89%, meaning that 89% of people who use the site reportedly find someone to date or hook-up with.

Creating A Profile

Registration on WellHello requires a valid email address, to which a verification message will be sent.

Sign-up is free and super-quick; it takes less than five minutes to enter the required basic information. Identify your gender and relationship status, and then provide your email address and a WellHello account password to get started.

You can sign up as an individual or with a romantic partner, and you can also specify if you’re looking for a same-sex or heterosexual relationship, or if you’re open to both. When it comes to filling out your profile details, you can be as concise as you want. You’ll want to take the time to complete the sections so that you attract the right people and impress those who are browsing the site. If you don’t feel like completing everything right away, you can always edit your details later.

When creating your profile, you can’t post your email address or other contact information, nor can you solicit business from other users. You’ll also be prompted to upgrade your account, but you can choose to decline this offer or upgrade later.

Using the Site

The website design is basic and straightforward, so there shouldn’t be too much trouble navigating the site for the first time. The first page that you’ll see is a list of members who match your initial search preferences. Be prepared to see a lot of nudity and sexually-explicit profile pictures. There doesn’t seem to be a way to filter these out, or even censor them.

The top of the site will always show two tabs: one for doing searches and the other for live cams. To the left, there is your user menu, featuring tabs for searching, messaging, accessing your profile, looking at your friends’ profiles, and browsing member photo galleries.

There are different ways to communicate with others, but most of them are only available to paying members. This includes sending messages and flirts. As a non-paying member, your only option is to like another person’s photos. Unfortunately, you’re not likely to develop relationships with people on the site simply by liking their pictures. Even so, at least you can see another user’s public photos. Members can create private photo albums for their more seductive pictures, but this gallery is viewable via invitation only.

Other site features include video chat and live cams (a perk of paid membership), search filters, favorites lists, and adding others as your friend on the network. This is different from adding someone to your favorites list because the other person needs to reciprocate the action and friend you.

There is also the “WellHello Survey.” In reality, this is a link that takes you to a third-party porn survey. It includes 20 questions related to your sex life and desires. The site promises a monetary reward upon completing the questionnaire, but we didn’t try it.

We did, however, check out the preferences that you can tweak on your profile description. Choose from a list of swinger-centric interests and specify what kind of partnership or hookup you’re looking for. You can also add a headline and bio to your profile, as well as describe your physical appearance and ”attributes.”

Finding A Match

As we mentioned, there are search filters that you can use to find a more suitable match. That said, the filters aren’t too advanced and allow you to specify the age range and distance from your location.

Upon visiting someone’s profile page, you will see their interests, relationship status, sexual orientation, and physical attributes. You can also see who they’re looking for, such as an individual, another swinger couple, or all of the above. You can read the self-published bio on their profile to get to know them a bit more and decide if they’re a good match. You can browse through their photos and see how many miles away they are from your location.

An icon below their profile picture will indicate whether they’re currently online or not. The three icons to the right of that indicate your options to flirt, send a message, or add them as a friend. The top-right corner of their photos has a little heart, which you can click to “like” it.

All of these options are fine, but if you’re a non-paying member, then you’re stuck merely liking people’s photos in the hopes that they’re like you back. There’s no room for further engagement or getting to know one another, so a paid subscription is practically necessary.


There is no mobile app although the website is optimized for browsing on a tablet or smartphone. It offers the same interface design and options. Speaking of the Web design, it’s very standard and doesn’t show a lot of personality. It’s easy enough to navigate, but there isn’t anything that stands out, nor does it look particularly modern.

Moreover, ads and pop-ups litter the site, most of them for porn sites. Actually, much of this dating website seems more like a hub for X-rated photos and videos. There’s no judgment here, but if that’s not what you’re into, then you won’t enjoy WellHello. Also, it’s annoying that you can’t filter out X-rated photos on your search results.

WellHello is owned and operated by Smoochy Brands, Ltd. They’re located at 6 Flat/Office 202, Ioanni Stylianou, 2003 Agios Dometios, Nicosia, Cyprus. The general phone number is 1-888-414-3752, and people can email the team at admin@wellhello.com or help@wellhello.com.


WellHello is not one of the more well-known adult swinger sites on the Internet. As such, fake profiles are a common problem. For instance, you might find “Love Hostesses” on the site, but these are usually attributed to fake profiles.

It’s reported that many of the bots on the platform originate from WellHello itself. The Terms of Use even state that Smoochy Brands “creates and maintains some of the profiles on the site.” The company has been called out on various occasions for scamming people out of money. After all, a paid membership is useless if you’re only talking to fake accounts and bots.

Yes, the site requires users to verify their email upon signing up, but that doesn’t make it too hard for fake accounts to get through. Also, given that the policy terms state that there may be company-made profiles, there’s a lot of red flags here.

The Terms and Conditions were last updated on March 5, 2018. They specify that WellHello members need to be 18 years of age or older, and by registering, they affirm that they have not been convicted of a felony. The company itself does not run criminal background checks on members. A User Conduct section is in the terms and addresses things like racism, physical harm, and harassment. Solicitation and fraud are prohibited, but the company does not claim responsibility for what members do and post on the platform.


It seems odd to pay for a service that is littered with fake profiles, but people do it anyway. There are two subscription options: a one-month membership or a yearly one. The one-month plan costs $29.95 and comes with the premium membership perks such as viewing private galleries, unlimited messaging, sending flirts, watching member videos, seeing who viewed your profile, and using the live chat feature.

The yearly subscription has the same benefits and costs $9.99 per month, for a total of $119.88. This plan also comes with a 100% hookup guarantee, although it’s not clear how exactly this works. Users can also opt for a trial period, which costs $1 and grants you access to unlimited profile views and messaging for 24 hours. They can pay by credit or debit card; payment is discrete and won’t show up as WellHello on your billing statement.

As a free member, you won’t be spending any money, but you’ll only be able to browse public profile photos, view your matches, and like pictures. You can see when you have new messages, but you can’t respond.

 Basic1 Month12 Months
Photo GalleriesPublic onlyPublic & PrivatePublic & Private
Search FiltersYesYesYes
Like PhotosYesYesYes
Live ChatNoYesYes
Favorites ListYesYesYes


Can I take back permission to view my private gallery?

Yes. To do this, go to that person’s profile page and click the link that says “Kick from Private.” Alternatively, you can invite others to view your private album by clicking the link on their profile that says “Invite to Private.”

How do I delete my profile?

Go to the Contact Us page on the website and click on the “Form” tab. From there, you can fill out a request ticket to cancel your account and delete your profile.

What is WellHello’s refund policy?

According to the Terms and Conditions, they don’t appear to have one.

How do I know if I’m talking to a fake profile?

Anyone who calls themselves a ”Love Hostess” on the site is probably a fake account created by the company. Also, be careful of people who send generic messages and ask for money or personal information.

Does WellHello have discreet billing?

Yes. Your credit card statement won’t show any purchases from WellHello. Instead, the site uses other business names to disguises your payments.

How do I edit my account information?

On the left-hand side of the screen, click the “My Profile” tab. From there, you can edit your preferences, your bio, as well as other account details.